10 lessons of style Giorgio Armani

• 10 style of Giorgio Armani lessons

10 lessons of style Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani - one of the world's most influential designers. He created the style that we use without even thinking, what used to be different. Armani revolutionized feshen industry, proving that luxury does not mean uncomfortable and tight. His style became synonymous with business chic and refined elegance.

We are confident that the genius designer tips will be useful for every woman.

"To be an elegant do not eyes to throw, which means to cut into the memory."

A truly international fame Giorgio Armani brought Hollywood. About the designer spoke after the 1980 movie "American Gigolo" with Richard Gere in the title role, from head to toe dressed in Armani. All the men immediately wanted to look like his hero - wearing jackets, trousers, shirts and ties from Armani.

10 lessons of style Giorgio Armani

"The difference between style and fashion - as".

Armani's handwriting - it's a perfect fit, soft tissue and minimalism, which he calls "the perfect small." Any clothing wizard inherent in quiet elegance and harmonious unity with its carrier.

"Cheap pair of shoes - a bad economy. Do not skimp on the main thing: shoes - the foundation of your wardrobe. "

"Look sexy - the question of confidence. This state of mind in the same way as the state of the body. " Armani says he would like to be high and have a remarkable nose. But it is necessary to be content with what we have, and try to use it as efficiently as possible. No need to spend life on it to try to change things that change can not.

10 lessons of style Giorgio Armani

"I am glad that today again had a desire to be stylish. Elegance - the key to the appearance, not subject to time, to ensure that never goes out of fashion, what will never go out of fashion you. style is more important to me than a short-lived fashion trends. "

Armani has radically changed the fashion laws, creating new standards in the fashion industry. He eliminated the unnecessary ornaments and put into business and evening wear sports items, created a special uninhibited style that defines the modern wardrobe for men and women all over the world, made more spacious, jackets and trousers, allowing people to move freely and not lose the office of elegance.

"Do not get too zealous, choosing clothes: the most stylish people look like they are not making any effort to own appearance."

At the very beginning of his career he abandoned ryushechek and bows, proclaimed the main principle of his work absolute minimalism. A distinctive feature of style Armani became careless. Silhouettes and fabric softening, he made the clothes are much more pleasant and convenient. "Black and dark blue slim better than the other colors. In keeping with this color scheme, you can afford to experiment with shapes and textures. "

10 lessons of style Giorgio Armani

"Carefully chosen fragrance can become your hallmark. This is the first thing that people feel when you enter the room, and the last thing that disappears when you leave. "

"Choose fabrics of neutral colors, no bright patterns - they will serve you longer in terms of fashion."

People who work with Armani, claiming that his hands are filled with magic. Maestro and he does not deny it, he says that when touching a tissue in his hands is concentrated energy. And the best fabric pulls literally manic. And then, like a maniac in the business, simulate the tissue around the body mannequins. This activity he calls "one of the most sensual in the world."

"I always wanted to do for the sake of fashion is not fashion, but to help men and women to feel comfortable and confident in the clothes that they bought. Style - this is the only luxury that you can afford, regardless of whether there is you have money or not. "

Sangiorgi Armani forever changed our idea of ​​what is the role of clothes. And so in the history of fashion we were only able to genius.