Noble deeds of athletes

Not always the principle of "win at all costs" just. Willingness to give his opponent expensive equipment, refuse or improperly counted goals in the midst of the race to save a drowning man is valued no less than the gold medal. Fair play player Igor Netto, the Canadian coach help Russian skiers and other noble deeds athletes - in our selection.

Noble deeds of athletes

yachtswoman who saved coach

Noble deeds of athletes

In 2015, in the qualifying competitions yachtswoman Russian Anastasia Guseva and Jan Stokolesova fought for the right to participate in the Olympics. The race was in full swing when she heard cries for help. Athletes decided to change course and headed for the drowning. Saved was so weak that the continuation of the race could be no question: the yacht immediately went to the bank. The victim was taken to hospital in Sochi.

It turned out that on the verge of death was Moscow coach who went to sea on his yacht. Storm threw him overboard. If not for the athlete, the man would have died. Stokolesovu Gusev and presented an award Fair Play ( "fair play"), which is awarded for the most noble deeds in the sport.

For such an act a year earlier awarded a nine Croatian Khan Dragojević. The players in the race, she saved has fallen out of the boat a guy who became entangled in the ropes. Judges of the regatta is not apprised of the situation and disqualified young athlete: she had to send a signal about the retirements. But it soon became clear everything, and the Play Fair has become the first international award Dragojević.

Ski from the Canadian coach and expensive runners from the German athlete

At the Olympics in Sochi, Russian skier Anton Gafarov "clipped" the opponent. The athlete fell and almost broke his stick and ski. After the second falling slope inventory finally broke. It seemed to Gafarov competition came to an end.

Noble deeds of athletes

Anton Gafarov.

But to help the skier to come coach of the Canadian national team. He ran to Gafarov and helped him replace ski Give a spare, which was intended to Canadians. Gafarov come to finish sixth, but was greeted with thunderous applause from the audience. As later admitted the coach, he has not even figured out who helped: for him the main thing was that the athlete is in trouble.

Noble deeds of athletes

Manuel Mahat after test runs bobsleigh in Sochi. year 2013.

At the same Olympics German Manuel Mahat decided to give the Russian Alexander Zubkov expensive skids for bob. They were ordered by the German Federation of Swiss bobsled. Mahat has not passed the qualifying rounds and gave the runners continue Zubkov competition. He won the race, and noble Mahat was banned for a year his federation and had to pay 5000 euro fine.

Fair Play football players Igor and Igor Netto Semshova

Number of meritorious deeds in football in the hundreds: athletes see out the match with serious injuries, not to let the team stopped the game to help injured competitors, contest dishonest judicial decisions. In the history of the sport includes actions Miroslav Klose, Nikolay Tishchenko, Paolo Di Canio. Soviet football player Igor Netto was also one of the most noble players.

Noble deeds of athletes

Igor Netto.

At the World Championships in 1962 was a match between the national teams of Uruguay and the USSR. Its outcome depended on whether the team will come out of the USSR from the group. The score was 1: 1, when Soviet players have scored a goal through a hole in the grid in the sidewall of the gate. The Uruguayan team protested, but the referee counted the goal. Then the captain of the Soviet national team Igor Netto came to the judge and gestures showed that the "right" goal was not. The decision was canceled, and the USSR national team then still won the match. But it is absolutely fair.

Noble deeds of athletes

Midfielder Semshov

In 2002 the match between "Torpedo" and "Spartacus" torpedovskoy midfielder Semshov got the chance to score an important goal for the team. The score was 1: 1, when at the corner of the penalty area Semshov is ready to perform dangerous blow. But, contrary to expectations, the coach and the crowd, sending the ball out of bounds. It turned out that the ball after the attack torpedovtsev flew into the player, "Spartacus" and sent him down and got to Semshovu. He saw lying, decided not to kick at goal, but to show that the opponent needed help.

The "Torpedo" lost the match in the end, but Semshov after some time went to represent their country at the World Cup.

The Russian hockey player specifically "smeared" wide

Referees make mistakes, and bandy. Russian Alexander Tyukavin playing for the team, "Dinamo", also decided not to use them. Even when it comes to winning. He admitted that the championship of Russia on several occasions specifically "smeared" by the gate, when the judge improperly appointed 12-meter.

Noble deeds of athletes

Alexander Tyukavin. Tyukavin said he was afraid of condemnation from fans and other players, but they both welcomed the honest behavior of the athlete.

The spirit of camaraderie among runners

At the competition the World Series Triathlon nobility showed the Briton. Olympic champion Alistair Brownlee for a few hundred meters before the finish noticed that his younger brother, who fled before him, was about to fall. Jonny Brownlee got heat stroke and keep the pace he could no longer in the race. They wanted to take away, but Alistair grabbed his brother and ran with it remaining meters. At the finish of a tough brother he nudged Johnny and gave him the opportunity to get the silver medal. Alistair himself took the third place.

Noble deeds of athletes

triathlete Alistair Brownlee helped his brother to finish in the finals of the World Series.

Spaniard Ivan Fernandez Anaya walked confidently to the finish line on the athletics tournament in 2012. Not far from the finish he overtook Kenyan Abel Mutai, to lead the race, but lost all power before treasured feature. Anaya could overtake him and get the gold medal, but instead just "dotolkal" triumphant opponent to the finish line and was satisfied with second place.

Noble deeds of athletes

Ivan Fernandez Anaya and Abel Mutai.

Pierre de Coubertin prizes for "the true spirit of sport" at the Olympics in 2016 was awarded the athletes Nikki Hamblin of New Zealand and Abby D'Agostino from the US. During the race at 5000 meters Hamblin tripped over the leg D'Agostino, and they both fell. New Zealand athlete stood up and was ready to continue the race, but the American could not escape.

Noble deeds of athletes

runner Abby D'Agostino and Nikki Hamblin are the real winners in Rio Then the girl went to the finish line on foot. It would seem to continue to participate in the competition could be no question: the qualifying race was definitely lost. But both athletes, as an exception allowed to the finals. However, the injured D'Agostino at a distance could not reach, and Hamblin came to the finish line last.

Alexei Nemov: first prize de Coubertin in Russian sport

At the Olympics rewards for following the principles of fair play are given not so long ago. First Russian received the Pierre de Coubertin Award, became a gymnast Alexei Nemov. At the 2004 Olympics in Athens, the famous athlete was clearly underestimated. Twenty minutes later it corrected, but the athlete is still not even included among the winners of the Games.

Noble deeds of athletes

Alexei Nemov. Exercises on the rings.

The audience began to boo the judges: injustice was visible not even to specialists. The competition had to be suspended. Soon, American athlete came to the projectile, but the audience was not appeased. Then he went to the stands Nemov and thanked for their support. Whistling and shouting at judges address continued. Nemov came out a second time and put his finger to his lips to indicate that it is necessary to behave more quietly.

Later Nemov had apologized, some judges have lost their posts, and in the estimation of the rules have changed.