The six most savvy hostages in history

Let's face it - in this case, nekinoshnoy danger "hard nuts" among us exists a little. But these are. We know of at least six.

1. A pilot who led the anti-terrorist operation right under the noses of the terrorist

The six most savvy hostages in history

In 2007, the year of a commercial plane, was flying from Mauritania (North Africa) to the Canary Islands, shortly after take-off took a man with two pistols. The terrorist demanded to deploy aircraft and fly to France, where he planned to seek political asylum.

Manage aircraft already the case is rather complicated, but when you constantly poked the barrel of the gun in the cabin sits 71 terrified passengers ...

In addition, the more it becomes clear that fuel to France just is not enough ...

As long as the pilot fought hard to explain to the idiot that his demands completely impracticable, he realized something important - the thief did not know a single word of French. Not one.

And then he turned on the radio broadcast of voice and deadpan French warned passengers that is going to make a pretty tough landing, during which the terrorist necessarily lose his balance and fall. As soon as this happens, passengers should pounce and otmutuzit thief so that "teach it". All the time, until the pilot gave the MC, with his pistols offender stood beside assured that everything is under control, and the pilot's message is purely technical, routine nature.

It began preparations for the operation. Women and children have replaced the rear seat, partly for their own safety, partly in order to make room for maneuver.

The plane went in to land. And then the pilot did exactly what he promised: when landing abruptly gave the brakes, and then just as sharply pressed the gas. As might be expected, at the time of the terrorist he blurted out to the floor and lost his weapon. And then about a dozen passengers stormed the cockpit and conducted with the kidnapper educational work in full compliance with instructions received and their own notions of justice. And then another, and the flight attendant arrived with teapots and scalded his fidelity to the boiling water. After the hostages were taken per capita, the hijackers surrendered to the Spanish authorities.

Why, of all countries, he opted for France, which did not know the language, remained a mystery.

2. Tarzan retired Cuban rebels disarm the famous Tarzan yell

The six most savvy hostages in history

In 1958, a group of Americans had a chance to stay at the Hilton in Cuba, where they took part in a golf tournament. One day, they were on the field surrounded by the rebels, with guided them at gunpoint.

Of course, no sympathy with the rebels bunch of bourgeois cause could not. They arranged golfers interrogation, which caused one.

And here…

Among the hostages was a 54-year-old actor Johnny Veysmyuller whose audience of 30-40-x are used to seeing swinging on vines in a loincloth. Veysmyuller played Tarzan in 12 films and is still associated with the image of a touching savage. When his turn came up, Veysmyuller decided to try to use his stardom: "I - Tarzan." But the "Tarzan" in Spanish pronounced a little differently - some as "Tar-Zaan". The argument did not work.

And then Veysmyuller decided to present only available to him in this situation way he stood up to his full height, banged his fist on his chest and a middle-aged uttered the same cry company, which was at that time the sign of moviegoers around the world.

And at this point in the abductors something clicked.

True true. As if by magic severe bristly face suddenly lit up with happy smiles, the rebels dropped their weapons and ran to the children Veysmyulleru shouting "Tarzan! Tarzan "and" Welcome to Cuba! "It turned out that Hollywood Cubans in the concept of the" West "was not included, and therefore the hatred of the damned bourgeois it is not covered. In general, the rebels not only release all the hostages alive and healthy, but also solemnly escorted them to the hotel, so they are not pleased by the way even in some mess.

3. Taken sends the thief away and jumps out of the car at full speed

The six most savvy hostages in history

Anyone who in the '60s took it to the head to steal one of the singers of the famous group The Supremes, no doubt, would have chosen Diana Ross. Firstly, it was really incredibly good, and secondly, only her name was often heard at all (the other girls alternated with regularity member "Viagra" group).

But the thief by the name of Charles Collier has its own logic. He decided that Ross might be too much trouble, and opted for the lesser-known Cindy Birdsong.

Abduction took place on December 2, 1969, when Cindy opened the door of his Hollywood apartment. Collier put a knife to the girl's throat and forced her to sit on the passenger seat of his car. Thereafter, the kidnapper for some reason decided to arrange a hostage romantic car ride on Long Beach.

Apparently, companion Collier was not so hot what, because half an hour later Birdsong decided he could no longer endure his company for a minute, even on pain of death. And first of all I tried to grab the knife, but cut herself by herself. Plan B was born in the next second: Cindy opened the door and jumped out of the car - at full speed and in the midst of bustling highway.

To survive in this situation is practically impossible.

However, the girl landed relatively well - being in the result in a roadside ditch. Wounded and bleeding, she rose to her feet and made another mad act, is the third in a minute: she returned to the highway, and ran in the direction opposite to the movement that Koller was difficult to turn around, catch it, and push it back into his car. Cindy struggled waving to passing cars, but no one stopped (which would not have happened, whether in its place Diana Ross - then calculating the kidnapper was correct). Fortunately, by passing police patrol, and they put on instructions to stop in such situations.

In general, everything turned out minor cuts and bruises. A thief confession was obtained in a few days.

4. The hostage escapes with the bed, which was fastened to the

The six most savvy hostages in history

It was in January 1986. Mohammed Sadiq al Tazhir leisurely strolling through the streets of London in the direction of his home, and was unexpectedly taken hostage by four types unknown to him.

Here I must say that was the guy Tazhir far from simple, and the brother of billionaire Arab ambassador in London, Mohammed Al Mady Tazhira. So that the kidnappers thought that the return of the hostage can be easily forgiven 17, 5 million dollars, and even doubted whether not a bad bargain. In the meantime, there were negotiations, Tazhira chained to a bed in a windowless room and injected some potent drug.

Ten days Tazhir lay in bed shot up and blindfolded. On the eleventh (as it turned out) morning, he came to his senses. Without dressing. Right before my eyes hung a note in which it was reported that before the release remains very little, and he will live up to this moment only in the event that will lay quiet as a mouse. Since Tazhir still was chained to the bed, he decided not to risk and began to study the cracks in the ceiling.

Patience enough for a few hours. Then Tazhir heartily cursed loudly, rose to his feet and left the room ... with the bed. With a terrible roar they bed down the stairs, out of the house and walked down the street in London suburbs, where, in fact, a hostage and held. Somehow getting to the house next door, a young man knocked on the door. The woman who lived there, then tell all interview: "I opened the door, and to my amazement I saw a handsome young man in pajamas and the bed behind him." When the cops finally separated Man from the ill-fated bed Tazhir learned that his brother, one of the richest people in the world, for the last week trading with the kidnappers, trying to reduce the ransom to 17, 5 million to three million. And the money was paid in exactly one day before the miraculous escape Tazhira.

5. The bus driver rescued 26 students taken hostage

The six most savvy hostages in history

In one of the most beautiful days of July 1976, three armed criminals - Frederick Woods, James and Richard Shoenfeld Shoenfeld stopped school bus in the town Chouhilla (California) and took hostage 26 children along with the driver.

To calmly figure out what to do next and how to spend five million who planned to shake off the 26 families, the kidnappers pushed the hostages into his van, drove to a deserted place, was closed for a reliable bolt and left alone.

Ed Ray (the name of the bus driver) was a man with a heightened sense of responsibility. He knew he had to deliver the child to the destination. Should all. Ray looked - from scrap materials in the van was except that a stack of 14-soiled mattresses. And yet the hope inspired a small window on the roof of the van.

Ray mattresses laid on one another and with the help of the children could reach the window. Yes, but the kidnappers, as it turned out, and provided that opportunity. The window was closed and pinned down on top of several car batteries. But the 55-year-old driver and then did not give up. He lifted and swung the door again and again until the batteries have not budged and the path to freedom was not open.

Soon the children have told the fascinating story of the abduction of his parents. Unfortunately, in hot pursuit of criminals could not catch - they realized in time, what happened and fled. But here he was rescued by the driver. Under hypnosis, he remembered the number of the car thieves, so that in the end turned out to be the last still in prison.

6. The journalist escapes from captivity with the game "pachisi"

The six most savvy hostages in history

In November 2008, New York Times reporter David Rohde traveled to Kabul to collect material for his book about the American invasion of Afghanistan, where he was taken prisoner by members of the Taliban. Together with Rod in captivity were his driver and translator. For the release of hostages the kidnappers demanded that the government of the United States release from US prisons all his comrades, or, at the very least, the payment of tens of millions of dollars.

It took seven months, and the situation off the ground and did not move. The driver began to show clearly the symptoms of Stockholm syndrome (this is where the hostages are beginning to feel empathy and sympathy for criminals to grab them). Happy ending to this story is not planned ...

In June 2009, Rod and his partner have developed a plan to escape - so unbelievable and crazy, the translator called it a "suicide operation". The first phase of the operation was quite simple: unleash the guards on the game in pachisi (in Russia at the beginning of the XX century this game was known as "Do not be angry, my friend"), and play as long as they do not grow weary and can not sleep.

As difficult to believe, but the plan worked: the interpreter played with such zeal that completely exhausted protection. As soon as the Taliban fell asleep, hostages climbed over the wall of pripasonnoy advance rope. And immediately we started to implement the second part of the plan - to run without looking back.

They ran, ran and ran until he reached the Pakistani base, where they were initially mistaken for a suicide and almost shot. Fortunately, the misunderstanding was resolved quickly and the Americans returned home safe and sound.