Stories octopus attacks on people

People from ancient times was considered an ominous octopus sea monster, calling it "the devil's creation." Before you 10 chilling when people miraculously was the victim of an octopus.

Stories octopus attacks on people

Mr Inkster

It may seem comical, that diver of Inkster name (ink in the translation from English means "ink") could attack the octopus. In 1881, Mr. Inkster was at a depth of about 4 meters from the pier in Kingston when he was suddenly attacked by an octopus.

Fortunately, Inkster was with a harpoon - in case of shark attacks, which then were not uncommon. He pierced octopus island, but could not pull out the spear back quickly because the tentacles wrapped around the gun.

Inkster still managed to escape and return to the surface. There he picked up the scrap, and have killed him with the help of an octopus attacked. An animal, which is then raised to the surface, turned as much as 3 meters in length.

Brother to the Rescue

In 1928, 14-year-old girl and her 22-year-old brother went swimming at the beach Stanley Bay, New Zealand. It was low tide, and she and her brother went far into the water, but suddenly she felt that stepped on something, like a twig. Suddenly, this thing got up out of the water and grabbed her legs. Tentacle dragged the girl under the water, but she managed to scream and call his brother for help.

Brother rushed towards the girl just at the moment when the octopus again dragged her under water. Octopus threw ink cloud and grabbed his brother by the thigh, but the boy broke free and managed to grab his sister. I turned the battle, but finally the guy was able to free his sister from the tenacious tentacles. Octopus has disappeared, but it is said that, most likely, it was small, because the young man noted that the tentacle was about 1.2 meters long.

Not very warm embrace

Diver helped eliminate the consequences of the underwater accident on the coast of New Zealand in 1981, when the octopus tentacles wrapped around his body and began to squeeze the man. A diver was able to signal to the people on the surface, and they pulled him out.

But when the diver's head appeared above the water, the octopus is still twined it. Octopus was able to reach out to the boat ramp tentacles and squeeze the diver so that he hitched breath. The other men attacked the octopus and eventually killed him. Surprisingly, it was already the second time this octopus diver attacked.

Stories octopus attacks on people

"Baby Food"

In 1919, the parents of 12-month-old baby left him 15 inches from the water on the beach in Australia. As long as the kid playing in the water, he crawls up octopus.

Fortunately, the parents returned and raised the child's height from the water before the child could suffer. Forward octopus was only about 91 centimeters in length, but its size was enough to tighten the child under the water.

All means are good

Imagine that you are in the water, and you have someone missing, and everyone is too scared to help. That's what happened with James Antounom in 1954 in California. A large man weighing about 120 kg was in deep water when he felt that someone grabbed his arm.

He began to spin from side to side, trying to free herself, but soon other tentacles have reached and grabbed him tightly. Antoun tried to take off the tentacles, but he did not succeed. His only option was to grab the octopus head and go to the beach with him.

People saw a strange sight, but no one dared to help. When the man reached the shore, he began to beat the octopus head with stones until until he loosened his grip. Octopus weighed 18 kg and tentacles reached 1, 5 meters in length.

Excessive burrow

One evening in 1952, Gordon Hastie fishing off the coast of the island Pepin, when suddenly his rod stuck. To untangle the fishing line, a fisherman on a belt jumped into the water and went to where the fishing line is caught, when he was suddenly someone grabbed him by the ankles.

A man was tightened into a deep underwater hole, and a cloud of ink spilled on water.

Hastie grabbed an octopus and was able to pull out a knife. He cut off all the tentacles, and continued to fight until the octopus is not completely let go of it.

The man swam to the surface, of course being in the euphoria of being alive, and only on the ground noticed that the octopus bit off his small piece of a finger.

Hands off the aquarium!

A fisherman from Le Lavandou commune in France caught a huge octopus and decided to arrange entertainment for holidaymakers. He put the octopus in a large aquarium and began to show to people. Crowds gathered around the aquarium to look at the octopus, and the boy, who was about 5 years old, decided to lower his arm.

Octopus tentacle wrapped around the boy's wrist and began to tighten it in his water. Newspaper in 1932 reported that the boy's mother fainted and women standing around cried out. Fishermen try to free the boy's hand from the tentacles, but nothing worked. One young guy was in his hand the knife with which he cut the tentacles of an octopus, and then the boy has finally been released. The boy was not injured, and the octopus, we can only assume, ended his life in the aquarium captivity.

Stories octopus attacks on people

The new equipment is not to everyone's taste

Charlie Edwards made the first diving suit, when he was only 15 years old. Then he went on to design diving suits in the hope of making those on which it could earn.

In 1938, he went under the water, in its latest model of a diving suit. This lightweight suit also had a helmet of brass. The extra weight could attach to a belt, and inside special shoes, which he invented, were lead weights.

When Edwards was on the bottom, it scared the octopus, and the one curled around the helmet and closed a review. On top of that torpedo man was bitten on the leg, and he lost his shoes in the water with the weighting. Edwards did not give up and came out of the water with octopus, still entwined around his helmet.

Women Against octopus

Mrs. Tattershall Dodd-until the day remember what happened to her on the beach Pardigon in France in 1922. Then she and three friends walked along the coast to the rocky bay. Her friends were not far from shore, and Mrs. Tattershall, Todd decided to go out into the water.

Suddenly, she felt someone grab her leg. She tried to free his leg, but then a few more tentacles have reached up to her and bound the second leg just above the knee. The woman called for help, and one of her friends came to her aid with a cane. Breaking through the water, she began to beat the octopus on his head as long as he did not let the poor Tattershell- Mrs. Dodd.

Later, the company returned to the same spot and killed the octopus. Its size reaches 1, 6 meters.

Capture mast

When in 1922, a man quietly fishing on his boat near Jersey, but suddenly frightened in earnest: the water rose and the beginning of the tentacle wrap around the mast of his fishing boat. Then another tentacle of the fisherman grabbed his leg.

The boat tipped and nearly turned over, but the fisherman took the time himself. He pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the tentacle that held it firmly.

Another fisherman saw what was happening and rushed to help. He fought with tentacles that obvilos around the mast until the octopus did not leave the boat alone.

There are many reports of missing fishermen, and many believe that the matter is that octopuses.