New faces in the Guinness Book of Records 2019

Needless to say that the Guinness Book of Records has been for many years, it never ceases to amaze, delight and shock the audience with incredible achievements, fantastic inventions and various interesting facts, which in most cases produce a truly lasting impression on the experienced (in terms of information) viewer . No exception, and this year. 2019 first burst onto the notorious pages with new world records, once again proving that nothing is impossible in life ...

1. Sumiko Ivamuroaka aka Sumirok (Japan)

New faces in the Guinness Book of Records 2019

Grandmothers are different: one sitting on a bench in the yard, collecting gossip, some coddled with her grandchildren and occasionally knit socks, and others eternally complain of life, dissatisfied grumbling to a new generation, pogovarivaya that in their time so We do not go and do not wear.

But looking at this cheerful and hard-working "old", it is difficult to believe that in his eighty-three years she not only works as a cook in its own restaurant, but also pleased to speak DJ in night Tokyo club with the original name "Club Decabar Z" thereby breaking and setting a new world record.

Record holder in Guinness Book of Records.

Namely - to become one of the oldest professional DJs, whose performance the young people waiting with great anticipation. After Sumirok Grandma knows a lot about music and certainly able to get public with a half-turn with their incendiary show, which she arranges one or two times a month, gathering crowds of people eager to come off at full blast.

2. Matt Denton (United Kingdom)

New faces in the Guinness Book of Records 2019

"When dreams become reality" - that often talk about the creative and talented Matt Denton - man, managed to bring to life a few ideas come from a distant childhood whose enthusiasm led him to create a six-legged robot, the main feature of which is the that this huge machine, weighing two tons quietly can roam the streets of the city, causing shock and surprise on the faces of passers-by.

Giant robot in action.

And it is not surprising that it is a fantastic creation took place in the record of one of the oldest and most popular books in the world. It's not every day are born as powerful robots have become a kind of recreational vehicles.

3. Gedhart Batty (USA)

New faces in the Guinness Book of Records 2019

85-year-old Betty is recognized as one of the oldest artists performing on the flying trapeze. It is to this day, despite his age, perform such tricks that can not afford even to young artists.

Betty on the flying trapeze.

And the most interesting thing is that for the first time to try myself in this case the woman was only seven years ago, when she was 78 years old, but she could "bump" 249 days. So as they say, the age of the case - not a hindrance.

4. Dogs and Feather Jeronimo (USA)

New faces in the Guinness Book of Records 2019

As it turned out, the champions of the Guinness Book of Records can be not only people but also animals. For example, two dogs owned by American Samantha Valle, sickly established a record for the high jump and not only.


Biennial greyhound named Feather holds the record for the high jump among dogs, easily overcoming dizzy 191, 7 cm (75 inches 5). At that time, as the two-year Jeronimo Breed Border Collie and Kelpie Cross holds the record among two jumps rope, having made as much, and one hundred and thirteen jumps in one minute. 5. Tom Bagnall (UK)

New faces in the Guinness Book of Records 2019

Perhaps Tom could be called the fastest man in the world who holds the record for the speed of a jet karts, managed to reach a staggering rate of 180, 72 km / h.

Tom jet.

"From an early age and throughout his life, I was engaged in the design and creation of different things, creating different shtukentsii and appliances, as well as all sorts of crazy tricks for them. And who would have thought that one day children's enthusiasm make me a present of a champion! "

6. Barry John Crowe (Ireland)

New faces in the Guinness Book of Records 2019

What can we say, and Barry - the real sausage maker, who managed to beat the previous record and set a new one, making as much as one minute (! Just think about) seventy-eight sausages.

It should also be noted that this is not the only achievement of John, who with ten years made sausages and hot dogs in his father's shop, each time coming up with something new and original.

New faces in the Guinness Book of Records 2019

The new record - 78 sausages per minute!

As a result, he has received many kinds of awards for his cooking sausages skills, among other things, since the age of thirteen, he was able to invent a variety of different flavors of sausage, from cheddar cheese and chili flakes to chips with curry flavor.

7. Elizabeth Bond (UK)

New faces in the Guinness Book of Records 2019

Bond Elizabeth, also known as Betsy student is an art-UK having the largest record knitting needles which reach 4, 42 meters (14 feet 6 inches 33). Love Betsy to the creation of things began at a young age and was caused by the project home her mother's creativity.

"I always had a desire for creativity, design and creation. It was from his mother, who from an early age accustomed us to a beautiful, allowing tinkering anything improvised and beyond. "

8. Cat Bibi (Malaysia)

New faces in the Guinness Book of Records 2019

What can we say, the cat Bibi - is not only a lump of happiness, positivity and mess in the apartment, but also the true master in the tricks that can surprise even the inveterate tricksters among people who study such things throughout life.

And he is a real champion, got into the Guinness Book of Records, because he is able to keep the paw "tower" of ten dice!

9. Ryan Looney (Northern Ireland)

New faces in the Guinness Book of Records 2019

"Dragon Man" - so you can call Ryan, who became the champion thanks to his colorful trick, consisting of fourteen reverse somersault, performed per minute, followed with the blowing fire from his mouth.

And it is not surprising that with his performance in addition to the Guinness Book of Records, he managed to reach the semifinals of sufficient popular British television show called "Ninja Warrior", which has attracted even more attention from the public.