7 Length sniping

• 7 Length sniping

Work sniper - one of the toughest on the front. The goal often have to hunt down a very long time, in quite difficult conditions. In addition, the shot must be done at a distance, and this is a task for the real master. It was on such a pro and will be discussed in the article in front of you - 7 of the longest and most difficult shot in the history of the snipers.

Christopher Reynolds

Distance: 1852 meters

7 Length sniping

accurate shot has made the British sniper Christopher Reynolds. His goal was the field commander nicknamed "Mullah" who has taken responsibility for several recent terrorist attacks in the region. Reynolds killed the commander of a finger, for which he received a medal from the hands of the Queen of England.

Sniper South Africa

Distance: 2124 m

7 Length sniping

One of the snipers of the regular army of South Africa (name kept secret fighter) has achieved remarkable performance: in a few days the soldiers "shot" 5-6 rebel group M23 - all at a distance of about two kilometers.

Carlos Hetchkok

Range: 2286 meters

7 Length sniping

In 1967, Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hetchkok set a very unusual record: instead of a sniper rifle that the master used a machine gun M2 .50 Browning, fitted, for a laugh, a telescopic sight. Carlos was able to remove the Viet Cong at a distance of more than two kilometers, which to this day remains a record for an automatic weapon.

Brian Kremer

Distance: 2285 meters

7 Length sniping

Sergeant Brian Kremer was deployed to Iraq with the 2nd Battalion of the US Rangers. The mission of this unit is still kept secret - just know that the sniper shot Kremer brought him fame as the best shooter of the entire operation.

Arron Perry

Distance: 2413 meters

7 Length sniping

In the "Operation Anaconda" and scored another Canadian sniper. Arron Perry managed to shoot an Afghan with an RPG at a distance of more than two kilometers, and Perry pulled the trigger, focusing only on the occasional gleam of the sun on the enemy guns.

Bruno Turcotte

Range: 2414 meters

7 Length sniping

Bruno Turcotte was a member of the grouping of Canadian peacekeepers conducting an operation on the Afghan dangerous slopes. His shot saved by a detachment of US Marines: the soldiers climbed up the mountain and saw the gunner, ready to open fire. Lightning reaction brought Bruno rank of master corporal.

Corporal Harrison

Distance: 2462 m

7 Length sniping

The British sniper, Corporal Horse Craig Harrison, served in the unit to support the infantry. The fight that occurred in November 2009, made this brave guy a legend among his colleagues. Harrison was able to neutralize three shots of the driver, gunner and Afghan passenger pickup truck equipped with a machine gun. Three out of three - at a distance of almost two and a half kilometers.