How to bury the pharmacy Drops

• How to bury the pharmacy drop

With the advent of autumn, body, caught off guard by cold can "please" unexpected cold. Then come to the aid pharmacy drop. Drip them is not difficult, but you should avoid common mistakes - we say no.

How to bury the pharmacy Drops

overtook runny nose, ear or blown from the computer work sick eyes? From all these misfortunes have effective drops. It is important to follow some simple rules to medicine benefited.

How to prepare before you dig drop

- Check the expiration date funds. The use of expired medications at best be ineffective and at worst - will harm health. Also, you should be alerted if the drug has changed color, odor or if the precipitate.

- The bodies on which you plan to apply the drops must be cleaned before the procedure. For this blew her nose, ears cotton pad, wipe or clean the outside of the eyelids.

- It is better to use the drops at room temperature. Hold the container with the drug in a hand before instillation. This is particularly true of preparations which were stored in the refrigerator. - Good clean and disinfect hands.

How to drip drops in the eye

Make sure that the tip of the vial is clean, treat with antiseptic. To drip drops in the eye, gently tilt the head back, pull the lower eyelid. Then look up and extrude a necessary instruction on the number of drops into the conjunctival sac (inner mucosa of the lower eyelid). For convenience, use the mirror.

As the drip drops in the ear

You need to turn your head so that the affected ear was at the top. Gently pull ear and drip the drug into the ear canal. Insert the ear cotton swab and soak a few minutes in the same position.

How to drip nasal drops

Tilt your head to one side, drip a drop in the lower nostril. Contrary to the widespread habit is not necessary to throw back his head. Press the nostril with your finger and hold it for a while. Then turn your head to the other side and repeat the procedure with the second nostril.