Shocking theory about the death of Pushkin instsenirovanii

A brilliant poet, the founder of modern Russian Alexander Pushkin was killed in a duel at the Black River. He only faked his own death and secretly moved to Paris where he again became famous under the name of Alexandre Dumas (who's father). Agree, it sounds like utter nonsense. The absurdity of the hypothesis and admits one of her supporters Oleg Gauros. However, after a thorough reading of his text willy-nilly creep vague doubts ...

Shocking theory about the death of Pushkin instsenirovanii

Two Alexander

January 27, 1837 in St. Petersburg during a duel with Georges d'Anthes Guardsman was mortally wounded by the torch of Russian literature, Alexander Pushkin. And soon after that in France blazed a new star - the same Alexander, only the Dumas family. But what is remarkable: French Alexander outwardly appeared strikingly similar to the Russian one.

Shocking theory about the death of Pushkin instsenirovanii

Pushkin and Dumas

Pushkin and Dumas almost the same age: the first was born in 1799, the second - in 1802-m. If you look at the portraits of the two geniuses, catches the eye of their striking similarity: dark skin, eye color, shape of the forehead, eyebrows, nose, dark curly hair. But in his youth Dumas and do exactly like Pushkin.

Experts say that all this is due to the African roots of both Alexandrov. Pushkin's great-grandfather on his mother's side was Abram Hannibal - brought from Africa pupil of Peter I. In Dumas was black paternal grandmother - a former slave from the island of Haiti. And yet, even though African features and preserved after generation, it does not explain the reasons for such a strong resemblance. After all belong to one race does not make people like each other as two drops of water.

loving rebels

French and Russian Alexandra are similar not only in appearance. Pushkin from an early age showed writing skills, while in the exact sciences was completely incompetent. He also had lower scores on behavior. Researchers at the poet's life pointed out that "for all five years in the Lyceum Pushkin successfully defended his personality from any encroachment on it, learned only to what he wanted, and the way I wanted."

Shocking theory about the death of Pushkin instsenirovanii

Adult Pushkin was known violent nature, loved sprees, maps and dueling. At the same time Alexander was considered an excellent bretorom. Another prominent feature of the poet - indifferent to the weaker sex. It is also worth noting the political views of Pushkin: he was friends with future Decembrists, and for epigrams addressed to Alexander I almost ended up in Siberia.

But as described by the young Alexandre Dumas writer Andre Maurois in his book "The Three Dumas": "He was like a spontaneous force, because it was seething African blood. The spontaneity of his nature was manifested in the refusal to submit to any discipline. School had no effect on his character. Any oppression was unbearable for him. Women? He loved them, all at once. "

Morua also noted the failure of Dumas in the exact sciences. Like Pushkin, Dumas was not indifferent to the political situation in the country. Moreover, when in 1830 French July Revolution broke out, the writer was personally involved in the storming of the royal palace of the Tuileries.

Comparing the two Alexandrov, and the truth is, you can decide that it is not about people, but about the same person. The only difference is that one was living in Russia, the second - in France.

The genius in a closed coffin

The question arises: why all Pushkin had to fake his own death? It turns out that in the last years of his life case of Alexander were just awful. His bound giant debts, not fewer problems arose and in the literary field. For example, his poem "The Bronze Horseman", completed in 1833, prohibited the printing personally Nicholas I.

Shocking theory about the death of Pushkin instsenirovanii

In general, the relationship with the royal court of the writer was rather cool. Even the fact that the Russian emperor in 1834 granted the rank of Pushkin gentleman of the bedchamber, caused a furious poet. As he noted in his diary: it is "quite unseemly at my age", because this rank is usually received very young people. Pushkin believed that the Junkers-camera was given to him only because he wanted the yard to see his wife on their balls. Disturbed by Alexander Sergeyevich and secular rumors of a secret affair with his wife Dantes. And in 1836 he suffered another blow - the death of his mother Nadezhda Osipovna. As noted by contemporaries of Pushkin, in his later years, Alexander was on the verge of despair.

And in January 1837 the first bullet Dantes interrupted her hip Pushkin and entered the stomach. It believed to be injured at the time fatal. Although some experts believe that the cause of death of Alexander was the error of doctors and could survive with the right approach. And maybe the way it happened?

Shocking theory about the death of Pushkin instsenirovanii

Dying, Pushkin wrote to the Emperor: "I'm waiting for the king's word, to die in peace." Nicholas I replied that he forgives, and even promised to take care of his wife and children Pushkin, as well as to cover all its debts (which was done). Now Alexander could die in peace. But how were the genius of the funeral, still raises many questions.

Many wanted to say goodbye to a celebrity, but deliberately deceived the people: announced that the funeral service will take place in St. Isaac's Cathedral, where people gathered. In fact, the body was put in the Stables of the church, where he was secretly moved under cover of night. After the coffin funeral lowered to the basement and held until February 3, and then sent to Pskov. At the same time the governor of Pskov passed a decree of the emperor to ban "any special expression of, any meeting, in a word all the ceremony, except that we usually celebrate religious rites at the burial of the body of a nobleman." So Nicholas I himself could know the true causes of the "death" of the great poet.


Now consider whether Pushkin could become Dumas.

One of Napoleon's generals and his friend Thomas-Alexandre Dumas died when his son Alexander was about four years old. Since then, the French light almost forgotten about once a noble family. And then in 1822 in Paris there was a young man of twenty, who introduced the son of the legendary general, and sought patronage from former associates of his father. In Paris, no one doubted the authenticity of its origin, because the boy was not like the Europeans, and everyone knew about the African roots of General Dumas. Could this boy be Pushkin?

Shocking theory about the death of Pushkin instsenirovanii

Of course, embarrassed by the fact that in 1822 Alexander was alive and well, and to the fatal duel was still 15 years old. One can only assume that the poet by virtue of the adventurous nature could lead a double life. Just at the beginning of the 1820s we did not see him in the light - Pushkin spent four years in the south. During this time, he could easily have repeatedly visit Paris, and even wrote a few works in French under the name of Dumas. Nothing prevented him be away from Michael, where he had been exiled for two years in 1824.

Incidentally, one of Alexander Dumas "buried alive." In 1832, in a French newspaper published a message that Dumas shot police for participating in the uprising. After that, the writer left France for a long time. If we take on faith the story that Dumas - Pushkin is possibly the last tried such a way to stop fraud. After all, the year before he married Natalia Goncharova. But then, he could change his mind and keep your French way.

It is noteworthy that before the death of Pushkin Dumas wrote only a few small pieces and was almost unknown. But in the late 1830s suddenly it began to give the novel after novel, and started talking about it, even outside France.

between the lines

His alleged killer Georges Dantes Pushkin, Dumas, as if apologizing, made a positive character. The protagonist of "The Count of Monte Cristo" name is Edmond Dantes. If you remember, Dantes faked his own death and came back out with a different name, becoming the Count of Monte Cristo. Does the writer hinted so to his own death in Pushkin image?

Another interesting fact: in 1840, Dumas, without visiting at the time never in Russia, wrote the novel "Fencing Master", which described in detail the history of the Decembrists and the 1825 revolt. He also translated into French many works of Russian writers, including Pushkin.

Shocking theory about the death of Pushkin instsenirovanii

In general, the French writer showed great interest in Russia. However, only he visited her in 1858. Even if Dumas was once Pushkin, he could no longer afraid of being recognized, because it is at that time razdobrel and older. The writer became a welcome guest in all the noble houses of St. Petersburg. Russian nobles were unaware that taking possibly dead for more than twenty years ago, Alexander Pushkin.