22 board of the famous designers on how to be a real woman

• 22 Board of famous designers on how to be a real woman

22 board of the famous designers on how to be a real woman

To be a woman - art. And each of his tricks, special charm and perfume. But no one so well versed in the charm and beauty as unsurpassed trendsetters. We are confident that it is they were able to understand the essence of female nature and sound advice that should know each of us.

This woman should be mischievous and capricious. Christian Dior

Age for women are not the most important thing you can be delightful in 20 years, in 40 charming and irresistible to stay until the end of his days. Coco Chanel

Hands - the card of a girl. Neck her passport. Chest - Passport. Coco Chanel

Caring about the choice of shoes is never excessive. Too many women think that they are not important, but the real proof of the woman of elegance is that on her legs. Christian Dior

The best fashion accessory woman - a handsome man! Coco Chanel

Not delve into the trends. Do not let fashion take hold of you, decide for yourself who you are, what you want to express your clothes and lifestyle. Gianni Versace

Each piece eaten remains in the mouth for two minutes, two hours of the abdomen and two months on the hips. Christian Dior

Be an elegant do not eyes to throw. This means to cut into the memory. Giorgio Armani

Perfume - is unsurpassed shade female identity, it is the last bar of the image. Christian Dior When choosing accessories, remove that put last. Coco Chanel

What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially now, when the contacts between people as fast. Fashion - is a direct language, understandable without translation. Miuccia Prada

22 board of the famous designers on how to be a real woman

If you have crooked legs - wearing deep neckline. Christian Dior

Walk always as if three men followed you. Oscar de la Renta

You can not fake chic, but can be chic in fake furs. Karl Lagerfeld

There are no ugly women - are lazy. Coco Chanel

The worse case of the girl, the better it should look like. Coco Chanel

Shoes transform expression and posture of your body. They pick you up both physically and emotionally. Christian Louboutin

Well-tailored dress is every woman. Point! Coco Chanel

Care about beauty must begin with the heart and the soul, or no makeup will not help. Coco Chanel

Buy less, choose the best and do it yourself! Vivienne Westwood

Beware of originality. In the women's fashion originality can lead to a masquerade. Coco Chanel

Nothing is as old woman as too rich suit. Coco Chanel