Lynx as a pet

• The lynx as a pet

First wife Pavel Nikulochkin and Svetlana Prokhorova from Kaluga held Kuril Bobtail-cat. And then in the family in the set of four cats appeared also rysenok of Zen named.

According to the owners, he was so tame that behaves like a simple house cat, even sleeping in the same bed with the owners. A murcit so that it can be heard from any corner of the house.

Lynx as a pet

The couple had long dreamed to have a home trot. Very much they liked this beast. They talked a lot with experts in wild animals on the characteristics and habits of the lynx. Once they heard that in the rescue center for animals is a small rysenok orphan recovering there after it seized from private owners Perevoznoye zoo.

Initially it was not clear even Rysenko floor, so it was still small, and Paul with Svetlana, deciding that it is a female, called it Xena. Rysenok still fed milk and had to nurse from a dummy special milk formula, which is used for feeding kittens.

Bobtail cat and who lived in the house, eagerly adopted the new lodger and licked him like a baby. According to Paul, even now Zen submits to them as older, though it is many times larger than their size. - He purrs like a cat, but willingly executes commands, like a good dog. Therefore, we sometimes jokingly call it Kotopes.

Lynx as a pet

11-year-old daughter of Paul and Svetlana, Sofia, who recently posed for the media in a new photo shoot with Zenom, doted in his "big cat".

- He's my best friend, a very gentle and caring. We play together and he never seems to get tired. He behaves like a kitten, although long grown.

When Kaluga press wrote first about an unusual pet, Paul Nikulochkin told why they are kept in the house of a lynx.

- Whatever animal you might take, it is important to understand why you do it. For example, the dog - for the protection of the house cow - for milk. And we trot - for the company. It is fashionable to say "companion" and used to say - "for the soul". So we trot to the soul!

Lynx as a pet Lynx as a pet Lynx as a pet Lynx as a pet Lynx as a pet