Fighters MMA, who have succeeded in spite of illness

Here you 6 examples of how a person goes to your goal and reach it, despite the seemingly his lack of such a possibility. Take into service history of these men who have proved to the world that they are more than they are given destiny.

Fighters MMA, who have succeeded in spite of illness

Tray Telligman

Trey Telligman, also known by the nickname "Trauma", an American mixed martial arts fighter and boxer. When he was just six years old, he got into a car accident, which resulted in his lack of the chest and muscles. When he was 8 years old, he began to study karate, and 13 - became interested in boxing. And then he started training in jiu-jitsu, and then became involved in the fighting and was able to become a professional fighter.

He began his career in Russia IAFC - Absolute Fighting Championship 1. The victory was won by them for 1 minute and 40 seconds.

Among his opponents: multiple UFC champion Tim Sylvia, "a phenomenon" Vitor Belfort, Ukrainian puncher Igor Vovchanchin and Brazilian "The Rock" Pedro Rizzo.

Trey himself says that he goes to fight not for the sake of honors and awards, and in order to be respected.

Fighters MMA, who have succeeded in spite of illness

Tray Telligmana victory over Igor Vovchaninym you can see in the video.

Hong Man Choi

South Korean fighter Hong Man Choi, known by the nickname "Tehnogoliaf" suffers a rare disease - acromegaly. The disease provokes a human constant growth; thicken bone and, in particular, the front part of the body.

Hong Man Choi is now no longer involved in the fighting, but before he left the fighter height was 218 centimeters and weighs 160 kilograms. In spite of his illness, Hong won the Grand Prix K-January 2006 in Seoul.

In 2009 - he reached the semifinals of the Grand Prix Dream, and in 2007 was awarded the fight by Fedor Emelianenko, though, this fight Hong did not last two minutes. The peak of his career is considered to win over Semmy Schilt, one of the best kickboxers, the growth of which, incidentally, was 212 cm.

Fighters MMA, who have succeeded in spite of illness

You can watch the fight between Hong Man Choi and Semmy Schilt.

Emmanuel Yarborough

Emmanuel Yarborough - American mixed martial arts fighter and a sumo wrestler. Its main problem - excess weight. When grown in 2 meter weighs 320 kg. As an MMA fighter, he made his debut in September 1994 in the tournament UFC 3. The enemy was 180 kg lighter Yarborough, but this fight he could not win, but broke his opponent tights and kicked the door for them to enter the arena.

Emmanuel Yarborough is the author of a unique strangulation "smother", which he has shown in the fight against Japanese fighter Tatsuo Nakano, falling on him with all his weight. In MMA Yarborough participated in three fights, winning one.

Fighters MMA, who have succeeded in spite of illness

Fight Emmanuel Yarborough and Tatsuo Nakano.

Matt Hamill

Matt Hamill American fighter MMA. It looks quite ordinary, but he is deaf from birth. This did not prevent him from participating in MMA. His debut was in 2005, when he defeated an opponent in less than two minutes. He then signed a contract with the UFC, where he spent 14 fights, 10 of which was the best. He defeated such fighters as Seth Petruzzelli, Tim Boetch, Mark Munoz, Tito Ortiz, and even John Jones (suspension), Roger Hallett.

The life story of this amazing fighter became the basis for the film "Hamill".

Fighters MMA, who have succeeded in spite of illness

Splitting the best moments in the fighting Matt Hamill.

Nick Newell

Nick Newell disabled since birth. He has virtually no left hand, but that does not stop him to successfully participate in MMA. In total, he spent 13 fights, 12 of which proved to be the best.

Fighters MMA, who have succeeded in spite of illness

Boy Nick Newell.

Garrett Cholewa

Gareth Cholewa - athlete with Down syndrome who devotes all his time to training, but the men do not want to fight him.

Fighters MMA, who have succeeded in spite of illness

But still, Gareth spent one unofficial battle, which ended in a draw.

The examples of these guys, you can make sure that there is no failure to something, there is useless excuses and elementary reluctance. Motivate and conquer the peaks!