Interesting facts about the greatest tourist spots

Did you know that 40 percent of the subway system in New York is located on the ground and working around the clock? And that London attracts more foreign visitors than any other city on the planet? Read on to know more interesting facts!

Interesting facts about the greatest tourist spots

1. Golden Gate Bridge: what color it really

Interesting facts about the greatest tourist spots

The Golden Gate Bridge is not gold, and orange. / Photo:

One of the most famous tourist attractions in the world - a suspension bridge in San Francisco. It is called the "Golden Gate", but actually it is colored orange paint. Curiously, the color formula is even published on his official website that is used to achieve such a beautiful shade. So that the bridge fans can repeat the exact tone at home, mixing the colors in the right proportions. By the way, the name of its golden attraction owes the eponymous Strait, which it crosses, and not the color.

2. Hong Kong: New York rival

Interesting facts about the greatest tourist spots

In Hong Kong, a lot of skyscrapers, even more than in New York. / Photo:

If you are going to travel in the Pacific, in Hong Kong, keep in mind - people who prefer a city with low-rise buildings will not be easy. Yes, imagine, in this metropolis more skyscrapers than New York!

3. Big Ben: You think so is the tower?

Interesting facts about the greatest tourist spots

England - a country of mists in Big Ben - her character. / Photo:

If you call the famous tower in London, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, you're wrong. According to information posted on the website of the British Parliament, the building is officially called the Clock Tower. And in 2012 she was named Elizabeth Tower (Eng. Elizabeth Tower). But Big Ben - it's just a nickname hours.

4. Australia: how about swimming?

Interesting facts about the greatest tourist spots

Australian beaches - it is a miracle. / Photo:

Going to a kangaroo? Do not forget to bring a swimsuit and goggles. Few people know, but in fact Australian beach holiday is not worse developed than in the Bahamas or the Canary Islands. There are more than 10,000 beaches - more than any other. They are fully equipped and are the perfect place for relaxation.

5. The Statue of Liberty: how she came to America

Interesting facts about the greatest tourist spots

The Statue of Liberty - a monumental structure. / Photo:

Statue of Liberty - the personification of America. But what is surprising: this iconic American tourist attraction began its life in Europe. Built by French sculptor Auguste Bartholdi (he spent the nine years of his life!) The statue was sent on a ship from France to New York, divided into 350 separate elements. Interestingly, the average American knows about it?

6. The Eiffel Tower, not only romance

Interesting facts about the greatest tourist spots

Eiffel Tower - the workplace for many Parisians. / Photo:

Oh, it's a romantic place! Paris, Eiffel Tower. Lovers aspire to, to spend unforgettable days. But for more than 600 Parisian elegant building served daily workplace. Yes, in life there is always a balance is met.

7. Grand Canyon: Is there a large?

Interesting facts about the greatest tourist spots

Tsangpo Canyon - the deepest in the world. / Photo:

Grand Canyon in Arizona, of course, an incredibly magnificent, but it is not the largest in the world. Tsangpo Canyon in Tibet - it's just the largest and deepest on the planet. A fellow American took the second place.

8 Niagara Falls: Is it always so?

Interesting facts about the greatest tourist spots

Niagara Falls is striking in its beauty. / Photo:

According to statistics compiled by the Niagara Falls, more than 6 million cubic feet of water every minute fly over Niagara Falls. That's enough to fill to the brim with millions baths for 60 seconds. But one day in March 1848, the water actually stopped flowing. A temporary obstacle in the mouth of the Niagara River at Fort Erie, Ontario, made a roaring cascade of water for a while to become a silent trickle.

9. The Vatican: Pope that collected

Interesting facts about the greatest tourist spots

Vatican - a large museum complex. / Photo:

Did you know that the Vatican is the world's largest museum complex with untold wealth and masterpieces, which were collected various popes throughout the centuries? This is a truly unique collection.

10. The Great Wall of China is visible from afar

Interesting facts about the greatest tourist spots

The Great Wall of China is really big and long. / Photo:

Despite the claims of various sources, including "Ripley" in the 1930s, NASA claims that the Great Wall of China is not visible from space. Perhaps residents are upset because of this.

11. Hollywood Sign: dreams should come true

Interesting facts about the greatest tourist spots

Initially, Hollywood billboard advertising had to last for less than a year. / Photo:

The famous Hollywood sign was built in 1923 and was a huge billboard. Los Angeles Times publisher Harry Chandler set it to advertise luxury real estate area. The expected service life of the year. Many years later, this once-a temporary structure attracts visitors from around the world who dream of Hollywood.

12. The Basilica of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Interesting facts about the greatest tourist spots

Basilica of the Sagrada Familia under construction since 1882. / Photo:

Basilica of the Sagrada Familia - Barcelona's most popular tourist attraction. This extravagant work for its time. Construction of the church designed by Gaudi began in 1882 and continues to this day. Cathedral, completely funded by donations from the population, is unique and is one of the most recognizable symbols of Barcelona.

13. Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland just

It is unlikely that a child, who would not want to visit Disneyland. / Photo:

World Walt Disney in Orlando, Florida, is not only the most popular theme park in the world, but also the biggest. Amazing place with themed zones, hotels, campgrounds and entertainment can compete with many major cities. In fact, Disney World covers an area twice the size of Manhattan. The resort is also the largest employer in the United States, for its magical gates employs more than 50,000 people.