Simple ways to help cope with a hangover

• Simple ways to help cope with a hangover

The morning after a night out with lots of cocktails clearly shows how alcohol affects your body. Headache, nausea, weakness, forced to lie in bed and watch TV until the evening and seek a cure for a hangover. Which ones work and which do not?

Simple ways to help cope with a hangover

Where does the hangover?

To understand how to get rid of it, you need to know the whole story. Alcohol irritates the stomach lining, leading to nausea and feeling of emptiness inside. Another cause of nausea - the effects of alcohol on the brain. Alcohol affects the so-called zone hemoretseptornuyu responsible for finding poison in the circulatory system and the brain gives the command to remove the poison from the body.

Furthermore, the hangover may be due to toxic by-products, which appear in the process of digesting alcohol. Another couple of unpleasant effects - problems with sleep and digestion. And what do you do?

1. Compensate for the lack of electrolytes

Plain water will also help, but it is better to drink a sports drink with electrolytes or acidic juice such as tomato.

2. The rule of "1: 1"

If in the evening to drink enough soft drinks, hangover and can not be. For example, between alcohol doses necessary to drink a glass of water.

3. Eat before alcohol

Food will reduce the impact of alcohol on the esophagus and help digest it without any problems.

4. breakfasted

A good breakfast will enrich you with vitamins and minerals, the resulting energy will help the liver to overcome the effects of alcohol in the evening. You can eat, such as eggs, a sandwich or a big bowl of cereal with fruit.

5. nap

This is one of the best ways to cope with a hangover. Quality of sleep after alcohol consumption is low, so it is better to sleep in.

But it is not worth trying:

- a beer or cocktail for breakfast. It will be more thirsty. In addition, this method is suitable for alcoholics;

- Coffee. He briefly give you energy, and then will only get worse and will want to sleep;

- meal before bedtime. Alcohol goes out quickly from the stomach into the bloodstream, the food is obtained after serving drinks, not weaken hangover;

- Sports. Alcohol can not be separated from the body through sweat, it is processed in the liver. Also engaged in the gym with a hangover is simply dangerous!