Cuban Queen: the most dangerous spy in US history

She exposed the mortal danger the US armed forces, betrayed their people and sold so many secrets that the US government still can not fully assess the damage.

Anna Montes - world-class spy, which US counterintelligence could not expose as much as 16 years. And despite such outstanding personal biography, the story of Anna is practically unknown to the ordinary man. It's time to shed some light on this twisted pohlesche any spy novel case.

Cuban Queen: the most dangerous spy in US history

Anna Montes.

Two Anna

Anna grew up, like millions of other girls during the Cold War, a large middle-class family, and was the eldest of four children. She was born on February 28, 1957 at the military base of the US Army in Germany, where her father served as a military doctor. By the time Anna went to high school, her father left the military service and moved with his family to the city of Towson an hour's drive from Washington.

She went on to study at the University of Virginia, having left in 1977 for a year to exchange to Spain, where she met with Puerto Rican student Anna Colon. The two became fast friends Anne - they tied the Puerto Rican roots, rather than political beliefs. Yet even then, Anna Montes showed anti-American sentiment, accusing the United States of manipulating the governments of the countries of Central and South America. When their year abroad came to an end, the girls kept in touch through letters.

Cuban Queen: the most dangerous spy in US history

The building of the DIA.

As she was recruited by the

By 1984, Anna Montes graduated at the University of Virginia and took a job at the Justice Department in Washington, DC, at the same time trying to get a master's degree from Johns Hopkins University. Often people she scolded President Ronald Reagan's policies and supported the rebels who are fighting for the establishment of the pro-Communist regime in Central America. Soon, someone at the university J.. Hopkins noticed passionate views Montez in Cuba, it was contacted by the recruiter, which she promised to help in every way to the Cuban cause. Around the same time, Anna has applied for a job in the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), whose employees work on a daily basis with the American military secrets. As reported by the FBI, when Anna started to work in 1985, she was a Cuban spy.

In March 1985, Anna Montes takes his first trip to Cuba spying via Madrid and Prague, as reported in the now declassified report of the Ministry of Defense. Upon returning home, she wrote a letter to his girlfriend Anne Colon, which talks about the persecution of Cuba and visits to military bases of the population.

Cuban Queen: the most dangerous spy in US history

Anna together with the Deputy Chief of DIA during the presentation of awards.

As she stole information

The DIA Anna chose this technique of espionage, which allowed her to remain in the shadows for 16 years. One of the reasons why it could not open so long was that she never took any documents or electronic files from work to home. Instead, Anna in place memorized the details of the secret documents, and when returning home - from memory to print them on his laptop. It then encrypts the data and writes it to disk. Via shortwave radio she received coded instructions about where to transfer her records.

All the while, she quickly rose through the ranks. Anna set an example to other employees, and in 1997 she became an employee of the year. Thanks to its stellar reputation of her colleagues called her the Queen of Cuba.

Cuban Queen: the most dangerous spy in US history

Scott Carmichael.

As she got

In 1996, one night Anna was summoned to the Pentagon to advise in a protracted international scandal. During the meeting, she broke protocol than attracted the attention of the DIA counterintelligence officer Scott Carmichael. Scott decided to call Anna Montes for interrogation, after which he was left with the feeling that she was hiding something, even though he had no idea what it was. He had to let her go.

Four years later, Scott Carmichael learned that the FBI is looking for an unidentified spy inside the DIA, working in Cuba. The suspect went to the US naval base in Guantamo at a certain time. When Scott checked the lists of DIA employees attending Gitmo in those days, he saw a familiar name - Anna Montes. "When I saw the name, I was sure," - said Carmichael.

By recording it has been known that an unidentified employee of DIA bought a computer a particular model at a certain time in 1996 in a shop in Alexandria. recording with camcorders store were found on which purchases are made Anna Montes. Now the FBI knew that Anna was the spy who they were looking for.

for the spy hunt

Further, the FBI had to catch Anna in an act of espionage. Agents monitored her calls, which she went on a payphone around Washington. The rooms, which she called, were numbered pagers, based in New York.

During a search of her home until Anna was in the city, FBI agents found a short-wave radio, which she used to send their messages. In her purse as a piece of paper was found, which was code for deciphering the encryption system used to communicate with the Cubans through pay phones and pagers. Now, the FBI could easily read her message.

Cuban Queen: the most dangerous spy in US history

September 11 changed plans

After the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, the FBI had to hurry to catch to catch Anna. She was appointed to the team that was supposed to be engaged for the purposes of the analysis, after the bombing of the US invasion of Afghanistan - it would give her access to the Pentagon's war plans. It's time to grab the Queen of Cuba.

September 21, 2001, Anna Montez was summoned to the conference room DIA, where she was arrested, putting an end to the career of one of the most dangerous spies in US history.

Cuban Queen: the most dangerous spy in US history

The deal with the government

Anna, with the help of his lawyer, the prosecutor's office was able to conclude with a deal to plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit espionage. Instead, she managed to avoid the public process, and to get a total of 25 years in prison, instead of life or death.

She agreed to tell all the details of his espionage activities since 1985. The most disastrous for the US government is that it has transferred to Cuba about four US undercover agents working there. In addition, she gave the location of US Special Forces in El Salvador in the 1980s.

Cuban Queen: the most dangerous spy in US history

Why she did it

In contrast to an FBI agent Robert Hanssen or CIA agent Aldrich Ames, who received money from the KGB, Anna Montez did not take money for the secrets that she betrayed Cuba, except for payment of certain expenses.

When she appeared in court, the judge demanded an explanation of its actions. "I believe that the policy of our government towards Cuba is cruel and unfair," - said the judge Anna. "I feel a moral obligation to help the people of this island to protect themselves from efforts to impose our values ​​and our political system."

Cuban Queen: the most dangerous spy in US history

The Federal Medical Center Carswell /

Queen of Cuba

Currently, the 59-year-old Queen of Cuba has long lost its crown. Its new palace - the Federal Medical Center Carswell in Fort Worth, Texas. End date of its conclusion is scheduled for July 1, 2023. Anna Colon, who wrote a letter once or twice a prison Anna Montes, said that she does not change his views on politics. Its position in relation to the US government remains as calling and intransigent.