"What's the secret?", Or as we read the fortune tellers and psychics?

What is the secret of psychics, fortune tellers, witches and mediums? How do you manage them to recognize even your deepest thoughts and "spread out life on the shelves?" What is it - a gift from God and yet skilful charlatan?

No, we do not deny the existence of people with superintuitivnymi abilities, we simply offer you some psychological techniques "cold reading", which was successfully used fortune-tellers and psychics, and who can quietly use you. It is these techniques help to catch a man to establish an emotional connection with them and as a result you may find that you are also a good psychic.

probing and fishing out the details to

A simple but very effective technique is a visual assessment of the "object". The study of appearance and the appearance of a person can tell a lot about an experienced observer. The style and the cost of clothing and accessories, demeanor, the way a person speaks and gestures. All these details - it's your business card, which read professional manipulators is easy. Feeling you look, they are a few minutes to notice disturbed you or worry whether you scare 'upcoming troubles ", or better to calm the" happy end of an unpleasant situation, "and at the same time to determine how much money for the services they can out of you extract.

Effect Forer

Effect Forer or (Barnum) is manifested in the tendency of man considered absolutely reliable any generalized description and uncritically accept the most common assessment of his personality, if these descriptions and assessments are research for it, mystical, ritual or magical character. From this kind of love horoscopes, and is, at times, unconditional trust in charlatans. In the late forties, Bertram Forer conducted an experiment that confirmed the veracity of this statement. Students were asked to perform the test, the results of which were promised to hold individual psychological analysis of each of the participants.

But instead, the students were given the same horoscope. Then, each subject was asked to assess the compliance of the analysis of their personality. The average score was 4, 26 out of a possible 5 points. So much for the magic. Therefore, the prediction in the style of "in your life will occur profound changes; these changes can be a very positive and happy, but still need to avoid temper and rashness acts "; "If you want to make in your life novelty, and not give up on interesting offers and opportunities"; or "you are one-piece, self-confident person, but sometimes you feel that you are making a mistake," completely meaningless. Properly considered a person and using such generalities, forecasters can "guess" as you like - on hand, date of birth, by birthmarks on the body.

"The phenomenon of clever Hans"

The effect of clever Hans is distorting the experimental data as a result of conscious or unconscious influence of the researcher on the outcome of the experiment. Hans rather "clever Hans" was called a horse that belonged to the German mathematician Wilhelm von Austin. Clever horse knew how to solve math problems, famously otstukivaya correct answers hoof. That is because what a wonderful, uncommon animal. But there will always be people who will spoil the miracle. That man was the German psychologist Oscar Pfungst that empirically discovered that Hans was not solved puzzles, and simply read the subtle changes in human behavior, asked him a question.

As soon as Hans put on blinders and made it impossible to see his master, his magical abilities immediately evaporated. Here in this manner and used mediums. They keep watch over the person to ask for help, and simply "ticking off the hoof" right answer. Well, for example, watching you, the medium begins to phrase: "Recently you have a problem with" the same ... "is an experienced medium immediately read by your reaction, right if he says, and, if not, a quick change," a woman "to" the man. " Similarly, you can guess, if not all, then a lot.

Receive "You are special!"

Try to talk to the man, telling him "you're special" or better yet "you select" and the "golden key" in your pocket. That is, it is absolutely is to you and almost completely trusts you. Using this technique, the psychic as it opens the customer what he knew about himself, but that he was flattered to be found. You can use any "discovery", but negative, because who wants to hear bad things about yourself, and even pay for it money.

You can talk about unreal energy potential of a great intuition about the gift, which is passed to humans from their ancestors - thousands of choices, and all of them winning. These are just a few simple techniques by which fortune tellers and magicians miraculously predict your future or promise to solve all the problems. I would like to believe that after reading this article, you'll be a little more careful and cautious when dealing with such "experts".