The fate of the famous spies of the XX century

Intelligence agencies and scouts - a caste closed most of their lives, they left in the shadows, and their real feelings and emotions hidden from prying eyes. But the doubts and disagreement with the decisions of his superiors sometimes make of them defectors. And then begins the hunt. Some reveal quite by accident, the other "pass" close people, and third track down the secret services for a long time. Often it ends with death for double agents.

The fate of the famous spies of the XX century

Mata Hari

One of the most famous spies is Mata Hari, whose real name is Margaret Gertrude. Her life was bright and shrouded in legends. In the early 20th century, they knew her as a performer of Oriental dance, and later came to light that in fact it is a double agent.

Because of the failed marriage with Captain Rudolf MacLeod Mata Hari was left without a livelihood. It was then that she went to Paris, where in 1905, first appeared on the scene, demonstrating his dance. Speaking worldwide Margareta gained enormous popularity, and with it many fans, many of whom were influential people and politicians. It was then that she became a spy for the Germans, but it is not known when and by whom it had recruited.

The fate of the famous spies of the XX century

When Mata Hari knew that he was under the supervision of the French secret service, she came to him and offered to help. After some time, she was sent to Madrid with the first step. Thus it happened that she passed the information of France and Germany each other. After returning back to its declassified and arrested.

In Paris in 1917, Mata Hari was convicted and sentenced to death. His face turned to the soldiers, she sent him a kiss, and cried out that she was ready. The sentence was executed on October 15, 1917.

Sidney Reilly

One of the most adventurous character of the early 20th century was Sidney Reilly. He even called the king of spies. Biography Reilly reliably known and shrouded in mystery. According to some sources, he was born in Odessa, and his real name, Sigmund Rosenblum. As a young man, he left home and never returned.

Some sources imply that he went to work in America, where he got a job as a cook on an ad in the "scientific expedition" of British intelligence officers. In one of his trips Sigmund saved commander, who in turn helped him with documents and enlisted in the British secret service intelligence. Further, he acted under the name of his wife Margaret Reilly. The main purpose of his intelligence activities became an implacable struggle against the Bolshevik government. Through numerous contacts Raleigh-Rosenblum received a legal identity and easily recruited by Soviet officials.

The fate of the famous spies of the XX century

During the next service of the GPU business Reilly tracked down and arrested by faking his death. Thus spy could not hope to help Britain. Despite the constant questioning Reilly argued that not privy to any conspiracy. A little later, his diaries were found, which he wrote down everything that happened during interrogations.

November 5, 1925, on Stalin's personal orders Sidney Reilly was shot dead in the woods, where he was taken out for a walk every day.

Oleg Penkovsky

The most successful in the history of Soviet spy Oleg Penkovsky considered. Throughout his life he devoted to military affairs, was promoted to colonel of the GRU of the General Staff of the USSR Ministry of Defense, has repeatedly taken part in hostilities. Historians are still not clear, as a military man, passed the horrors of war, could easily become a special agent of another country. It considered that Oleg Penkovsky was a careerist vengeful and morally unstable man, disillusioned with the Soviet regime. This is what prompted him to espionage. As soon as he was appointed a senior officer at the GRU, the British intelligence volunteered their services. A little later - the CIA.

The fate of the famous spies of the XX century

For all the time in the foreign intelligence Penkovsky had to transfer 5,500 secret documents, including layout missile silos of the Soviet Union. In 1962, the KGB came on his trail, and quite unexpectedly, when followed by the British Embassy. From that moment on surveillance of Penkovsky did not stop. Installed in his apartment camera showed that the colonel really a spy. He was arrested Oct. 22, 1962, as suggested that he could leave the USSR. May 11, 1963 the court has deprived Penkovsky all military awards and rank and sentenced to death, Enforcement on 16 May.

Violetta Szabo

Violetta Szabo was born in Paris in 1921. Soon she moved with her parents to London, where before the war worked in the store. At age 19, she married a French officer, and had a daughter. In 1942, her husband died of his wounds at the Battle of El Alamein Etienne. This prompted her to join the British intelligence service.

Its first mission was related to operations against the fascists and the transmission of information about their whereabouts. I helped her in this specially created resistance group. Together they undermine the bridges and disabling roads and communication.

The fate of the famous spies of the XX century

During the second operation, in 1944, the car in which there was a frill, was stopped at a German checkpoint. There was a shootout, after which she was taken captive and tortured for a long time. A few months later, she was sent to a concentration camp, and later shot. For resisting her posthumously awarded the medal George Cross.

The couple Julius and Ethel Rosenberg,

One of the most notorious cases of espionage during the Cold War, is a matter of the spouses Ethel and Julius Rosenberg. They both were originally from New York but held communist views. They met on the left meetings where the two went. In 1939, the pair played a wedding, after two sons were born. Julius Rosenberg began working for the Soviet government in 1940, and later recruited and his wife. Together they passed on the secret data exploration Soviet Union, including information on the development of the atomic bomb. Still under debate: whether data is present, or falsified.

The fate of the famous spies of the XX century

In 1951, the US couple arrested. They were accused of spying for another country and was sentenced to death in the electric chair. Although the couple Rosenbergs pleaded not guilty, the verdict is still brought in pursuance of June 19, 1953.