Exotic dishes for extreme

Where visitors of the restaurant pay for the opportunity to die, a dish found in Norway only during the Christmas holidays and why Balut sold only at night?

Exotic dishes for extreme

We offer you heed overview of foods that can increase the level of adrenaline lovers of culinary extremes. Particularly impressionable and those who are now having breakfast, lunch or dinner, it is better not to read!

Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Norway blodpalt

Exotic dishes for extreme

If from the cut finger you already dizzy and his legs give way, this dish is not for you. At least, when he saw the restaurant menu pancakes, do not rush to learn from what they were prepared. In appearance the usual pancakes, only the dark. The taste - almost ordinary. Their distinctive feature is that instead of milk used blood - pork, less cows. Dish on the Affairs of the rather unexpected than terrible. It looks like a blood sausage. Sometimes it is served with roast pork or venison, but more often eaten for breakfast with cranberry jam.

"Because of the dark pancakes seemed overdone. I took a deep breath, then he took a bite and immediately spit it out. I remembered how, in elementary school, I ran into a tree, playing football, and broke his lip. Taste was the same. Even lingonberry jam did not help! "(Maxine Builder, site Extra Crispy).

Vietnam, China, Malaysia and drink soup from swallow's nest

Exotic dishes for extreme

In fact, swallows' nests are the nests of some species of swiftlets, swift species. From them prepare drinks, soups, cereals and other dishes. Locals believe that the nest built from the saliva of these birds have a lot of useful properties: from purification of the blood to cure bronchitis and asthma. That's just hope for some unusual taste is not worth it. Jack it simply does not! Taking fish soup, you will feel the taste of fish, chicken - chicken flavor, and fruit drink will remind about fruits that are part of it. The fact that the dish is made from the nests will indicate only "spider", reminiscent of vermicelli. However, the slot - not the most amazing component. Balinese brewed coffee from marten feces. "sweet porridge, nothing special. After that soup any positive results are not found. I'd much rather have changed a bowl of sweet soup on a bottle of beer "Heineken" or "Saigon" "(user thehien, Vinsky forum).

Cambodia: fried spider

Exotic dishes for extreme

In Cambodia, where famine and drought - the frequent phenomenon, locals find affordable source of protein - spiders. However, only eat them roasted. Caught arthropods slowly roasted over an open fire, adding a lot of salt and garlic. When the black spider carapace becomes reddish-brown color, the dish is ready to eat.

"What is like to taste, you say? Something between a shrimp and chicken. But Arachnidian "(user harold," Live Journal ").

Japan: The fugu fish

Exotic dishes for extreme

If some exotic dishes at worst threaten indigestion, in Japanese restaurants that serve fugu, every dinner could be the last for the person who will taste it. All because this fish contains tetrodotoxin - poison nerve, which is about 1200 times more dangerous than cyanide. To kill a human, sufficient 1 mg of substance. A single fish is enough to kill 40 people.

Fed the fish pieces in the correct order - from the back, which contains the least poison to the peritoneum, the place of his main cluster. As to the use of consumer rolls paralyzing wave: first legs numb, then - arms after - jaw. Retain the ability to move only his eyes. All this time the chef has to carefully monitor the state of a guest to have time to help. Save poisoned only if immediately deliver it to the artificial support of respiration and circulation. There is no antidote. Perhaps, therefore, to find in restaurants this fugue is becoming more difficult, but forgeries - more than enough. "They say that because of this fish in Japan for about 100 people die each year, but it seems to me, people suppress the mochi-rice during the Christmas holidays, a lot more. Also, apparently, the word "delicacy" in Japanese means "tasteless food". For what I paid through the nose? I do not know "(the author of the blog You`ve Been Haacked).

The Philippines: Balut

Exotic dishes for extreme

For the extreme, who decided to try this dish for the first time, the main thing - do not look at it. The spectacle is not for the faint of heart! Eat Balut - it's like to eat a live duck. Balut - is boiled duck egg, which has already formed fetus with feathers, beak and cartilage. He served hot, sometimes very much so. First, the egg is broken with a blunt end, a bit is cleared, sprinkled with salt, sometimes poured vinegar. Then consumed amniotic fluid, resembling broth. Only after that the egg is cleared completely and 16-18 days of embryo development is eaten.

Filipinos use Balut almost daily and believe that it is a powerful male aphrodisiac. Perhaps that is why they traded and mostly in the evening and at night.

"I told my friends:" Do you eat eggs you eat chicken A Balut - is a two in one "?. Surprisingly delicious! "(Clay user in a comment to an article about Balut on Giant Bomb site).

Norway Lutefisk

Exotic dishes for extreme

If the main course New Year's table in Russia is Olivier, in Norway on Christmas table always served lutefisk. Prepare it simple. At first, freshly caught cod have to drag in the open air, then treated with an alkali, in which the fish should remain for several days. After this time the cod becomes so soft that resembles jelly. Next it for two days immersed in running water, and only after that to prepare. Most often spread skin side down on a baking sheet, sprinkle with sea salt and send it in the oven to bake. Serve lutefisk made with potatoes or pea puree. "You can not say that I and all my household who dared try the lutefisk, were delighted with him. But in principle, there may well be, especially with the mustard. No one died. No one became ill. However, anyone and supplements are not wanted "(user anniken_nordic," Live Journal ").