10 world famous paintings, in which the hidden secret signs

Works of art may carry a hidden meaning, which sometimes manage to decipher. We offer you a selection of ten masterpieces of painting, in which it was possible to find the secret signs.

1. "Mona Lisa": there is a hidden code in her eyes

10 world famous paintings, in which the hidden secret signs

Usually, the force "Mona Lisa" is credited with intriguing smile, is depicted on the woman's face. Nevertheless, historians from Italy found that, if we consider the eyes of the Mona Lisa under the microscope, then they can see the letters and numbers.

Experts say that these subtle numbers and letters are something like "The Da Vinci Code" in real life: in the right eye can see the letters "LV", which may well mean the name of the artist, Leonardo da Vinci, and in the left eye also has symbols but they have not yet got to recognize. It is clear to see them is very difficult, but most likely it or the letters "CE", or "B" letter.

In the arch of the bridge in the background you can see the number 72, or it could be a letter "L" and a deuce. In addition, the picture can be seen with the number 149 zatortoy Quartet, which could mean the creation date of the picture - da Vinci painted it during his stay in Milan in the 1490s.

It is important to remember that the picture is almost 500 years old, so that the hidden signs are seen not as loud and clear as they could be immediately after its creation.

2. "The Last Supper": in the picture hidden mathematical and astrological puzzles and musical melody

10 world famous paintings, in which the hidden secret signs

"The Last Supper" is the subject of much speculation, centered, as a rule, on the alleged hidden messages and hints, encrypted in the picture.

Slavis Pesci, an information technologist, made an interesting visual effect by putting a mirror translucent version of the picture over the original. As a result, both ends of the table were two similar figures to the Templars, and the left of Jesus began to be seen even one person - perhaps a woman holding a baby. Italian musician Giovanni Maria Pala said that the position of the hands and the bread can be interpreted as the notes in a musical composition, and if you read from right to left, as it was typical manner of writing Leonardo, they form a musical composition.

A researcher at the Vatican Sabrina Sforza Galicia, he said deciphered "mathematical and astrological" puzzle contained in the "Last Supper." According to her, the artist had predicted deluge and then the coming end of the world, which begins March 21 4006, the year and will end on November 1 of the same year - it believes that this will be the beginning of a new era for mankind.

3. "Creation of Adam": the divine origin of the mind

10 world famous paintings, in which the hidden secret signs

"Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo hand stood the test of time, not only as the most famous fresco of the Sistine Chapel, but also as one of the most iconic images in the history of mankind.

10 world famous paintings, in which the hidden secret signs

Michelangelo is recognized as one of the greatest painters and sculptors of the Italian Renaissance, but is not as widely known that he had carefully studied the anatomy and by the age of 17 years, dismembered corpses, dug in the churchyard.

American experts on neuroanatomy believe Michelangelo did use some anatomical knowledge at work on the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel.

While some may find this a coincidence, experts suggest that to write such a picture of Michelangelo could hardly accidental: the fresco can even see the outlines of such complex parts of the brain as the cerebellum, the optic nerve and pituitary gland. And in the figure of Adam, holding out her hand to God, you can see the outlines of the pons and spinal cord.

4. The frescoes of the Sistine Chapel: some of them can be seen parts of the human brain

10 world famous paintings, in which the hidden secret signs

As is the case with the "Creation of Adam", among the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel there is another painting with the figure of God, containing the secret message. Experts noticed that the chest and the neck of God have anatomical abnormalities, which are not any more in a human figure in the painting. In addition, while the majority of the figures are illuminated diagonally from the lower left edge of the neck to God the sun's rays fall at right angles - the researchers came to the conclusion that such inaccuracies genius made intentionally.

10 world famous paintings, in which the hidden secret signs

If you superimpose the image of God in a strange neck picture of the human brain, it becomes evident that the contours of both images are almost identical, and the strange fabric rectangle extending to God's garment center, the spinal cord can symbolize.

Michelangelo also portrayed other anatomical features in some places on the ceiling, in particular kidney, which represented for the Michelangelo of particular interest because the artist was suffering from kidney stones.

5. "The Madonna with Saint Giovannino": traces UFOs

10 world famous paintings, in which the hidden secret signs

"The Madonna with Saint Giovannino" painted by Domenico Ghirlandaio is an interesting detail: over the left shoulder of Mary in the sky hovering drop oddly shaped.

At this point, the picture is clearly visible disc-shaped object, possibly brilliant - the object the artist depicted every detail, trying to put him in his work so that he caught the eye. In addition, the right side of the picture we see a man podnosshego right hand to his eyes, showing how bright is the object, and in the upper left corner we see an object, like a sun.

"Madonna with Saint Giovannino" - just one of the many medieval paintings, which shows the strange, disturbing unidentified flying objects hovering in the sky.

6. "The Prophet Zechariah": the power of religion

10 world famous paintings, in which the hidden secret signs

Tensions between Pope Julius II and Michelangelo described in historical documents. Historians note that Michelangelo depicted the pope on one of his paintings in the image of the prophet Zechariah, and one of the angels behind him showing the extremely obscene gesture.

10 world famous paintings, in which the hidden secret signs

10 world famous paintings, in which the hidden secret znakiFigura, which folded fingers adorable small child, called "guys", but its meaning is not so sweet as the name suggests: Keep your thumb between the index and middle fingers, it shows the gesture old world, which has retained its significance to the present day. In the West, the gesture is not as widespread, but its significance is well known in Russia.

7. "David and Goliath": Kabbalah mystical signs

10 world famous paintings, in which the hidden secret signs

Analyzing the arrangement of the figures on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, whose area is 1300 m², scientists have discovered a form similar to Hebrew letters, for example, figures of David and Goliath form the letter "Gimel", symbolizing the "virtue" in the mystical tradition of Kabbalah.

Researchers believe that Michelangelo met with Judaism during his stay at the court of Lorenzo de 'Medici in Florence, and the entire Sistine Chapel, probably constructed in compliance with the same proportions as the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, is a "lost mystical message of universal love", designed decryption.

8. "Netherlandish Proverbs": in the picture contains 112 Dutch idioms

10 world famous paintings, in which the hidden secret signs

"Netherlandish Proverbs" - it is oil on oak panel brush painting by Pieter Brueghel the Elder, it is filled with the symbols belonging to the Dutch proverbs of the time.

Just picture found and deciphered 112 idioms: some of them are still in use, for example, "swim against the current", "big fish eat small fish", "knock his head against the wall" and "armed to the teeth."

Other proverbs indicate human stupidity. Some symbols seem to indicate the meaning of more than a figure of speech, for example, a man shearing sheep, left of center in the bottom of the painting is sitting next to a man cutting a pig, and this scene symbolizes the expression "Someone strizhot sheep, and someone - pigs ", which means that one person has an advantage over others. Also, the scene can also mean "Striga, but do not remove the skins", that is, it warns not to go too far with the use of its features.

9. "Supper at Emmaus": Christian vow of silence

10 world famous paintings, in which the hidden secret signs

"Supper at Emmaus" - a picture of Caravaggio, the Italian painter of the Baroque period. The painting depicts the moment when the resurrected Jesus remains incognito the city of Emmaus, but it meets two of his disciples and breaks bread with them, after which they will learn it.

The painting is unusual by the fact that the human figures depicted on a dark background empty life-size, and on the edge of the table stands a basket of food, which seems to be about to fall. There is also a strange shadow-like silhouette of fish that may indicate a vow of silence as a binding for Christians.

10. "Portrait of the young Mozart": signs Masons

10 world famous paintings, in which the hidden secret signs

Of course, the works of art are not spared the theme of Freemasonry: portraits of people, hiding his hands, may indicate a dedication or level of the hierarchy. An example is the portrait of Mozart painted by Antonio Lorenzoni.