15 interesting facts about the short meat and meat products

• 15 interesting short facts about meat and meat products

Mankind has a long history of relations with the meat: once it has been the most valuable and most difficult mined protein species. Had fairly run through the fields with a spear in a large company of other members of the tribe to get such a luxury. This is not a place for the deficit!

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15 interesting facts about the short meat and meat products

The chicken fried invented in Scotland, when they tried to find the most effective way to use the calories contained in the lard.

The name of the Japanese dish "oyakodon" is translated as "children and parents in the same bowl." The composition of dishes include rice, eggs and chicken.

Goat is 70% consumed in the world of red meat. Goats - undemanding animals that hold literally around the world.

Somehow in Japan is very popular tradition is Christmas meals from KFC. People make bookings for a couple of months before the holiday.

Before the Olympic Games in Beijing, the Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt whole week ate 100 chicken nuggets in the day. He won three gold medals!

In Alaska, you can create a special list, and receive alerts when shot down any edible animal on the road. You can then redeem the carcass and eat.

Researchers are working to develop meat from stem cells. This meat is chemically indistinguishable from any other, and will eliminate the need to kill animals. In Japan, it was forbidden to red meat, while there were travelers from the West. The emperor decided that it was red meat was the cause of the high-growth "western people" and lifted the ban.

The terms "white meat" and "red meat" appeared in the Victorian era, when it was considered impolite to say "chest" or "hip".

The founder of KFC Colonel Sanders network was once so upset by what eventually became his brainchild, which said: "This is the worst chicken I ever tasted!"

True Kobe beef is grown only in certain regions of Japan and exported only to China. Bought in any other country kobe beef is either fake or illegal.

In 2013, for the first time in the history of the world's population ate more fish than beef.

"Bring home the bacon" - the name of the tactics used during the liberation of the hostages. Bacon being prepared as close as possible to the location of terrorists, so that they feel hungry and become more accommodating.

Incidentally, the first meat eaten on the moon, was freeze-dried bacon.

Salami called "pepperoni" - a purely American invention. In Italy, the word "pepperoni" means "pepper".