The best exercises for the shoulders

• The best exercises on the shoulders of

Powerful shoulders and broad back has always been one of the main purposes of any guy. Narrow waist, broad shoulders - the structure of swimmers who are most attracted to the fairer sex. And, at the same time, develop the shoulder muscles properly is no easy task. Exercises on the part of the body is often quite specific, while the newcomers try to ignore them as too complicated.

The trick is that the shoulder is divided into three parts: the front, rear and side. To work them all in one exercise is simply impossible - and that's why have to do a set of exercises isolating only on the part of the body. So you do not waste time searching for the information we have collected for you five of the best exercises of the world, which will allow in a fairly short period of time to develop a powerful shoulder girdle.

The best exercises for the shoulders

Bench barbell standing

This exercise is one of the most effective for the development of the muscles of the shoulder girdle. Along with deadlifts and zhimom from the chest, bench press barbell up creates a pool of obligatory basic exercises, pass not recommended for anyone. In addition to significant muscle growth, you disperse and metabolism. So, take the usual post grip: arms shoulder-width apart, lift her up to her chin. Raises the bar to a full straightening of the elbow. At the peak - a slight pause, and replay.

The best exercises for the shoulders

Army press

Military press was very similar to the previous exercise. It, in order to reduce trauma, will perform better sitting. Grip - a bit wider than shoulders, elbows at the peak is not unbend to the end. Rod gently lowered not behind his back and on his chest: the whole exercise required to perform without jerks.

The best exercises for the shoulders

Divorce dumbbell sitting

This exercise allows us to develop the lateral head of the triceps, which is not so easy to do. In addition, it minimizes the load on the spine - a bench press barbell standing, like many similar exercises could seriously injure your back. So, sit down on the bench with your back straight. Palm with dumbbells are lowered. We need to raise the dumbbells up to the moment when the hands are parallel to the ground.

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The best exercises for the shoulders

Breeding dumbbells on incline bench

This exercise neglected by many - simply because it is not so easy to implement. Lie face down on an incline bench to provide support to the abdomen and chest. Arms down down, perpendicular to the body. On the exhale, lift the dumbbell to the floor parallel positions - as the previous ones, perform repeated without jerks.

The best exercises for the shoulders

Press of dumbbells sitting

Almost similar to bar press sitting exercise, which necessarily should be included in the work - so that the body gets used to one type of stress. Start begins upon your shoulders, that is, even in a static position you additional weighting and back muscles.