Interesting culinary tricks

Interesting culinary tricks

Each hostess their specialties and the secrets of their preparation. In this review 7 tips that will be useful and novice cooks and those who regularly stands at the stove. These elementary trifles, many simply are not aware, but they can significantly improve the taste of cooked dishes.

1. Useful alternative to mayonnaise

Interesting culinary tricks

cream sauce instead of mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise - one of the most popular products of Russian cuisine. Salads, meat snacks - that it just is not ready. Unfortunately, not always possible to find good quality mayonnaise, manufacturers often abused starch and trans-fats. If you want to cook, "Olivier" with a classic flavor, try to prepare a dressing of sour cream, boiled egg yolk and mustard. This option probably would be best store mayonnaise.

2. Fried potatoes, which does not stick to the pan

Interesting culinary tricks

The potato will not stick to the pan, add water if it is before cooking.

Crispy potatoes straight from the pan - duty dinner. The dish turned out perfect and did not have to scrape adhering crust from the bottom, to know the simple trick is enough. When you cut brushed potato slices, soak it for 10-15 minutes in water, and after - wipe dry with a paper towel. So you get rid of excess starch, which will facilitate the cooking of foods and reduce its calorie content.

3. How to cook vegetables?

Interesting culinary tricks

The rules of cooking vegetable broth.

If you cook the vegetable broth, then overfill vegetables in cold water, so the taste of the finished dish will be more crowded. If the task is simply to boil vegetables, it is possible to speed up the process, putting them in boiling water.

Interesting culinary tricks

Carrots do not need to cook longer than 15 minutes.

Many housewives make mistakes when cooking carrots, leaving it for a long time in the water. In fact, enough for 10-15 minutes of cooking, then the root will keep your taste. By the way, you need to add salt just before the end of cooking.

4. How to knead the dough for baking lush?

Interesting culinary tricks

dough with the addition of brandy will be more airy.

One of the secrets of our grandmothers - Add a glass of brandy in the dough. Most often, this ingredient is found in the recipes of Easter cakes, but it can also be used for other occasions. Effects of alcohol can be compared with the baking powder.

If the dough is to add starch, baking longer remain fresh.

But to no longer baking callous, part of the necessary amount of flour can be replaced with potato or corn starch. Taste rolls only benefit from this.

5. How to restore freshness faded greens?

Interesting culinary tricks

If the greens soak in a solution of vinegar, it will remain fresh longer. If dill and parsley before serving not fresh, they can revive, wetting beam in a solution of water and vinegar. The result is not long to wait!

6. How to fry the liver, so it was not hard?

Interesting culinary tricks

How to fry the liver to pieces were soft.

Beef liver - one of the champions of the content of iron, so that it can be consumed regularly in the diet. However, it is not tasty to cook so easy, usually after frying liver pieces are transformed into solid lumps, which are almost impossible to chew. To avoid this, before you send the liver in a pan, it should sprinkle a little sugar.

7. What should I do so that the oil in the pan, "Do not shoot"?

Interesting culinary tricks

How to fry the meat with the addition of sunflower oil.

It should begin to fry meat or fish in the pan, as oil spray flying in all directions. To avoid burns and preserve the purity of the kitchen, we recommend that before frying pan, sprinkle with salt, then spray will be almost in the process.