Interesting facts about blood

• Interesting facts about blood

Interesting facts about blood

Everyone knows that our circulatory system is very complex, so it is important to protect the heart and know your blood group. At the same time about the many opportunities we can not guess our body. That's interesting scientific facts about human blood, which you might not know.

- To suck all the blood of an adult will need 1.12 million mosquitoes.

- To circulate blood through the body, the heart creates a pressure that can release a stream of blood is 9 meters high.

- A person can live without a heart. In 2012, the 55-year-old Craig Lewis have established a system that ensures the circulation of blood without a heartbeat.

- American Stan Larkin lived for 555 days without a heart, waiting for a transplant. Heart he replaced the device, which Stan was wearing a backpack. Even I managed to play basketball.

Interesting facts about blood

- Man survives, losing up to 40% of the blood. But it is very important to timely transfusion.

- Most heart attacks occur on Mondays - 21% of cases. 2nd place is a Friday. Scientists attribute this to the high levels of stress hormone in the beginning of the week.

- Heartbeat influences behavior. Scientists have studied this phenomenon at the man who transplanted heart. After the operation, his attitude, feelings and actions have changed, as if he was a different man. - To reduce the risk of heart attack, you need to slowly wake up in the morning, not jumping up and reduce the intensity of the evening training.

- Coconut water can replace blood plasma due to the similarity of the composition.

- blood group affects the divorce. Scientists have identified a link between blood groups of spouses and divorce rate. Thus, the most stable couples - with blood group I-I. Vapors relationship which ended in divorce, often have a combination of groups II-IV and II-I

Interesting facts about blood

- blood group affects health. Owners of blood group I boast low risk of cardiovascular disease, but they have the risk of skin cancer and obesity.

- Holders of group II should pay attention to the level of cholesterol in blood. They have a high probability of coronary heart disease.

- Holders of group III should be checked often for diabetes and pancreatic cancer.

- Those with blood group IV, should take care of the training of memory and attention. They have a 82% higher risk of diseases associated with thinking and memory.

- Energy alter heart rate. Researchers found that after blood of Power three times more caffeine than coffee or after Coca-Cola. In addition, they affect the heart rate and can cause seizures and cardiac arrest.

Interesting facts about blood

- blood group diet do not work. Scientists from the University of Toronto showed that a special diet of blood groups - a myth.

- In Japan, an entire industry of individual products for each group of blood: food, cosmetics, personal hygiene products.

Interesting facts about blood

- Sports success depends on the blood group. Scientific research in 2017 found that people with blood group I are hardier than others. Among the elite players in water polo, scientists have not found one with IV blood type. But the benefits I blood group can only be used under the condition of intensive regular exercise. So it's all relative.

Interesting facts about blood

- blood type determines character. Scientists have revealed patterns between the test and the nature of the blood group. The Japanese believe that blood type influences the nature, success in work and in love.