Scandals EUROVISION-2019

Scandals EUROVISION-2019

EUROVISION 2019 recognized the brightest in the history of the competition.

Experts in the field of show business have noted that for the organization of events and entertainment numbers of both participants and invited guests of Eurovision 2019 contest can be called the best in the history of its 65-year existence. However, it was not without some scandal. Overview introduces the brightest moments of the contest held in Israel.

1. Ukrainian groups refused to participate in the competition for financial and political reasons,

Scandals EUROVISION-2019

The winners of 1-4 places Ukrainian national selection teams unanimously refused to go to Tel Aviv.

Once at the beginning of 2019 in Kiev hosted the national selection of participants applying for the right to represent Ukraine at the prestigious Eurovision Song Contest in 2019, a scandal broke out. The first place went to singer Maruv with English-speaking "siren song", accompanied by the scandalously sexy number. But representatives of the national public broadcaster of Ukraine (hereinafter - the note) immediately made the following conditions singer: to go to Israel to represent the country, it must give up all the tour in the Russian Federation. And then the singer has refused to go to Eurovision. After her refusal A NOTE offered to represent the country at the same collectives conditions, take 2, 3 and 4 beds, but they also refused, expressing solidarity or perhaps as Maruv, deciding that the royalties from a tour in Russia - it is a bird in the hands.

2. France introduced a 19-year-old androgyne - a guy named Bilal Assani

Scandals EUROVISION-2019

Handsome androgyne from France - 19-year-old Bilal Assani. French scene Rising Star Bilal Assani can not believe in the magic of numbers - he was born 09.09.1999 year. Both of his parents - originally from Morocco, but Bilal was born in France. Young singer wrote on his page on Instagrame: "When I went to school, I began to hear very often something like:" you're too gay "," you're too Arab "," you are brave enough. " But it was really all the same. I had only one dream - to sing on stage. And I realized it. " At the competition Bilal presented the song "The Queen", and together with him on stage were very complete and a blind dancer dancer. It's not the actors but real people - bloggers. The song also says that you can not give up, if of you are judged by appearance, you need to go to the end of the dream, as nothing is impossible. Rumor has it that Assani took place not too high, because once the social networks of politically incorrect to put the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

3. Sergey Lazarev took 3rd place and said that greater participation in the competition will not be

Scandals EUROVISION-2019

Sergey Lazarev twice took third place at the Eurovision Song Contest. / Photo:

Sergei Lazarev, representative of Russia, was one of the most spectacular rooms of the competition (if not the most). On the scene of several sections with mirrors as if by magic turned into monitors ... and back mirrors !!! Ironically singer twice took the third place (the last time - in 2016). The interesting thing is that the vote of the jury would not be allowed to rise above 10-12 Sergey place, and as soon as the results were announced audience voting, Lazarev firmly took the third spot. After the finale the singer said that the more to address this competition does not. "The most important thing to stop in time. Firstly, I do not want to bother. Second, get out here right now some negative. We must have just come here as a guest, just like Verka Serduchka arrives. So I hope that the next time I am invited as a guest ", - Sergey Lazarev told reporters.

4. Iceland was struck by a number of bright band HATARI - gay version of Rammstein

Scandals EUROVISION-2019

Scandalous team Hatari. / Photo:

HATARI themselves describe themselves as "anti-capitalist group BDSM performers techno" and "political media project designed to uncover all the stuff that surrounds us every day." Participants of the project argue that the main purpose of the group - is dismantling capitalism. At the competition, they presented the song "Hate", which is the main message - hatred will destroy everything if we do not come to its senses now. In the profile of the band members wrote about himself: "We can not change everything, but we can throw the veil from our society. We can dance here, shoulder to shoulder, and shout about our importance. Dance or die. We want to speak out against tyranny. " By their style of team it is very similar to the manner of performance of the cult German band RAMMSTEIN, but the HATARI clearly heard and notes techno. Clothed on stage project participants in outrageous clothes in the spirit of bondage. Their performance - a truly memorable. A curious fact: in spite of the fact that many people find the image of the caller group, and even frightening, they are incredibly popular among children in Europe.

5. The Cascade Room with participants of previous years - the pearl of the show

Scandals EUROVISION-2019

The best number of the show. / Photo:

Critics have called the cascade room with religious parties previous years the best three days of the show. Its principle is as follows. The winning drag diva from Austria Conchita Wurst sang Swedish singer Mons "Heroes" in 2014, which won in 2015. Mons then took over and sang member EUROVISION 2018 from Cyprus Elena Fureyry. Fureyra then sang the famous "Lasha Tumbal" Verka Serduchka, took 2nd place in 2007, and finally Serduchka sang the lyrics, won the contest last year - a pep "Toys" Israeli charismatic singer net. After all joined the Israeli pop star, and they performed the hits of all time, "Hallelujah," the five of us.

Scandals EUROVISION-2019

The incomparable Conchita Wurst. / Photo:

Verka Serduchka for a long time is not herself the world community in the good old way. Therefore, its appearance was a real sensation. The highlight of the room was the violent reaction of Verka when quietly crept up during the applause of Israel's leading rested his head on her shoulder.

Scandals EUROVISION-2019

The grand megakombak Verka. / Photo:

6. The headliner was the final concert Madonna

Scandals EUROVISION-2019

Stunning Madonna ive 60 years it continues to shock the audience.

Louise Ciccone, known worldwide by his stage name Madonna, rightfully became the most famous female singer of all time. When you look at this fiery lady, you can not believe that she is already 60 years old. At Eurovision-2019 Madonna hit many. Firstly, the way she held at the time of the interview in the waiting room participants. It looked very real, "a girl from our neighborhood." No pathos, simple speech, slang, absolute equality with Israeli-leading interviewer tselovashki light at the end, after the interview. Second, the physical condition and the condition of the singer's face betrayed not age! On stage, she presented two songs - one of his early works "Like a prayer" and the brand new track "The Future." Her new image, as well as a new album, called Madame X. According to the image, it is on one eye glamor black patch, and the garment is midway between Levush pirate and Priest.

7. The iconic fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier was the guest of the show

Scandals EUROVISION-2019

The king of French catwalks of Jean Paul Gaultier and the queen of the Israeli stage at Dana International's fitting. / Photo: Cult French fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier has long indifferent to the main European song contest. This year, he not only provided the costumes for the Queen Israeli pop scene Dana International's, which won the competition in 1998, and for its long-standing trust Madonna, who performed the headliner of the contest finals, but also commented on the competition for the French television. "I look at the" Eurovision "from childhood to comment on this contest is for me a great pleasure", - confessed to the designer.

8. The Belarusian jury was disqualified before the final and did not participate in the vote

Scandals EUROVISION-2019

Belarusian journalists were not restrained in the mot ... / Photo:

Belarusian jury EUROVISION was disqualified before the final competition. The reason was the interview TUT.BY portal in which the representatives of Belarus told for whom to vote in the first semi-final, which for centuries was contrary to the competition rules, which stipulate that the results of the semi-finals are not made public until the final end. As a result, the bulk of votes from viewers Belarus steel. But not only are they sent to Israel Belarus score. The fact is that especially for such cases, if a country is disqualified before the final vote, then to decide the fate of the points will be a special "basket of voting." At this time in reserve basket of Belarus summed scores of countries such as Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. They were declared the Belarusian leader.

9. The winning singer from Holland in order to win orientation secret

Scandals EUROVISION-2019

The singer feared that the girls no longer send SMS for it! / Photo: Member of the Netherlands Duncan Lawrence on the eve of the finals of the competition in an interview admitted that he is bisexual. He said this as if by chance, listing their main quality. However, the World Wide Web immediately began to flood the positions that the singer slightly played a cunning trick. Fell tweets: "Yeah, he decided to slightly downplay!" "He did not bisexual, gay, it all know here!", "He's just afraid to admit to the end, because I did not get a million SMS from teenage girls which are its primary audience. " Disparate Sources also report that talking on his homosexuality boy just strictly forbidden its producers before the end of the contest finals.

10. The Russian producer Drobysh disgraced because of homophobic statements inciting genocide

Scandals EUROVISION-2019

inciting genocide comment Victor Drobysha. / Photo from channel Ksenia Sobchak.

A real shock and a bolt from heaven, yasneyshego Victor Drobysha post, in which he argued that if this competition was held in Brunei, which recently introduced the death penalty for same-sex relationships, the show business would finally cleared. It is strange to hear such savagery in 2019. It is no wonder that he later spoke of perfection of his colleagues on the shop floor of Sergey Lazarev, who is saying, to put it mildly, touched directly. Evroveschaniya representatives asked the producer to delete the record, which he did, but it had zaskrinit worldwide.

"He's a little short-sighted thinking, as he is now being produced by the singer from Belarus, which stands at the competition, which, strictly speaking, is a celebration of gay culture. Immediately responded to the joke all the blogs of the European Union, and then the girl with nothing unjustly of the favorites fell to last place only because of the fact that the producer's a homophobe appeared ", - said Philip in an audio interview with Ksenia Sobchak. The king of Russian pop music, however, was thinking in this case too narrowly. The representatives of the Belarusian diaspora in Sweden reported that the Europeans did not vote for Belarus principally due Drobysha statements.