"How much is now diploma?", Or what can be done in the United States for the cost of higher education?

For many people, going to university is an inherent and inevitable stage of life, which opens the way to enthusiastic students in a happy future. Indeed, universities are able to give a person a lot of useful skills, to create excellent career prospects and in some individual cases, did so, give the ticket to life.

However, there is one small snag. Higher education today, especially in the west, it's very expensive pleasure. For example, even the most conservative estimates, the year of study in the US state university can easily fly at 22-23 thousand dollars, and if it comes to a private college, rates instantly increase to an average of 44 thousand have. e.

A little bit of elementary mathematics, and a total of four years of training, we have something in the region of 90-120 thousand dollars, which is known to be on the road is not lying. So, what we do?

Although various loans and other ingenious programs can at least partially removed from the shoulders of the poor American student burden of cash payments for the granite of science for breakfast, the fact remains. At times, a hundred thousand "green presidents" You can find much more pleasant application.

So today we decided to tell our readers what the little joys of life can afford the cost of a university degree in the field of what some gender studies or English literature of the 17th century.

The first course: stop living with her mother

A hundred thousand bucks - it's more than enough to once and for all to move out of Mamochkin basement or daddy's garage and become the proud owner of his own property, the quality of which may differ from the murdered huts to relatively posh chorus depending on the region and the current state of prices .

Taking into account the fact that the first payment on the mortgage is rarely more than 15% of the value of the house, to get the cherished Keys can be much cheaper and faster than a certificate of completion of the first year of college. Well, if the prospect is still not a couple of short years to live in my father's garage you so scary, the cost of a brand new property will fight off quite quickly.

If you do not believe me, then get acquainted, 14-year-old girl named Willow Tufano from Florida, which bought a broken semblance of dwelling on the saved pocket money and now losing its charm for rent, for a moment, 700 bucks a month.

The second course: to drive the

Depending on personal preference, the same gender studies and literature of the 17th century, you can exchange a brand new car, a brand new motorcycle or a combination of both at the same time, and still remain on gasoline. Needless to say, "Lamborghini" your higher education still does not pay, but some decent wheelbarrow thousands of 10-15 instead of the second year at the university can afford to head. And if you do not like the "iron horse" easily can be sold at any time and still to study the characteristics of the sexual life of Indians Maori.

The third course: try yourself in the role of "The Wolf of Wall Street"

Come on, guys, who you're lying, we all watched the film, and at least once in their lives represented himself in the place of the protagonist in our wet nocturnal fantasies. So, even though a private jet and strippers with champagne on the first day afford still does not work, say, 10 thousand dollars will be an excellent basis for somewhere profitable and invest wisely.

In order to play with stocks, compulsory higher education is not yet required, and there it all depends entirely on your smekalochki and good luck. And yes, for publicity, not only Bitcoin, Bitcoin - is evil, do not mess with Bitcoin.

The fourth course: a ride on the world

At that time, as your former classmates are roach on course and abstracts, you can easily afford to relax a bit and to take off on a journey around the world in, say, 40 thousand dollars. Yes, unlike all the previous items, then the cost of a single course will not get, but even after all of the above you should have stayed in reserve enough cash to cover the remaining amount.

Why forty thousand? According to many tourists, it is that amount should be more than enough for you to comfortably travel the approximately 10-11 different countries, but already there is all up to you, you can more can less, you are not in North Korea, in the end, grenade at a temple nobody holds. Fly, of course, will likely have to economy class, but a couple of hours in the sky without champagne with red caviar, theoretically, it is quite possible to survive. You, above all, do not forget that they are still learning, and you're already in the Bahamas.

Graduation: come off as a rock star

When the last point you still decide to slightly save, and instead of a dozen countries your little jaunt was limited to just five or six, you still should remain in reserve enough money to arrange a discharge, which the guys from college can only dream of.

Ten thousand dollars in the remainder should be quite enough to you on what to spend the evening in the VIP-zone of the most elegant club in Las Vegas with rivers of expensive alcohol and a couple of privates of the strippers. And they all this time learning ...