How to earn respect at work

The ability to induce respect can be very powerful thing. If the chief respects you, the colleagues will never insert a spoke in the wheel you, will support you in difficult situations, and at the right moment you will always be provided with the presumption of innocence. To earn respect at work, you need a little bit to understand human psychology.

How to earn respect at work

Never, under any circumstances, do not be late to meetings

It would seem that a couple of minutes late are irrelevant. However, in practice, even minute delay irritates and causes people to give you the unflattering assessment, even though your delay, and not create them absolutely no problems. Reputation is never late person can play in your favor in the long run.

, do not break Whatever you are doing timing

Many consider the deadlines just as common goals to be pursued. Working among these people, you will be able to stand a serious attitude to the deadline. Had the reputation of a person you can rely on, you will not only earn respect for themselves, but also get the tasks that senior managers can not trust anyone but you.

Stay away from gossip, especially on the Internet

Most people gossip, but at the same time, the words of someone of the same occupation, condemned. Gossip to gossip or share on social networks - all of which can badly affect the image of your work, if they knew about it. Also, there is always a risk that once you pass the gossip entirely the wrong person.

Do not waffle

Informal communication at work - a good opportunity to get contacts, build relationships, and to achieve the necessary goals. However, this process is always connected with the risk of being branded as someone who spend time in vain. You definitely have to sometimes let important people wasting your time, to please them, but to spend other people's time - a bad idea.

Treat well to those who are below you in the position

Although people who perform your orders, you can not significantly harm their opinion of you matters. If you respect the subordinates, it's sure to notice the guide. Common courtesy - a fundamental requirement for success.

Do not be too kind to

Helping others and showing courtesy, be sure not to allow caring for others rule your life. Many treat excessive kindness as weakness.

Dress well

People keep saying that you should not judge by appearances, but they often can not retreat from it. Mods do not usually cause a lot of respect, much more can go to people with good taste and understanding of what will look respectable.

Remember, when it is not necessary to challenge the authority of

If someone from a reputable guide says something that you feel wrong, then ask for it and prove it to everyone - a bad idea. When you prove that someone credible is wrong, the other team members lose confidence. In the end, you'll look silly, causing discord in the team. If you need something to question, do it face to face, or at least in his personal correspondence.

Do not get drunk

If your colleagues or team members ever see you in unpresentable form, they are nothing more of you will not remember. If you plan to have a good drink, do not do it there, where you can catch the eye of colleagues.

Do not worry too much about the work of

You, of course, must be conscientious worker, but do not let the fear of being caught off guard or dismissed run your life.

If your boss or colleagues begin to suspect that you are ready to do anything for the sake of work, they will take advantage of it.