Terrifying movie about the penetration into the house

Terrifying movie about the penetration into the house

is pleasant to watch a movie about a not too smart characters, as opposed to innocent attackers, sitting at home in a comfortable chair, and knowing that within its apartments you were not in danger. But whether this is real security? Do your doors closed at all the locks? Are you open to a stranger who shall be called the housing office or representative election campaigner? Is nothing threatens you when you cross the threshold of its "fortress"?

In Hollywood invasion theme in the home occurs quite often, and from watching such films often feel uneasy. Not so long ago, in rolling out the horror "The Strangers: Cruel Intentions," and it's a great occasion to remember the best of the pictures in which the heroes had to deal with the evil and cruelty in his own house.

Terrifying movie about the penetration into the house

"In the case of killing dial a" M "" (1954) / Dial M for Murder

It would be strange in the subject ignore the recognized king of suspense Alfred Hitchcock. We are not going, and will offer to remember the classic detective maitre called "In the case of murder, dial" M "". In this film, Hitchcock once again raises the question "perfect crime" - is now the attacker is to kill the humble artist: as long as the main character will create an alibi, his henchman have to get into the house and kill the mistress when she is talking on the phone.

Delicately wielding skill story Hitchcock action almost put the whole picture is not even in the house, and in the same room, artificially causing the audience claustrophobic, and amazing scenes voltage attacks and fighting even today, make your heart beat faster.

Terrifying movie about the penetration into the house

"A Clockwork Orange" (1971) / A Clockwork Orange

penetration fear of strangers in the house does not have to be associated with horror movies - it can tell and thrillers and dramas, and even, as in the case of "A Clockwork Orange" by Stanley Kubrick, fiction dystopia. Another important difference between the "Orange" from the majority of films presented below - a demonstration of the attack from the point of view of criminals rather than their victims. The viewer becomes like a member of the gang "buddies" who create "ultranasilie" in the landscapes and scenery patriarchal rural England. Iconic scene of attack on the mansion and rape hostess even today it is impossible to see without a shudder - the brutality with which the young thugs "kurazhatsya" covers even the most ferocious horror slasher.

Terrifying movie about the penetration into the house

"The Last House on the Left" (1972) / The Last House on the Left

On the debut film Wes Craven today rarely remember - firstly, in all honesty, his subsequent work was better. And secondly, a remake of the 2009 hunting rescued last reviewed zashkalivayusche brutal original "The Last House on the Left." But in the context of today's collection of Craven belt it fits perfectly - the heroes of the film allowed themselves to his murderers house, pretending to have an accident insurance agents.

It adds spice to the situation by the fact that the villains are stopped in the couple's home, whose daughter had just been raped and killed by them - Craven always perfectly able to maximize tighten the plot units. Special bloody film (the film won a rolling ranking X) can be easily explained - the author was inspired by the crimes of Charles Manson broke into the house with the utmost fury.

Terrifying movie about the penetration into the house

Cape Fear "(1991) / Cape Fear

Strictly speaking, the main villain thriller Martin Scorsese's "Cape Fear" is not breaking into a house of the protagonist, and intrudes on the big boat, a real houseboat, where he pursued the lawyer's family is going to escape from the former prisoner. The difference, however, is not high, more than the boat takes over, and the prisoners of the psychopath is not possible to go out and run away, proizoydi invasion of the land. Thus, Scorsese puts the characters in the even more stringent conditions - here, then certainly have to participate in the struggle for life and death, no way back.

Cinema frightening by the fact that the villain - a real psychopath, who is obsessed with the destruction of a particular family, the brutality of the character Robert De Niro at some point cease to be based on resentment or anger, she zapolonyayut all the dark life of a murderer and a rapist.

Terrifying movie about the penetration into the house

"Funny Games" (1997) / Funny Games

It would seem that may be safer polite two teenagers in a dazzling white robe at the door of the house, to disturb your rest in the early morning? You never know what could happen - they get lost or might want to give handouts, but maybe they just neighborly need a little sugar. But no, in the film "Funny Games" Michael Haneke, two young men, Peter and Paul, the owners bear death, opened the door of the house.

Cinema painful blow to the viewer - the evil has never been so commonplace and even attractive, he always needed some motivation other than the banal, but at the same time, the unthinkable "because we so want to." Haneke has broken the barriers that previously seemed impregnable wall, protects us from the horrors.

Terrifying movie about the penetration into the house

"Panic Room" (2002) / Panic Room

Undeservedly retracts the third plan thriller David Fincher's "Panic Room" and without our tips deserves repeated to his return - a brilliantly played out a tense story of two hostess, mother and daughter, were taken prisoner own shelter used as a last means of protection against unwanted home invasion.

Largely due to the impressive acting job - Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart vs. Jared Leto and Forest Whitaker - the picture looks the same breath, but what about the fact that impregnable fortress inside a home can be a death trap for its inhabitants, and to speak it is not necessary, Fincher - a worthy successor to Hitchcock in his films always have a place unexpected plot twists and surprising transformations of heroes and villains.

Terrifying movie about the penetration into the house

"Strangers" (2008) / The Strangers

We do not want to upset you, but to the original "Strangers," the new film "The Strangers: Cruel Intentions" has very little to do with - by and large just a sequel to the authors used the same mask that was ten years ago. So that the two films are very different, and the advantage, of course, on the side of the first tape. The main characters in it were though quite dashed, but an interesting backstory - Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman play fight and ready for a couple of parting, but their conflict is interrupted by the appearance of three actors in masks brazenly imbued into the house. The creators of "Strangers" in the credits indicate the reality of such stories, but to take these words literally do not need to - it's just a warning to careless householders, ready to open the doors to any guest.

Terrifying movie about the penetration into the house

"You're finished!" (2011) / You're Next

The Slasher "! You will end," directed by Adam Wingard perform a major role not actors and masks - this time, as opposed to "Strangers", the persecutors have chosen images of animals: foxes, tigers and sheep. The rest of the plot is fairly standard - large, but not too tight-knit family is going to the gala dinner at the house on the outskirts of the city, but here they are waiting for maniacs with crossbows, axes, sharp wire and mobile communication jammers.

His murder ominous guests furnish theatrical poses and the same bloody message of "You're next!", But on them is justice - to some of those present at the dinner did not want to die. Decoupling in explanation of a few spoil the impression from the tape, but the viewer anyway guards - keep the door shut.

Terrifying movie about the penetration into the house

"Judgment Night" (2013) / The Purge

Not all experiments with narrative history of invasions are successful, but "Judgment Night" - is a real leap forward. The main characters of the film are the victims of the attack is no coincidence, moreover, they know that they can be attacked and even prepared to repel it. Of course, things do not go according to plan, and pre-prepared trap and containment system do not work, but the overall atmosphere in the story, you see, is quite different.

Before the thirst to kill with impunity here are powerless locks and grilles, villains do not stop pleading for mercy and return fire - the cult of violence and passion of Americans to arms raised to the degree, and the indulgence of vices legislators on open display. Oddly enough, the audience ultranasilie had to taste, and the film has already received two sequels.

Terrifying movie about the penetration into the house

"Who's there?" (2015) / Knock Knock

The plot of the thriller Eli Roth's "Who's there?" Is similar to the embodiment of man's innermost dreams - the family of the hero left him in a huge house, and after dark the door of the mansion knocking two hot girls, soaked from head to toe.

Hero Keanu Reeves takes strangers at home, allowing them to bring myself up and keep warm until the house goes to the taxi, suddenly (suddenly?) Acquaintance turns into sex, and that's a man already is being held hostage by two brazen digger - threatening to inform the police about rape the girls in the house arrange a real orgy.

Eli Roth has never been shy to experiment, ignoring the grumbling critics. So this time he made a film about the invasion for the generation of Facebook and instagrama where social networks are becoming a weapon as dangerous and effective as a gun or knife.

Terrifying movie about the penetration into the house

"Silence" (2016) / Hush

The lack of motivation among striker - perhaps the worst thing that distinguishes the films about incursions from other horror. These films show how we are defenseless against absolute evil, not needs a reason to attack.

The heroine of the thriller "Silence" becomes the object of harassment by the masked men who visited her country house. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the house is located far from other houses, and the heroine herself as a child lost her hearing and voice, and therefore can not call for help by conventional means. However, the habit of living in silence and gives her an advantage over the ominous guest - she feels a stranger move in other ways.

Terrifying movie about the penetration into the house

"Do not Breathe" (2016) / Do not Breathe

Turn the hunter into a victim - not a new artistic technique, and in the context of that broke on private property must be the owner of the villains punished, and it does look fairly and sensibly, but not in the case of the thriller "Do not breathe." His characters, three teenagers, break into the house of a blind war veteran living in a neglected house on the outskirts of the city. Mount robber All you need - to find where the old man hiding their savings, so quietly away while blind groping in search of his cane. But there it was - and the house is full of secrets, and grandfather also may well stand up for themselves, and most importantly - in the basement hidden secret, the disclosure of which is not welcomed by the owner, which means to break must be destroyed at all costs.