Celebrities who lead very ordinary lives

They continue to live as if he were not idols of millions of people. They walked side of pride, arrogance and contempt for others.

Edward Norton

Edward remains modest intellectual who does not suffer from the star of the disease, preferring to remain mysterious and not to create hype around him.

Celebrities who lead very ordinary lives

Valery Kipelov

Part of the interview given to the correspondent Valery Tata.ru:

- By the way, I read somewhere that you met on the subway. It was a one-off event - or you often use public transport?

- I do not consider myself a star, so calmly ride on the subway, it's not one-off event, I do it all the time.

Celebrities who lead very ordinary lives

Constantine Kinchev

The subway can be found and singer of "Alice".

Celebrities who lead very ordinary lives

Angelina Jolie

Last year, when Angelina Jolie with their children arrived in Los Angeles from Cambodia, could be seen as an actress, and the children themselves were carrying their luggage to the car, do not use the services of porters and guards.

Celebrities who lead very ordinary lives

Hugh Jackman

Found in the metro and Hugh Jackman. This year Hugh Jackman saved a few tourists, which was carrying out for the open ocean. Some onlookers filmed the actor in the video, so that the network has a short video with Jackman. Fans hoped he somehow comment on the situation, but the humble hero said that he had nothing to say.

Celebrities who lead very ordinary lives

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg has never been a high level of star and behaved like the average American. At a press conference or a meeting may declare, in a T-shirt or sweatshirt usual. But hipster behavior also differed. If necessary, I put on the business suit. And while the couple honeymoon Zuckerberg noted in the usual fast food chains McDonalds in Italy.

Celebrities who lead very ordinary lives

Sergey Brin

The founder of the largest search engine on the planet is not ashamed to walk to the subway. Maybe it's not so cool, but comfortable.

Celebrities who lead very ordinary lives

Jose Cordano

The ex-president of Uruguay suffered a stellar disease ever. In 2015 ended term in office a man who himself carried water from the well in the courtyard of his farm near Montevideo. Of the $ 12,500 that the president receives every month, he left himself only $ 1,250. "It is enough for the money - says Jose Kordai - should be enough, because the income of many Uruguayans are much worse." All the rest of the money Jose gave to charity.

Celebrities who lead very ordinary lives

Amancio Ortega

One of the richest people in Spain, not much stands out among the ordinary citizens of southern Europe. And although he has his own plane and a decent car, but Amancio is not shy to dine in the corporate dining room, together with its employees. By the way, the founder of the Zara network can be found in the usual cafeteria with a cup of regular coffee.

Celebrities who lead very ordinary lives

Steve Wozniak

He was a co-founder of Apple Computer with Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne. In the mid-1970s, single-handedly designed the Apple I computers and Apple II. These computers have started to "microcomputer revolution" and defined the development of the whole industry.

Steve resigned from Apple and began to teach fifth-grade pupils, led charitable activities in the field of education. After being fired from Apple Wozniak moved all your money for the technology program Los Gatos School District (district in which lives and Wozniak and his children attend one of the local schools).

Celebrities who lead very ordinary lives

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves completes the list of celebrities modest. He easily gives way to public transport ladies. Where bites and have to live in a small apartment. Keanu says that happiness is not about money. And he does not believe ?!