Cheap cars wealthy celebrities

Everybody knows that some celebrities earn so much money that he did not know what to do with them. Many of them spend their money on big houses and mansions, and some, like Floyd Mayweather (Mayweather Floyd), spend outrageous sums on luxury cars.

But not all celebrities like to spend money and put their wealth on display. Some of them retain sensitivity and even despite their millions, spend as much as you need for everyday life.

All the celebrities, which will be discussed in today's list, have quite a lot of money, but they are for some reason willing to choose their cars to travel cheap. Sometimes the choice is due to the vehicle sentimentality, sometimes they just can not find a justification for buying a car for the public trips for crazy money, if they already have a machine that you can go where you want.

These celebrities can buy yourself the most expensive and luxurious cars, but instead they are satisfied with budget transportation, and they are often seen driving a cheap car.

10. Conan O'Brien

Cheap cars wealthy celebrities

Comedian Conan O'Brien probably very proud of his Ford Taurus SHO 1992. So why is the guy who owns $ 75 million and bought a mansion in Pacific Palisades (Pacific Palisades) for $ 20 million, riding on such a cheap vehicle?

Conan can not say why it is so fond of his car, but he does not make it a secret, posing many photos on the background of his car. Taurus SHO 1992 is equipped with a 5-speed gearbox and a 3-liter V6 Yamaha capacity of 220 liters. from. This car, of course, not the only one owned by Conan, but it definitely is its most famous "iron horse".

9. Mel Gibson

Cheap cars wealthy celebrities

Although the famous actor is the owner of the vehicle Mercedes CLS 500 worth more than $ 200,000, he also owns a Toyota Cressida, which is much lower cost. The winner of the award "Oscar" and "Golden Globe" for the main role in the movie "Braveheart" amassed a net worth of $ 425 million.

Toyota Cressida was performed from 1976 to 1992 and was an export version of the model Mark II, which was sold in Japan.

The car has a 3-liter V6 engine, and in fact no one knows, as if often Gibson goes on the machine, as his Mercedes CLS 500.

8. Zac Efron

Cheap cars wealthy celebrities

The actor gained fame thanks to the film "High School Musical" and in 2009 for the title role in the movie "17 Again", he earned $ 1 million.

Zac Efron, which owns equity in the amount of $ 18 million, bought himself a penthouse in Beverly Hills for $ 4 million. The actor buys a few things for the huge sums, but, nevertheless, was seen at the wheel of the vehicle Oldsmobile Alero 1999.

Oldsmobile Alero - is a compact car that was produced from 1998 to 2004. This model is the latest, to sell the brand. In 2014, Zac Efron gave his car to charity because it is beautiful not only the face but also the soul.

7. Clint Eastwood

Cheap cars wealthy celebrities

Even now, the popular actor of the 1980s, remains one of the most influential and greatest actors of our time. Eastwood has a net worth of $ 375 million. Its fees for the main role is often accounted for more than $ 5 million per film. Probably, it still does not threaten "star fever", in any case, judging by what he goes on. The actor drives a car GMC Typhoon, which costs less than $ 30,000.

In fact Typhoon - it is the fastest SUV that can sprint to 100 km / h in 5, 3 seconds. In addition, the car Eastwood was made to order: it is equipped with a turbocharged 4, 3-liter V6 engine and a four-wheel drive to all four wheels.

6. Metta World Peace (Ron Artest)

Cheap cars wealthy celebrities

Ron Artest is definitely one of the best basketball players of our time. He earned $ 21 million, which is not much more than the contract he signed with the "Los Angeles Lakers" in 2009.

In 2004, Artest was named the best defensive player the NBA. He also received a gift from comedian George Lopez Hyundai Genesis. It seems that Artest is happy to drive a car for $ 35,000, though he could afford something more attractive.

5. Britney Spears

Cheap cars wealthy celebrities

The singer Britney Spears, may no longer be as popular as in the 1990s, but after an explosive return to Las Vegas, she earns $ 15 million per year.

Over the years, Britney has accumulated an impressive capital in the amount of $ 170 million, but still prefers the low-cost model in matters of acquisition of the car. The singer is known for her love for her a Mini Cooper, worth about $ 35,000.

Mini Cooper manufactured by BMW since 2000 and is a very popular car, though Britney Spears could easily afford something more lovely.

4. Justin Timberlake

Cheap cars wealthy celebrities

In contrast to some other participants boyzbenda NSYNC, Justin Timberlake did the most successful music and acting career. The size of its equity capital is $ 225 million.

With all that Justin likes to enjoy a ride on the car Volkswagen Jetta worth $ 16,000 more than any other, a luxury car.

VW Jetta boasts low consumption of gasoline, but obviously not the power. This model produced since 1979 and is the best selling model of the manufacturer - has already sold more than 14 million copies.

3. David Spade

Cheap cars wealthy celebrities

The actor and comedian made the audience laugh at the end of the 1980s. This guy has earned $ 40 million and could buy a nice, luxury car for a price equal to the fee for filming in one episode of the television series "Rules of Engagement" in 2010, in which he played one of the roles.

Instead Spade chose Buick Grand National in 1987 with 3, 8-liter V6 engine and a capacity of 245 liters. from. and does not leave with him. Perhaps the reason is sentimentality, because he bought the car in the year of his debut in cinema, starring in the movie "Police Academy 4".

2. Jennifer Lawrence

Cheap cars wealthy celebrities

The actress has a net worth of $ 75 million and continues its meteoric career. Starring in the film "The Hunger Games" in 2012, she earned $ 0, 5 million, and in 2013 for the film "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" has received $ 10 million, but even earning that kind of money, Lawrence does not cease to ride in his Volkswagen. Eos worth about $ 35,000. Volkswagen Eos - a compact sports car, which is produced since 2006. Perhaps Jennifer Lawrence identifies itself with the name of the goddess of the dawn Eos (Eos) in Greek mythology.

1. Mark Zuckerberg

Cheap cars wealthy celebrities

If you think that the person who created Facebook, will spend big money on luxury cars, you are mistaken. Condition Zuckerberg is estimated at $ 46, 5 billion.

Mark bought a house in Palo Alto for $ 7 million, but on the car in the same year, spent only $ 30,000 by purchasing Acura TSX. This compact executive car produced in Japan Class sold from 2004 to 2014.

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Steve Ballmer

Cheap cars wealthy celebrities

Former CEO of Microsoft and the current owner of the NBA basketball team, "Los Angeles Clippers" has an impressive state of $ 21, 5 billion.

Ballmer in 2014, did not hesitate to buy a basketball team for $ 2 billion, but apparently did not want to spend such a huge amount is for the purchase of a car for city driving.

Billionaire goes to the Ford Fusion Hybrid, the value of which does not exceed $ 40,000 even with the upgrades, such as, for example, the installation of high quality audio equipment.