Men do not need to justify

• You do not need to justify male

A man can say: "I have a terrible blockage at work; I recently experienced a rupture serious relationship, which was for me a great blow; divorce of parents left in my soul an indelible mark and brought a lot of new trouble; now I need to focus on their careers; I can not tie a relationship until everything is settled in my life; once my situation improves, I'll throw his wife, a girlfriend, a lousy job for; I'm terribly busy. "

It is easier to jump out of the window than to say: "You're no good for me." We are one hundred percent sure that in this case you will kill us or yourself, or both of us, or, worse, begin to cry and scream. Even if you do not talk about it, we clearly show you my attitude. Stop excuses, our actions speak for themselves to us: you just do not like you.

Men do not need to justify

Because if he likes you, believe me, he is sure to assign you an appointment

1. justification option: Maybe he does not want to ruin our friendship

I hate to tell you this, but that excuse does not hold water. Unfortunately, throughout the history of mankind that excuse never used those who really mean it. If we really care about a woman, we can not bring ourselves to stay - we want more. And please do not tell me that he simply "afraid". The only thing he was afraid - and I say this, feeling genuine sympathy to you, - so it is to admit that you do not attract him.

Men do not need to justify

2. justification option: Maybe he does not dare to take the first step

You can hint at the man that nourish sympathy for him, but do not help him to invite you on a date. Once again, ladies: what you will smile and a playful wink at him, would be sufficient.

Men do not need to justify

3. justification option: Maybe he does not want to rush things

If you really like the man, but there are very personal reasons why he does not want to rush things, he will immediately tell you about it. He will not leave you in the dark, as he wants to be sure that you will not be disappointed and will not disappear from his life.

Men do not need to justify

4. The justification of "But because he gave me his phone number"

Do not let him in using cheap tricks to get you the most to invite him on a date. If you are wondering the man, he will take all the trouble on himself. It sounds a bit old fashioned, but when a man likes a woman, he asks her out on a date.

Men do not need to justify

5. Justification type "Maybe he forgot about me"

Be sure you have made an impression on him. Now leave it at that. If he likes you, he will remember you even after the tsunami, flood or defeat of the Russian team in the next match. If he forgot about you, do not waste time on it. Do you know why? Because you're gorgeous.


Any justification in fact means that you do a little of his wonder. Men are not afraid to "destroy the friendship."

Do not fall for his tricks and did not invite him on a date. If he likes you, he will invite you.

If you can find it, it means you can find. If he wants to find you, he will do it.

"Hey, let's meet at a certain party / in some bar / at a friend" does not belong to the category on the date invitations. Even if you live in New York.

The man remembers whether you liked him when they met, so hang up.

Are you good enough to have been invited on a date.

2. Not so much he likes you if he does not call you

Men are able to use your phone

Men do not need to justify

6. The justification of "But he's so often is on the road"

Take a mental note: a man who is interested in you, wants to spend time with you. And he is content with the five phone calls only if did not have time on a plane to come tearing along to you.

Men do not need to justify

7. The justification of "But his head is quite busy with other things"

The most important question here is: "It is normal if a man forgot to call me?" I answer, "No". If only he does not need to urgently take someone to the hospital or if someone stole his "Ferrari". He must never forget that you promised to call. If you really please me, I will not forget you never. Can not you wait for a guy who probably forget about all that was in his life than to forget about you?

Men do not need to justify

8. The justification of "He says he is not what he thinks is actually"

That is the whole problem: the end date or a telephone conversation many men tell you what they think you want to hear. They believe that it is better than nothing. Therefore, if, on which guy you're dating is not calling you, despite all its promises, whether to get hung up on it? After all, you want a man who at least can keep his word.

Men do not need to justify

9. The justification of "But he's very busy"

And now I'm going to make outrageous, sharp and categorical statement concerning the relationship between man and woman: the word "busy" - it's complete nonsense, it usually use donkeys. The word "busy" one salvo can destroy any relationship. Emergency "employment" may seem a lame excuse, but in fact behind this concept always hidden man, who was not interested in having to call you. Remember, men can always find the time to get what they want.

Men do not need to justify

10. One hundred percent of those surveyed said the stronger sex: they always find a moment to call a woman that they really like.


If he will not call, then he does not think about you.

If he makes promises and then brings you on trifles, to be sure: the same thing happens when it comes to more serious things. Keep this in mind and keep in mind that this guy is not difficult to disappoint you.

It is not necessary to build a relationship with someone who is not able to keep his word.

If he does not want to make any effort to calm you down and smooth the emerging conflicts in your relationship, it just does not respect your feelings and needs.

"Busy" - is the same as the "donkey". A "donkey" - it is the same as the guy with whom you meet.

You deserve to get you the hell called.

3. Not so much he likes you if he does not recognize the fact that you meet Spending time together - not to meet

Men do not need to justify

11. The justification of "He's just gone through a painful breakup"

Perhaps he is one of your best friends, but as a man he is passionate about you not so much. Beware of the word "friend." Its often used men or women who are in love with these men to justify their most swinish behavior. Choosing friends, I prefer people who have not upset.

Men do not need to justify

12. The justification of "But we did meet"

Men as well as women tend to gain a sense of safety and security, when they see that the relationship becomes serious. One of the common ways to do this - to claim rights to a loved one. The man who really impressed you, want you to belong to him completely. What's wrong, girl?

Men do not need to justify

13. The justification of "It's better than nothing"

Let me remind you that you need a man who wants you regularly calls you and makes you feel most sexy and desirable woman in the world. He wants to see you more and more, because every time his feeling is growing, growing out of sympathy in true love. A relationship in which you meet with a man every two weeks or once a month, not feeling no love, no sympathy with his hand, can last a day, or week, or month. But if they can last a lifetime?

Men do not need to justify

14. One hundred percent of the men surveyed said they fear a serious relationship never kept them from being able to start a new romance. One young man even said: "Fear of serious relationship - it is one of the myths of the big city." And the other guy said, "This is what we say to girls who are not really like us."


Men talk about their feelings, even if you refuse to listen or do not believe their confessions. "I'm not ready for a serious relationship" means "I'm not ready for a serious relationship with you" or "I'm not sure you're exactly the kind of woman that I need." (I am sorry.) "Better than nothing" does not suit you.

If you do not understand what's going on in your relationship, then there is nothing wrong with that, to slow down and ask him a few questions.

It smacks of uncertainty? Good do not wait.

There is light at the one guy who wants to tell all and sundry that he's your boyfriend. Enough fooling around, go and find it.

4. Not so much he likes you if he does not want to have sex with you

If a man likes a woman, he always wants to touch it

Ladies, you have already met and will meet again a great many men. I hate to tell you this, but some of these men just decide that you're not in their taste. And none of those men who do not like you, never and will never tell you about it. And he will say that ... he is afraid, is going through, faint from exhaustion, in pain from a broken leg, suffering from a cold, afraid of (again). But the truth is, simple, brutal and bitter, clear as day: you're not attracted to, and he does not want to hurt you.

Men do not need to justify

15. The justification such as "He is afraid that he will hurt again"

Is he afraid of? Yes, he is afraid to offend you. That's why he did not clarify the situation with your relationship. He may even try to force yourself to feel you at least something, speaking of his love and that he does not want to lose you, but it might just as well sign it in your diary. He loves you as a friend. If he loved you as a woman, he would not be able to control yourself and be twirled with you tempestuous affair, despite all the fears and bad memories.

Men do not need to justify

16. The justification of "I take my his mind that he did not show any interest"

Of course, many people in the past had to suffer, and now they are afraid of a serious relationship. But you know what? If you really like men, nothing will prevent him to achieve you, even the fear of a serious relationship. If he is really a big problem in this regard, he may go on senseless treatment, but will never keep you in suspense.

Men do not need to justify

17. The justification of "But it's so cool"

Previously it was believed that the woman refused to have sex when he wants to gain power over men. It appears that representatives of the stronger sex, too, have learned to use it. If a guy is lying with you on the couch, happily eats cookies and watching a movie (and this is not gay), then you simply do not attract.

Men do not need to justify

18. The justification of "It is all a bunch of explanations"

Can you believe it excuses, if you want, but first ask yourself a few questions. Are you satisfied with this relationship? The most important thing here - if you want to feel that way, perhaps for the rest of your life? Sex also refers to the great pleasures that man can experience. Therefore, at least strange when the person with whom you meet, preventing you from getting it fun.

Men do not need to justify

19. Remember:

People are always talking about what they really are. If a man tells you that monogamy was not for him, there is no reason not to believe him.

Communication - that's fine. But if communication is combined with sex - it's even better. Call a spade a spade, or rather, to call each other. And find yourself such a friend, who can not resist to touch you.

If you have low self-esteem, you have to spend on it increase more time than to find a new boyfriend. Therefore, prioritize according to their needs.

If you are tempted by the thought of a thousand and one night spent in the arms (and only) of a man, then sign up for a puppy.

Hot stuff, somewhere goes a man who really wants to make love to you.

5. Not so much he likes you if he sleeps with another woman

There is not a really convincing excuse for infidelity

Whatever problems marred your relationship, they do not give him the right to make love to another woman. Do not ask what you are to blame. No need to take the blame. And if he tells you that it was an accident, remember: infidelity is not random. It is no accident such as "I slipped, and I was sucked into a swamp called" Betrayal "." He planned and realize it, fully aware that it can put an end to your relationship. Remember, if he sleeps with another woman without your permission and approval, it behaves just like a man, which is not too much you fascinated, but as a man, you do not wonder.

Men do not need to justify

20. The justification like "He is no excuse, and he knows it"

Treason - is bad. A failure to explain why you changed person, even worse. If you have enough of a red flag, how about two? Do not meet with men who do not know why they have done this or that act.

Men do not need to justify

21. The justification of "But I put on weight"

I have full confidence that you need to lose 90 kg in the form of your worthless boyfriend, not the twenty kilograms, of which he speaks. He changed you and called you fat. How much humiliation can sustain a person? If something in your relationship does not suit him, he should talk about it with you, instead of looking for comfort in the vagina a foreign woman. Also think about how he would react if you become pregnant, or get old you will have a few wrinkles? Or if you dye your hair in the color that he does not like? Immediately get rid of this loser, or I'll come to your house and throw him out.

Men do not need to justify

22. The justification of "He needs more sex than me"

There is no justification for the fact that he is cheating on you. Point. There are many ways to solve this fairly common problem, which arises because of the difference in sexual appetites. Usually, people start with the fact that frank discussions on this subject, and everyone agrees to do everything in his power to partner satisfied. In this case, it is not necessary to jump into bed with someone else!

Men do not need to justify

23. The justification of the type "But at least he knew her"

I explain in other words, it does not matter, he loves you or not. He has made you to understand his attitude toward your novel. He went on about their feelings and arranged everything so as to be alone with another woman, kiss her, remove her clothes and do everything else that usually happens when two adults having sex. Can you, after such continue to love him?

Men do not need to justify

24. One hundred percent of the men surveyed said that they never made love to a woman by accident. (But many of them wanted to know how such an accident occurs and you need to do to use it.)


Betraying no excuse. Let me repeat: there is no justification for treason. Now say it yourself: there is no excuse treason.

The only thing that you are responsible with the moral fall of another person - it's your own feelings.

Treason is treason. It does not matter who it is you changed and how many times it happened.

change becomes easier with every time. Difficult it is only for the first time feel remorse and guilt from the fact that it is not justified the confidence of the other person.

Deceivers are never happy. (Because they are all scoundrels.)

Invalid man is changed first by himself, since he can not build a normal relationship with you.

6. Not so much he likes you if he wants to see you, but when he was drunk

If he likes you, he will tend to see you as his mind is not clouded by the alcohol vapors. If your clown wears a red nose every time when it comes to intimacy, it says that in your relationship, there are serious problems.

Men do not need to justify

25. The justification of "But I like it when he tipsy"

If sitting at the bar, he was drunk he says something like: "Baby, you're so beautiful," and while hugging you a little tighter than it should have, then it's time to learn something: you can not believe anything the man says, when he was drunk. And listen to the former bad boy "bad guys" are the poor because they have full of trouble, no sense of self-esteem, plus they absolutely do not believe in sincere love relationship, but very often they are fun to dress up and go on the steep wheelbarrows. Do you need just such?

Men do not need to justify

26. The justification of "At least he does not drink very strong drinks" Do not let yourself be fooled. The guy who does not fall down and do not write in his pants from drinking, should not get away with what he silently disconnects their brains to others, more easily each time you are together. It's like an intoxication, it is still a desire to avoid responsibility, and it's still not too good for you.

Men do not need to justify

27. Remember:

His words do not mean anything if he uttered them in a state of intoxication. "I love you" or the like, said under the influence of any drink, a stronger than grape juice, has no power in the court and in real life.

The use of alcohol and drugs - this is not the way to their innermost feelings. Otherwise, people would not have to break myself of my head empty beer bottles and try to touch the flames, to find out they feel something or not.

If he wants to see you, communicate with you, to engage in sex with you only when he was drunk, - it is not love, it's sport.

The bad guys are not for nothing called bad.

You deserve a man who does not need to be pumped to spend time with you.

7. Not so much he likes you if he does not want to marry you

Love cures manic-depressive illness obligations

Every one of your ex-men, who told you that does not want to marry, or not believe in marriage, or has doubts about marriage, ever necessarily bind themselves sacred ties. Not with you. Because he is not talking about that do not want to get married. He says he does not want to marry you.

Men do not need to justify

28. The justification of "Who's all very complicated"

If you focus on the state of your finances, choosing the time for the wedding, the good times would never come. If the boyfriend use lack of money as an excuse not to marry you, it's your relationship is in danger, and not his bank account.

Men do not need to justify

29. The justification of "But it's all so out of themselves" If you have to sit and think about how to start a conversation about marriage with a person with whom you are already quite a long time associate close relationship, it is an alarming signal. Immediately call him a frank conversation and find out the relationship. Then, once you're ready, go on a search for a man, all of whose thoughts are occupied with how you feel.

Men do not need to justify

30. The dilemma of "Is this really an excuse not to marry?"

Marriage - is a tradition that we inherited from previous generations, so the marriage so many opponents. So be it: if a man categorically against the marriage and you both hands, then please make sure that his reluctance to marry disappears entirely dislike of the very institution of marriage, and not any other feelings or lack thereof.

Men do not need to justify

31. The justification like "I'm just not ready yet"

I hate to tell you this, but he does not want to rush just for one reason: he is still not convinced that you - the same.

Men do not need to justify

32. The justification such as "He had seen enough of other failed marriages"

Decent men meeting with a woman with whom he wants to share his life, always becomes a real event. And, perhaps, if he understands that this is the woman, that would not immediately tell her that the thought of registering their relationship makes him disgusted.

Men do not need to justify

33. One hundred percent of the men surveyed admitted that without a doubt would have offered her hand and heart of a woman who had been completely sure what it is - the love of their life. One representative of the stronger sex said: "This is how you have to be an idiot not to marry the woman you love?"


"I do not want to marry" and "does not want to marry me" - are two different things. Make sure that you correctly identified, to which category belongs your choice.

If you have conflicting views on marriage, then surely there are other issues that will lead to controversy. It's time to make a little list problem. If nothing changes in your relationship, then what are you waiting for?

Somewhere on earth goes a man who wants to marry you.

8. Not so much he likes you when he threw you

"I do not want to be with you" still means just that

Men do not need to justify

34. The justification like "I need it"

Do not be satisfied with the fact that he is boring without you. He must be bored. You're so unique. Yet he both was, and remained a man, throw you. Remember, there is only one reason why he might be bored, remembering you, he thinks that he does not want to spend the day with you.

Men do not need to justify

35. The justification of "After this decision much easier"

If it occurs to you, calling you out on dates, she throws you and continues to sleep with you that, in essence, takes away any responsibility for your feelings for him. There is one thing that a young man would never do if he can not imagine his life without you; he will never leave you. The only way for you to know whether you love yourself - is to get rid of him, and as soon as possible.

Men do not need to justify

36. The justification of "But everyone is doing it"

Enough to hold on to his cock, dress quickly and go home to his best friend. And do not look for an excuse to stay with him. And do not think that all this crazy passion will inevitably lead to the fact that you will be together again. Oh, yes, sex after breaking up - it's not bad, because it's great to sleep with a man whom you know. And great to sleep with the person to whom you experience strong emotions. This combination makes sex after a breakup so bright. But now you know that because of this there is a real mess in the head and you start to feel terrible. Let's face it: you are a woman, and women are not able to separate love and sex. And do not make such mistakes. Understood? You do not so much he likes you. He is much more like a very bad idea, which is disguised as a very good idea - namely, sex after a breakup. Like this.

Men do not need to justify

37. The justification of "But then he wants to go back"

Unfortunately, after you leave, your young person starts to look for something better. And when it fails, it covers the loneliness and he returns "home". It's not like you to very much he liked. Just him very much not like to be alone.

Men do not need to justify

38. The justification of "I refuse to accept the fact that he left me"

I'm sorry that he left you. Trying again and put it back again, you move the former boyfriend at the thought: "What I did find this psycho bitch" Remember one simple piece of advice, ladies: always be on top. Do not go crazy. Well, in fact it is not even one, but two councils. But, believe me, you will never regret that listened to him. At least it will save you from unpleasant memories of how you cut up into pieces and threw his clothes all the photos with him.

Men do not need to justify

39. Remember:

You do not work to prevent the separation by means of a call. The discussions will not help here. Rupture of relations - the decision is final and not subject to appeal it.

Sex after breaking up does not mean that you are together again.

Stop to chat with him. Let he misses you.

No need to remind him of how great you are.

He can take care of your cat.

"Chic woman" will never tear his answering machine.

Somewhere you will find a young man who will be very happy that you re not agree with their horrible nasty ex-boyfriend.

9. Not so much he likes you if he just picked up and disappeared

Sometimes, the most necessary to put an end

Well, here everything is clear. He has given you to understand that you are so not his type, he did not even bother to leave you at least some news about myself. The only thing you should take away from this love story - is the fact that he decided to leave you. And he did not have the courage to tell you about it, looking into his eyes. Case is closed.

Men do not need to justify

40. The justification like "Maybe he died"

There is nothing worse than not getting a response from the beloved. But the trouble is that no answer is an answer for you. Perhaps he had not written a farewell letter, but his silence speaks very clearly: "You do not like it." The only reason why you should write it again - it is the desire to get a clear failure, now in the form of words. Have you forgotten? You are too busy with their fans, and you do not have time for such nonsense.

Men do not need to justify

41. The justification of "So what, it turns out, I can not even quarreling with him for the last time?"

The first time, perhaps, it would seem that you feel better if you call him and scandal. You may feel that you are letting him get away with it. But believe me, nothing of what you want to say to him, there will be a revelation for him. And to you, and so there is something to spend their time.

Men do not need to justify

42. The justification of "But I just want to get the answer"

You deserve to know what really happened? Undoubtedly. I can tell you what happened: you met with a horrible person. The easiest way to fix this - to make certain conclusions, live on and continue to be more discriminating in choosing a partner. Do all of this quickly, without wasting a minute of your precious time.

Men do not need to justify

43. One hundred percent of those surveyed males, who "disappeared" from the field of view of women said they were fully aware that they had made a terrible thing, and no phone calls and belated conversations would not force them to change their minds.


Maybe he really is in the hospital, suffering from amnesia, but most likely he's just not too keen on you.

The lack of response is his answer to you.

Do not give him the opportunity to again reject you.

Let his mother scandals him. And you are too busy for that.

There is no mystery: he just walked out of your life, and he was not worthy of you. 10. Not so much he likes you if he is married (this includes all the others, the most improbable reasons, because of which he can not be with you)

If you can not love each other freely and openly, it is not true love. No matter how strong and sincere no matter your feelings for another person, if he can not answer them honestly and fully, that is, mutual love, these feelings do not matter.

Men do not need to justify

44. The justification of "But his wife is such a bitch!"

No matter how miserable was his marriage and how to be terrible or wife treated him, all is definitely not a bad thing, otherwise it would have long ago abandoned her. Sincere love relationships do not deserve to be hidden. Find a man who will not hide my feelings.

Men do not need to justify

45. The justification of "But he's such a good person"

Please do not ignore this fact. He is married to another woman. I know you're not like everybody else, and in your case it's different, but the fact remains that he is married. If in your life you are willing to stop at a red light only once, then this is the case. Just for everyone who plays this game, the stakes are too high.

Men do not need to justify

46. The justification of "I have to just wait"

If at a certain stage of development of relations it comes to how to "wait for him" - a wake-up call. He did not campaign in which you are going to invest. He - the man whose heart has to be open enough so that he was ready to meet with you and madly in love with you. If you are someone really likes you, he will quickly solve all their problems and make a lot of effort not to lose you.

Men do not need to justify

47. Remember:

He is married.

If he does not belong to you entirely, then it belongs to her.

In the world there are a lot of cool and gentle single men. Try to meet with one of them.

If a man screaming and spewing curses against his ex-wife or girlfriend laments previous, go to the movies with someone else. He is married.

No need to join the ranks of those same women.

You are not so easy to forget. Let him find you when it is ready for a new relationship.

11. Not so much he likes you if he behaves like a selfish egotist, boaster or just as big a jerk

If he really loves you, then it makes every effort to make you happy

Men do not need to justify

48. The justification of "But he really wants to reform"

Loving people trying to feel good about each other, and even enjoy, showing your favorite tenderness and care. If your partner is really not very good, then you end up reaping the same benefits as in the situation as "not so much he likes you."

Men do not need to justify

49. The justification of "But he just brought up"

It is not necessary that he was crazy about your CD collection. It is not necessary that he liked all your shoes. But any full and prudent man would have to make an effort and to love your friends and your family, especially if they are all such wonderful people.

Men do not need to justify

50. The justification of "But he will change"

Temper - this is not a temporary problem. People who shout at others, just do not know how to control themselves and need psychiatric help. People who shout at others, believe that they have a right to it. Hey, babe, do you really want to create a family?

Men do not need to justify

51. The justification of "It is only important what is happening between us alone"

Why be with a person who needs to humiliate you, to feel their own superiority? Especially in front of friends! Why you should pay attention to the fact that it applies to you better when you are alone? After all, he's just waiting, how would you bring in people to humiliate. Throw it! To go to college and write a diploma on the topic: "How to find a man who is not ashamed to show your friends."

Men do not need to justify

52. The justification of "But he's just trying to help" Offensive is called not only to such behavior when a man beats a woman. You can also abusive and should be considered such behavior as the man yells at a woman who publicly humiliates her and reminds her that she is too thick, causing it thus to feel unattractive. It is very hard to believe that you deserve true love, when someone is struggling to convince you that you have nothing in this life are not worthy. But, as I see it, all the exhortations to leave it to you still can not operate. Therefore, to start just realize that you are too good for such a relationship. You're too good for such a relationship.

Men do not need to justify

53. The justification like "He just has not yet found himself"

People are constantly faced with difficult situations. But as they say, would hunt - would go well work. And the strong, independent man will never ask you for five hundred bucks to pay the bill at the bar. So your thoughts should be occupied only with how to find a man who would not for the world would not agree to parasitize on you and your family.

Men do not need to justify

54. The justification of "Maybe it's one of his little oddities!"

You've probably met a man who did not like hugging, kissing or having sex. You will spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to deal with it and do not you become the cause of this behavior. Or you just come to the conclusion that these people do not like to do what you think is an integral part of a full life, and go in search of a man who shares your views.

Joke sounds like this: "Hey, called Bjork, she wants to take back her dress." And insult - like this: "Oh, well, you and corroded!" But the most important - is to understand what you want. All you definitely deserve better treatment!

Men do not need to justify

55. One hundred percent of the men surveyed said they had never tried to humiliate or upset the woman who they really like. And the most important thing. Remember:

It is not necessary to complicate the already difficult life, sharing it with the person who gives you a lot of hassle.

You deserve a man who in any situation will behave with you as it should. (Do not forget that you have to be nice to him.)

There's no reason to yell at the other person, except when his life was in jeopardy.

Nitwits in the circus, and not in your apartment.

Do you already have one ass, why do you need a second?

By getting rid of useless people, you get a lot of free time which can be spent on something that gives you pleasure.

Believe in yourself. How could it be otherwise?

13. So what do you do?

Men do not need to justify

56. Then you ask: "And what if the next novel in general would not?" And we answer: "Send these terrible thoughts on a long voyage on the ship, which will certainly be drowned, because he was destined to be broken on the reef islands of Sorrows. And we do not want you to be on this ship. "

Your new requirements:

I'm not going to meet with a man who did not invite me to the meeting.

I'm not going to meet the person, makes me wait for hours for him to call.

I'm not going to meet the person, not sure what he wants to meet with me.

I'm not going to meet the person, because of which I feel sexually unattractive.

I'm not going to meet the person who abuse alcohol or drugs, so it makes me uncomfortable.

I'm not going to meet the person who is afraid to build with me for the future.

I under no circumstances will not waste time on someone who has already once rejected me.

I will not date a married man.

I'm not going to meet with a man, if he is not really good, sincere and affectionate person.

And now it's your turn. Only you know what other requirements you want to present to your future elect. Write them all. And do not forget about them. 57. GLOSSARY


This is supposed to mean the following: I would never intentionally do anything that might hurt you.

In some cases, this means: You just do not so much I like you.


This is supposed to mean the following: today just took my inauguration as President of the United States.

In some cases, this means: You just do not so much I like you.

Bad guy

This is supposed to mean the following: The guy from whom you need to stay away.

In some cases, this means: The guy from whom you need to stay away.

I'm not ready

This is supposed to mean the following: I can not find my pants.

In some cases, this means: You just do not so much I like you.

Call me

This is supposed to mean the following: I accidentally dropped my cell off a cliff into the ocean.

In some cases, this means: You just do not so much I like you.

I do not like your family

This is supposed to mean the following: I do not want to meet your mother.

In some cases, this means: You just do not so much I like you.

I'm afraid of intimacy

This is supposed to mean the following: I am really afraid of intimacy.

In some cases, this means: You just do not so much I like you.

And you will be happy!

Post is written based on the book by Greg Behrendt, Liz Tuchillo "You just do not like him. The whole truth about men. " We recommend that you read the whole book.