Top detectives last decade

The genre of the detective film emerged almost simultaneously with the cinema itself and evolved together with the desire of directors to create an interesting mix of styles with a predominant criminal subjects. Caught among them real gems.

For this collection, you can track how varied detective movies in the last decade, going beyond the scope of their own and combined with other genres: comedy, thriller, drama, romance.

Top detectives last decade

As this list of European films do not last factor in its drafting was the desire to reach the largest geography. Ie collect not only the well-known films from France, Germany, Italy, but less publicized paintings from the Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The result was an extremely diverse collection of aesthetically. Here you will find arthouse cinema, naturalistic films brutal prison paintings, classic detective stories and movies with elements of the grotesque. Binds them one - each has a criminal component.

Mysterium. Darkness in the bottle / Flaskepost fra P (2016)

Top detectives last decade

Rating Forums - 6, 5; IMDb - 7Ckandinavsky detective film directed by Hans Petter Moland on how seaside find a bottle with a message in which they asked for help. The find was transferred to the police department of Copenhagen, which deals with the disclosure of ancient crimes. Detective Carl Mørk and Assad is determined that the child wrote a letter, which searches lead them into a closed religious community, where children have disappeared many years ago. Investigators discover that the case is not unique. Recently, there was one more kidnapping, which do not report terrified parents. In little time detectives to stop fanatical murderer and rescue victims.

Classical criminal history, made in the best canons of the genre, but no less addictive. A Nikolaj Lie Kaas and Fares Fares - one of the best duos of police in recent years.

Forgive us, O Lord / Que Dios nos perdone (2016)

Top detectives last decade

Rating Forums - 6, 5; IMDb - 7, 2

2011. Pope Benedict XVI arrived in Madrid. Meanwhile, in wielding killer and rapist of elderly women. The police inspectors Alfaro and Velarde are given the task to find the criminal. They must do this as quickly as possible and unobtrusively, but at high pressure from the authorities and the limited time inspectors come to the terrible conclusion: maybe none of them is different from the serial killer?

This film of Spanish director Rodrigo Sorogoyena - excellent criminal history, Deeper description of the state of society. Cinematography - by shooting from hands to almost static shots - perfectly conveys the atmosphere stuffy and unbearably hot summer, in which the story unfolds.

Shootout / Free Fire (2016)

Top detectives last decade

Rating Forums - 6, 5; IMDb - 6, 5

The end of the 1970s. In an abandoned warehouse in Boston held a business transaction: dirty money in exchange for illegal weapons for the militant group the IRA. The participants do not trust anyone negotiators on both sides. All come armed to the teeth. Gangster temperament, going wild testosterone, drugs, stress, and the desire to outwit the other side did not make it easy to conduct a transaction.

Unquestionable advantage films Ben Wheatley - their black humor. Apparently, the director inspired by gangster movies of Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie, but he was able to present their best quality in a transcendental level. Whitley plays with criminal clichés and bring them almost to the farce, not forgetting the artistic side. It turned out most amusing spectacle.

She / Elle (2016)

Top detectives last decade

Rating Forums - 6, 6; IMDb - 7, 2

Fascinating thriller from Paul Verhoeven, where Isabelle Huppert played the role of the owner of a successful company for the development of video games. Michel Leblanc Her character is attacked and becomes a rape victim in her own home. But instead of going to the police and seek help, Michelle reacts unexpectedly. Under the influence of post-traumatic stress disorder, she enters into a game of cat and mouse with the attackers. This is a story about fetishes and paraphilias, which are always inspired Verhoeven wizard. The viewer is difficult to determine the feelings and intentions of the heroine. "She" - an unusual crime film that attracts irony and special approach to a complex subject.

Victoria / Victoria (2015)

Top detectives last decade

Rating Forums - 6, 8; IMDb - 7 7

Victoria - a young woman who came to Germany from Madrid. Coming out of the club, she meets the four men: Sonne (Frederick Lau) and his friends. Native Berliners promise to show her the unknown world of the German capital, one of which is not found in the city guidebooks. Spaniard, fascinated Sonne, agrees. But the idyll collapses request to dangerous service mysterious gangster.

Delights explosive mix of genres that are combined in this film director Sebastian Schipper. The film gradually moves from an idyllic story of a foreigner in Berlin a realistic gangster movie, and then to a dynamic fighter. This is particularly surprising, since the tape is completely removed in one continuous double and without gluing. "Victoria" - this is an unforgettable aesthetic experience and a great entertainment spectacle.

A large spike / A Bigger Splash (2015)

Top detectives last decade

Rating Forums - 6, 2; IMDb - 6, 4

Legendary rock star Marianne Lane (Tilda Swinton) runs away from the hustle and bustle of the show business with her boyfriend Paul (Matthias Schoenaerts) to conduct long-awaited vacation on the island, adjacent to the sun of Sicily. However, there are unexpected guests - former lover Marianne Harry (Ralph Fiennes) and his provocatively beautiful daughter Penelope (Dakota Johnson). Paradise idyll violates the sexual tension.

The film is a combination of comedy and drama, crime and tourism cinema, celebrates the beauty of the south of Italy. Directed by Luca Guadanino created this explosive mixture, keeping the viewer in a state of anxiety, which is beautifully contrasted with the heavenly landscapes.

Schneider against Bax / Schneider vs. Bax (2015)

Top detectives last decade

Rating Forums - 5, 9; IMDb - 6, 8

Assassin Schneider on his birthday gets an important assignment from the boss. The goal - writer Ramon Bucks, living alone in a house near the lake. Schneider takes the order, believing that he would return home before noon and help my wife prepare for the holiday dinner. But the seemingly simple job turns into something much more complex.

Directed by Alex van Warmerdam for the years of creative activity has developed his own aesthetics, and this film - the essence of his style, balancing on the brink of a detective and comedy. "Schneider against the Bucks" - one of the most extraordinary paintings in this list and, of course, a striking example of contemporary Dutch cinema.

Suburra / Suburra (2015)

Top detectives last decade

Rating Forums - 6, 7; IMDb - 7, 4

Gangster, known in the criminal world under the name Samurai wants to turn a quiet town near Rome in the Italian Las Vegas. He patronizes Malgradi influential politician, who loves drugs and society of young prostitutes, and supports Cardinal Berchet. All members of the local mafia decides to take part in the project. However, rival gangs can threaten plans Samurai.

Strong reel of film Stefano Sollima boldly exposes the connection between the church, the mafia and politicians in Italy, exploring the theme of corruption, crime and lust for power.

Marshland / La isla mínima (2014)

Top detectives last decade

Rating Forums - 6, 7; IMDb - 7, 3

Southern Spain, 1980. Two detectives sent from Madrid in a small town, so they joined forces, revealed the brutal murder of young girls. Juan and Pedro are fundamentally different from each other and hold opposing views. But they have to forget about the hatred and all the things that separates them, to catch a ruthless killer, terrorizing the district, where the atmosphere of contempt for women, which was formed as a result of misogynistic tradition. The film is likely to lead to the delight of fans of classic crime thriller, pending an interesting story with a good atmosphere and excellent acting game. On the other hand, we can not assess the different frames of Catalonia, an interesting essay on the relationship between the main characters and well presented the realities of daily life in Spain after the death of General Franco.

From start to finish / Starred Up (2013)

Top detectives last decade

Rating Forums - 6, 7; IMDb - 7, 4

It seems that Eric just destined to end up in prison. Because of the unprecedented aggression dangerous character is transferred from the institution for juvenile offenders into the adult prison where he is serving a life sentence his father Neuve. So in the prison conditions he has a chance to improve relations with the parent. The film is based on the experience of screenwriter Jonathan Esser, who worked as a volunteer therapist in London prison with really dangerous people.

Scottish director David Mackenzie known for creating bold and hard film. In this crime drama, it does not focus on the sentimental stories about the revival of family ties. He pays more attention to the peculiarities of the British prison, the ruling system and its social hierarchy, I'm also furious heroes and their participation in the sessions of group therapy to combat the attacks of anger.

Dirt / Filth (2013)

Top detectives last decade

Rating Forums - 7, 6; IMDb - 7, 1

This is a movie about the evil bad cop whose life is dirt. In it embodied all the ugliness, immorality and treachery hidden in the human potential.

"Dirt" recalls the film "Trainspotting." Both paintings based on the book by Irvine Welsh. The protagonist - Sergeant Bruce Robertson of Edinburgh police detective. Bruce is good at what he does. However, it is narcissistic, manipulative and just a vicious type of drug addicts and promiscuous. He was entrusted investigating the murder of a Japanese student. Hero of all the forces committed to improving career but becomes entangled in intrigue, which weaves against colleagues, and suffers from hallucinations. Artist starring James McAvoy extremely disgusting. The film, of course - history of degeneration, but it is far from moralizing.

The best offer / The Best Offer (2013)

Top detectives last decade

Rating Forums - 8; IMDb - 7, 8

Virgil Oldman - experienced and successful collector of antiques. He leads a lonely existence among luxury paintings by old masters and I am sure that nothing threatens his regular life and hidden secrets. Order of the mysterious young woman will initiate a series of events that will transform Virgil ordered world upside down, but in the end lead to a spiritual rebirth of the hero.

Virtuoso thriller Giuseppe Tornatore creates claustrophobic atmosphere to which the viewer will have to adapt, following the protagonists. Oscar winner Geoffrey Rush excellently played the main character, showing his scanty subtlety and hidden passion.

Ill Manors / Ill Manors (2012)

Top detectives last decade

Rating Forums - 7, 5; IMDb - 7, 1

This film tells about the fate of several Londoners, but rather the underground of London, as the characters are mainly engaged in the sale of drugs, prostitution and armed robbery. The plot is built well and intertwining stories form a coherent, logical picture.

This rapper's directorial debut "Plan B" (Benjamin Paul Ballens Drew). The plot has a few branches and more focused on the characters, whose behavior is unpredictable. These people are capable of ruthless and cruel deeds, but can also show kindness and mercy. So their life is in constant tension and uncertainty.

bychara / Rundskop (2011)

Top detectives last decade

Rating Forums - 6, 7; IMDb - 7, 4

An unscrupulous veterinarian convinces Belgian cattleman Jackie Vanmarsenilya make a side deal with the merchant from West Flanders. The murder of a federal policeman, and an unexpected encounter with Jackie longstanding mystery lead to a series of events with far-reaching consequences. "Bychara" - a crime drama about fate, friendship and breaking the law, crime and punishment, as well as the role of masculinity in the modern world.

Once Upon a Time in Anatolia / Bir Zamanlar Anadolu'da (2011)

Top detectives last decade

Rating Forums - 6, 7; IMDb - 7, 8

The film is about how in the steppes of Anatolia were looking for the body of man killed. The search group: self-confessed killer, who was too drunk and could not remember where the buried body, a doctor, a prosecutor, and the police commissioner. The viewer is not told anyone, how and why was murdered. And indeed the crime scene quickly fades into the background. It is important to get the relationship between the characters, as well as their seemingly insignificant remarks and interrupted the conversation.

The film takes place in the form of essays, built of small stories. The film's director Nuri Bilge Ceylan sees existence as something elusive and ineffable like this subtlety and strong film.

trap / Klopka (2010)

Top detectives last decade

Rating Forums - 7, 5; IMDb - 7, 9

Barely coping with financial problems Mladen and Maria from Belgrade learn that their 10-year-old son is terminally ill. Save it can only be treated in a foreign hospital, money for which the family does not. Desperate parents publish advertisement asking for help. It responds to a stranger and offers to finance the operation, provided that Mladen will kill a person. Initially rejecting the monstrous proposal, he begins to seriously consider him as a child condition worsens.

How far can a man in a quest to save their loved ones? Perhaps the most important thing here - to show the reason for this state of affairs. Director Srdan Golubovic in the "trap" paints a grim picture of Serbia, a country that was economically and morally devastated after the fall of communism and long inter-ethnic confrontations.

Silence / Das letzte Schweigen (2010)

Top detectives last decade

Rating Forums - 6, 7; IMDb - 7

In July 1986, he raped and brutally murdered a girl named Pia. Criminals have not been found, but the audience show their faces. History is transferred to the 2009th. Exactly 23 years later disappears, another victim of the circumstances, because of which the police suggests that the killer is back.

In this criminal history director Baran bo Odar pay more attention to the portraits of people involved and the affected by the tragic events. Each character is going through their grief in their own way: in humility, despair or depression. In general, it emerges a psychological thriller, denouncing the ugliness that coexist on the background of everyday life of society.

The camera 211 / Celda 211 (2009)

Top detectives last decade

Rating Forums - 7, 6; IMDb - 7 7

Juan Oliver (Alberto Amman) just got a job as a prison guard, and wishing to make a good impression, appears on the eve of change to get ready. But during rounds prison blocks he gets injured and knocked unconscious, and, waking, he finds himself in the chamber 211 among the rebellious prisoners who capture the prison. Juan falls into the abnormal event and wins the trust of the leader of a criminal Malamadre.

"Camera 211" - one of the best prison movies of recent years, where the brilliantly proved himself an outstanding Spanish actor Luis Tosar. The film shows that the mere division into good guys and bad can change in an instant. It is interesting to observe that the study of human morality and inner transformation that occurs with the hero, which is to be distinguished from the system the illusion of truth.

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo / Män som hatar kvinnor (2009)

Top detectives last decade

Rating Forums - 7, 7; IMDb - 7, 8 Accused of defamation journalist Mikael takes on the task of emergency. At the request of the owner of the industrial group, he investigates a mysterious criminal case many years ago. Together with a young hakershey Lisbeth, he plunges into a dark and bloody family history closer to solving the deadly puzzle.

Directed by Niels Arden Oplev based his film of the same name novel by Stieg Larsson, became one of the most famous detective thrillers of the 21st century. In this tape filmmaker paints a picture of the Swedish reality and give an interesting social criticism, but first and foremost it perfectly displays intricately planned criminal plot. A Michael Nyqvist and Noomi Rapace were able to express the depth of their characters, their strangeness and alienation. In this aspect, the Scandinavian noir version Oplev superior to later American adaptation of David Fincher.

The Prophet / Un prophète (2009)

Top detectives last decade

Rating Forums - 7, 5; IMDb - 7, 9

Young Arab Malik El Jeb, was sentenced to six years in prison, can neither read nor write. The family does not have. Arriving at the jail, he came under the influence of the Corsican bandits and their leader Luciani. Malik wins the trust of boss and he tells him to kill one of the prisoners. Malik prestige grows with his skills.

Directed by Jacques Audiard is able to surprise the audience and keep it in suspense. Violence is always shocking and appalling crime, regardless of the motive, so fast forward attention to realistic painting. "The Prophet" - unvarnished story of a criminal school of life, cold image devoid of sentimentality underworld.

Poor house / Dom zly (2009)

Top detectives last decade

Rating Forums - 6, 7; IMDb - 7, 5

Rainy night Edward Shrodon accidentally appear in the house of couples Dzyabasov. The initial mistrust of the owners replaced the traditional Polish hospitality. Guest has no idea how much this meeting will change his life. After a few years in the same house investigative team arrives. Edward Shrodon again standing in the doorway. This time his visit was not accidental - it helps to recreate the mysterious events of four years ago. The "bad house" director Wojciech Smazhovsky first consciously focuses on the interest of his bestial side of human life. This approach gives rise to the viewer some dissonance in perceptions. The film is at the same time and it seems surreal and naturalistic.

In Bruges / In Bruges (2008)

Top detectives last decade

Rating Forums - 7, 7; IMDb - 7, 9

In 2006, Martin McDonagh won the "Oscar" of the short film "Full clip (Sixshot)" (Six Shooter), which can be considered a prelude to a full-length debut director - "In Bruges."

This black comedy about how, constipation task, two assassins, Ray and Ken (Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson), on the orders of a boss named Harry (Ralph Fiennes) must sit in Bruges. Ken looked immersed in the history and architecture of the ancient Belgian city, and Ray wants to get away from it.

This is an absolute masterpiece. The combination of criminal history, black comedy and drama captivates outstanding actor play, storyline, witty dialogues and reflections on the human spirit, its principles, advantages and disadvantages, of guilt and existentialism.

Revenge / Revanche (2008)

Top detectives last decade

Rating Forums - 6, 9; IMDb - 7, 6

Alex works as an assistant of the owner of one of Vienna's escort agencies and secretly had an affair with Ukrainian prostitute Tamara. Both dream of starting a new life, but must first get money. In the village next door to Alex's grandfather live policeman Robert and Suzanne saleswoman who for complete happiness lacks only offspring. The fates of these people intertwine wonderfully.

The film Götz Spielmann, combining elements of melodrama and crime, reminiscent of the work of Michael Haneke, and the heroes of "Revenge" will face merciless fate.

Cargo 200 (2007)

Top detectives last decade

Rating Forums - 6, 5; IMDb - 7, 1

The film is set in the Soviet Union in 1984, during the war in Afghanistan. Military aircraft with a zinc coffin is not bypassed even such small towns as Leninsk, where the heroine Angelica lives. Her fiancé at war in Afghanistan, killed in the war, and the local policeman Zhurov decides to get a girl. After the disco Angelica disappears. On the same evening on the outskirts of the brutal murder takes place. Both the investigation leads Zhurov.

"Cargo 200" - one of the best Russian films of the last decade. This crime drama Alexei Balabanov portrays the collapse of stagnation and indifference. The creators do not leave illusions about the origins of evil. It is rooted in the people.

The Man from London / A londoni ferfi (2007)

Top detectives last decade

Rating Forums - 7, 1; IMDb - 7, 2

Malloyn - switchman railway station in the port, waiting for nothing from life. No prospects. Around - a gray, hopeless reality. No one notices it. He lives with his wife and daughter, but always feels lonely. Once Malloyn witnesses a murder, his life changes dramatically.

Hungarian directors Béla Tarr and Ágnes Hranitski through this criminal history to share their original vision for the meaninglessness of existence. The special pleasure of the movie lovers will get interesting angles of shooting and beautiful long plans with minimal gluing when the slow motion camera perfectly conveys the prevailing atmosphere.