Lou Salome - Russian muse Nietzsche, Rilke and Freud

The best minds of Europe wanted to call his wife Lou Salome, but she chose to philosophical discussions, whirlwind romance and her husband, with whom never slept.

Lou Salome - Russian muse Nietzsche, Rilke and Freud

It has always been at the peak and at the cutting edge - fashion, thought, science ... We talk about the "mother of psychoanalysis" Lou Salomé and those for whom she was a muse.

A broken heart Pastor

Lou Salome - Russian muse Nietzsche, Rilke and Freud

Nietzsche called it "brilliant Russian", Rilke maintained that without it would not have found their way of life, Freud considered his best student. She was equally familiar university chairs and a fashionable salon. Lou Salomé, writer, philosopher, psychoanalyst, knew the whole of Europe, but the homeland remains indifferent to its glory.

Lola as she was called home, was the daughter of a Russian general and nobleman - half-German, half-French - Gustav von Salomé. The windows of the apartment overlook the Palace Square, and the first 20 years of her life she spent in St. Petersburg. The name by which it is known, she acquired through her first love - a Dutch pastor Guillot, to reduce the "Louise" to "Lu". He was the first broken heart on her way.

In 1880 Lola accompanied by his mother went to Europe - to fix failing health after his father's death and take a course of university lectures. In Italy, the cabin Malwida von Meysenbug where gathered the best minds, she met with the philosopher Paul Ree and his friend Friedrich Nietzsche.

Who harnessed Nietzsche

Lou Salome - Russian muse Nietzsche, Rilke and Freud

Nietzsche older Lu for 17 years, but he conquered it, "Lou, my new friend ... she was twenty years old, she is fast, like an eagle, strong as a lion, and at the same time very feminine child ... She striking mature ... in addition, it has an incredibly strong character, and she knows exactly what she wants. " In short, and Rae, and Nietzsche crazy about "genius Russian". Both make her an offer. Both are rejected.

Lou Salome - Russian muse Nietzsche, Rilke and Freud

Paul Rae, Lou Salome, Friedrich Nietzsche (left to right) organized a kind of union, while living under one roof and discuss innovative ideas of philosophers

However, this does not prevent Lu enjoy philosophical conversations with his fans rejected. For a time they even shocking society, live three. Their relationship symbolizes the picture, where Ree and Nietzsche harnessed to a cart, which "governs" Louise, holding a whip in his hand. Frederick made another attempt to explain, but was again rejected. He was never able to forget her, loving and hating, and called it his good genius, the "incarnation of absolute evil." Six years later he was mad, never married. Rais was killed in the mountains, cause of death remained unknown.

The Platonic marriage

Lou Salome - Russian muse Nietzsche, Rilke and Freud

Next passionately in love - scientist-orientalist Friedrich Andreas. He wanted to get into Lou's wife, when she said "yes", recklessly agreed to the condition of the bride: marriage should be platonic. He hoped that she senses with time. But all of 43 years old, they lived together, Frau Andreas-Salomé remained true to his word - no bed, which, however, did not prevent her to have affairs on the side. But as soon as the next lover wanted to have her as his wife, Lu left. One rejected it, a Swedish psychiatrist Paul Bjerre, wrote: "It was a gift completely immersed in the man she loved. This extreme concentration kindled in her partner a spiritual fire. "

Lou Salome - Russian muse Nietzsche, Rilke and Freud

In 1897, the "spiritual fire" broke out in the 22-year-old poet Rainer Maria Rilke. Louise was then 36 years old. He, like many beloved Lou lived in their house with Andreas. She opened the Russian literature, used to take in Russia, comforted after a nightmare, to understand the causes of anxiety for him. And he dedicated poems to her: "There is no me without you life on earth.

I lose my hearing - I still hear, and eyes shall lose - even more clearly see.

I'll catch up with you in the darkness with no legs. "

Four years later, they parted - Rilke, like everyone else, want to own it alone.

The mother of psychoanalysis

Lou Salome - Russian muse Nietzsche, Rilke and Freud

"Don Juan list of" freedom-Lu all replenished. Her friend, the philosopher Martin Buber, had the idea: to summarize the experience in the book. Thus was born the scandalous "Erotica", in which there was no details of personal life, but there were very candid psychological digressions.

In 1911, 50-year-old Salome met Sigmund Freud, who allowed her to his inner circle, asking nothing in return. Apparently, this has allowed them to remain friends for a long time. Quite sharp with others, Lou, he forgave all: even the fact that she refused to go to the famous Freudian couch and uncover the secrets of the subconscious. Salome enthusiastically plunged into the work, wrote articles, spoke at the seminars. In Freud's circle began to call her "mother of psychoanalysis." "So be it, - answered the remaining childless Lu - Stay at least somebody's mother."

In 1914, the couple Andreas - Salome moved to Göttingen where Lou opened her own psychotherapy practice. Despite the hard work, it has remained true to itself: in their lovely home with riotous garden still lived, one after another, her beloved, which led complacent Andreas polite conversation over morning coffee.