When removed all inhibitions: the cyclical sexual revolution

• When removed all inhibitions: the cyclical sexual revolution of

The term "sexual revolution", as a rule, linked c of the second half of the XX century, when the youth, who was born in a destroyed economy after the Second World War, did not consider it necessary to adhere to the views of the old morality. But, in the past centuries, too, the sexual revolution happened, from the time of ancient Rome.

When removed all inhibitions: the cyclical sexual revolution When removed all inhibitions: the cyclical sexual revolution

Homosexuality in ancient Greece (530-e gg. BC. E.)

If you take the ancient tribes, it is no ban on sex did not exist there as a starting point. Once the notion of civilizations, the intimate relationship began to be regulated. In ancient Greece, sexual prohibitions applied only to women, men are allowed to do to enter into communication with the boys. But, nevertheless, he was honored institution of marriage.

When removed all inhibitions: the cyclical sexual revolution

The Romans decadent times. Couture Thomas, year 1847. Fragment.

In ancient Rome, the era of sexual permissiveness in any form comes in I n. e. with the advent of Caligula. It is known that the emperor declared himself embodiment god on earth. He deflowered his sister Drusilla, married her, and then took back. About his orgies were legendary. Caligula often choose your favorite woman at the feast, he took away to his room, and then told her husband what she was in bed.

When removed all inhibitions: the cyclical sexual revolution

Floralia. Prosper Piatti, 1899.

If the emperor allowed himself to things that ordinary people are also happy permissiveness. Brothels were to be found on every street corner, engaged in prostitution, even women from the ruling elite.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Dark Ages come, replaced pagan gods Christianity comes. All worldly desires (including sex) for centuries are sinful.

When removed all inhibitions: the cyclical sexual revolution

Blonde Odalisque François Boucher, 1752.

The end of the Middle Ages replaced the Renaissance. The impetus for this was the Byzantines who had fled to Europe after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in 1453. They re-acquaint Europeans with the traditions of antiquity, and at the same time, the notion of sexual liberation. People who are tired of a permanent ban of the Catholic Church and the suppression of a worldly needs, is pleased to re-start to learn the beauty of nature, and, of course, humans. Sex is no longer considered something sinful.

In the XVI-XVIII centuries in courtesan and favorites are a natural phenomenon. Nobody considered shameful to give your body an influential individuals in exchange for content, precious gifts and position in society.

When removed all inhibitions: the cyclical sexual revolution

Catherine II and Prince Potemkin.

About loving Catherine the Great was legendary. It is said that once a favorite of the Empress Potemkin was away, and her eyes caught a nice fireman gigantic growth. Catherine ordered "to flood the fireplace in her bedroom." When the fireman began to kindle a fire, the Empress made a face, seeing, they say, do not need to warm up their sovereign. The next morning teachable stoker was granted a title of nobility with ten thousand serfs and a new name - heat.

When removed all inhibitions: the cyclical sexual revolution

suffragette demonstration in London in March 1910

By the XIX century Protestant church again takes control of morality into their own hands. The era is named Victorian, t. To. The British Queen was too strict in matters of morality. Intimate relationships outside marriage were considered debauchery and homosexuality were sent to a mental hospital or prison. With the development of industrialization, women are more likely to receive the opportunity to develop "male" occupations. Awareness of its importance leads to the emergence of the suffragettes movement, and then there is the term "feminism". Women began to fight for their rights: to demand the abolition of the ban on abortion, divorce and sex outside of marriage. If you trace the history of the XX century, it becomes clear that the sexual revolution with each decade is gaining momentum. In the XXI century virtually no taboo on the intimate relationship between the two sexes.

The sexual revolution of the former Soviet Union.

As for the Soviet Union, the unofficial motto of the October Revolution can be called the expression "break everything", including patriarchal country. Revolutionary Alexandra Kollontai believed that "prostitution should not be a profession, a hobby." Lenin's first decrees lifts ban on homosexuality and sex outside of marriage. Old values ​​were considered a relic of the era. On the streets of Moscow and St. Petersburg quite often you could see members of society "Down with shame", wandering with slogans and absolutely naked. But when the general excitement of the revolution takes place, the power again forbids free love and marriage is welcomed. In subsequent decades, the situation will only get worse. This sexual revolution occurs in the country only after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when through the open borders penetrate Western culture.