Stories about celebrities first sexual experience

The first time is always very volnitelen - both for girls and for boys. It turns out that some celebrities also feel shame and embarrassment, recalling his "first time", while others, on the other hand, are happy that it happened at the right time with the right person.

Stories about celebrities first sexual experience Stories about celebrities first sexual experience

Daniel Radcliffe

The star of "Harry Potter" admits that he was "one of the few who was really good the first time."

"It happened to a man, whom I knew well. I'm glad that I later had a much better sex, but the first one was not terribly awkward as often tell people. For example, a friend of mine just got drunk and did so with some stranger under the bridge. "

Stories about celebrities first sexual experience

Angelina Jolie

I must say for the first time in Angie was bloodier than most of us.

"I started to have sex with my boyfriend when I was 14, but sex did not give me the emotions that I needed. The moment came when I wanted to feel closer to him, and then I grabbed a knife and cut it, and he - me. We exchanged blood, she was covered from head to toe, my heart was beating at an incredible rate. At that time, when I felt trapped, I was cutting myself. I have many scars. It was the age when I was drawn to adventure. A few beers, and "everything started to happen. '"

Stories about celebrities first sexual experience

Kim Kardashian

Even before Kim became famous for his "sex video", she was just 14-year-old virgin who would like to have sex with her first boyfriend. They met four years. "I was nearly 15 when I lost my virginity. We were madly in love with each other, I think we're married. I started the mother into the bathroom and said, "Mom, I think I will have sex. Maybe I should go to the doctor, so he wrote me a pill. " Mom said, "Okay." What else could she say? "

Stories about celebrities first sexual experience

Lena Dunham

"My best friend Audrey somehow came to me in the hope of sleep. She sobbed and looked very lost. She just thought I was alone, so she opened the door without knocking and caught me with a guy who just lay on me ... and doing what adults do guys. She imbued the awkwardness of the situation and yelled through tears: "Mazel Tov!" "

Lena confessed that she did not tell her boyfriend that she was a virgin, just mentioned that it did "not so often." "It was a little harder than I expected, - says Lena, - but in a different way. He was very nervous and did not finish. Then we were talking and he was actually very nice. I admit that to make healthy, though a bit hasty choice of partner. I could not wait to be able to tell my mother. "

Stories about celebrities first sexual experience

Celine Dion

"It was in Dublin, in an unforgettable day - April 30, 1988. That evening was held "Eurovision". He followed me into the room. I sat at the head of the bed, his legs covered with a blanket. I was so happy to be alone with a man I love.

I took his head in his hands and kissed her on the lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck. He held me tight, and the door was still open. And suddenly he took my hands and went to his room. I was alone, my heart pounding - I was shaking and I felt stunned. I knew I had won. I grabbed the phone and dialed his number, to say: "If you do not immediately come back, I'll knock on your door." There was no answer.

And then he called back a few minutes later from the hotel lobby. Ask whether all with me in order. He told me: "If you really want it, I'll be your first." I replied: "You'll be the first. And the only "."

Stories about celebrities first sexual experience

Jessica Alba

"I rarely meet a guy before his 18th birthday, when I met her then fiancé Michael Ueserli. I was very young, and before that I did not have sex. I knew I wanted to be really in love with him who would deprive me of virginity, because all the stories I heard, ended with the fact that sex was the shit. I wanted to be careful in your choice and make sure he does not leave me. "

Stories about celebrities first sexual experience

Dwayne Johnson

"We were not supposed to be in the park at the very first time. Suddenly, all lit up a bright flash. Boom! We heard the cop goes to the window of our car and asked my girlfriend to go out and follow in their car. There, he asked her: "You have been attacked?" "No, - she said - this is my boyfriend." It was a nightmare! Some stories are beautiful, but my - no. "

Stories about celebrities first sexual experience

Chloe Kardashian

"I had an unpleasant situation. I was 14, he - 18. Now I think about it and think it was disgusting. Then I thought that it was cool. Strictly speaking, I pressed on, forced to have sex. I was not ready. I barely knew his own body. It seemed to me that if I do not, it will not be cool, but this guy does not want to talk to me. I then had not had sex for three years, because I did not feel the harmony with your own body and did not know myself. "

Stories about celebrities first sexual experience

Ashton Kutcher

The actor admits that he was 15 when "it" happened.

"It happened in the woods with the girl I had just met - we have introduced a friend of mine. All lasted two seconds, and I felt really uncomfortable. Two years later I had another sex with her is - I just wanted to prove to her that he is capable of more. "

Stories about celebrities first sexual experience

Megan Fox

Media know little about the first boyfriends Megan Fox, she does not like about this spread. It is recognized that in her life there were many awkward sex, but the first one was not. She was 17, it was an actor whose name she does not call. "I was in love with him, and everything was very nice."