"To commit suicide" or death, which could not be

There are various ways to treat people who dared to such a desperate step, as a suicide. Some of us believe in the fact that there are no hopeless situations, and always need to find a way out, and someone does not have the strength to find the exit. Someone hoped to find freedom, and in some cases suicide - a kind of last cry for help that so no one heard.

Unfortunately, statistics show that suicide rates in the world today more than killing. Score 3: 2 in "favor" of suicides. In this article we have put together some facts that can not be called informative, but still, in our opinion of them is better to know than not to know.

suicide methods

In addition to the most common ways to settle accounts with life by means of a rope, razor, shot in the head, jump from the roof of high-rise buildings or from the bridge into the water, history knows very unusual ways. There are cases when suicide currently administered intravenously oil or vinegar drink bottle. There are many cases of self-immolation. It is incredible but true that there have been cases when a person pinched his neck in a vice, hoping to break its own or suffocate. By particularly exotic cases, in our opinion, can be attributed eating poisonous puffer fish or insects, and jump into the river, teeming with piranhas, as I have done one 18 year old Bolivian. He jumped out of the canoe to the river area, which were carried out piranhas, and died from loss of blood.

A little bit of statistics and geography

Statistics confirm that in each country there are the most common methods of suicide. Thus, the most popular form of suicide among men in Japan and Russia - is hanging in Norway men opened a vein, in the UK and Ireland prefer poisoning in Italy, a favorite way is a shot from a firearm in the United States added to the above-mentioned another gas poisoning. Women also tend to prefer drowning, poisoning and overdose of medication. In rural areas of third world countries tend to settle scores with life choose pesticide poisoning.

Favorite places suicides

There are places that are like a magnet attract those who have decided to commit suicide. The most famous is the place - is, of course, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The bridge, built in 1937, with the expectation of making suicide impossible, quickly gained fame as the most convenient place to say goodbye to life. The first suicide occurred here, three months after the completion of construction, and since then over the bridge took place in the last journey of more than 500 suicides.

In Australia, the place is so sad Gap cliff near Sydney. Since 1800, with the continuity of this lacuna jump into the abyss of those to whom life has become unbearable.

notorious earned the Verdon Canyon (Canyon suicide) in Provence. Here, to make the leap to a lot of people forever. Speeding up to breakneck speed on the cars, they flew into the bottomless abyss of the canyon.

In Japan, the 60-ies recognized place to commit suicide became Aokigahara forest, which is located at the foot of Mount Fuji. "Holy forest suicide" this place was after the publication of the novel "Pagoda waves", which tells the story of a ghost woman, committed suicide in this forest. Since then, the ritual suicide is not uncommon in these places.

Another scary place is London Underground, which locals call the "tube". In this pipe with the opening of up to 25 people were dying in the year to 80 th year the number increased to four. Also in the metro there are special compartments in which to ascertain all the circumstances of the death of the body to keep the broken pieces of the suicide.

Do not spared his attention bombers and Niagara Falls. Every year more than 25 people remain here forever. And for some reason, often fatal jumps are made on Mondays. Apparently, however, Monday - the day heavy. And enterprising Americans for a fee in front of astonished tourists removed the bodies from the water.

In China, suicide was chosen Bridge in Nanjing. According to unofficial data, the number of suicides that bridge ahead and dark Japanese forest, and the famous Golden Gate. There is evidence that, since 1968, there were more than two thousand suicides.

What will happen to suicide after the death?

It is said that suicide in hell there is a special place. Psychics prove the validity of this statement is as follows: in the last moments of life, the soul of a person leaving the life of their own free will because of the strong adrenaline and energy, the incredible heat of emotion and attempts at the last minute to change his mind, attached to the place where it all happens .

This is the place and will be the most "memorable" because from that moment the suicide soul will survive his death on a daily basis. A vicious circle is not broken, the curse of suicide - to be attached to the place of his death and the wandering ghost on Earth for thousands of years. Therefore suicides as people who have committed a sin against his soul and God, are not allowed to read the burial service in the church and buried in the cemetery. Suicide has long been buried, as pets - along roads or special places outside the fence of the cemetery, and even relatives were forbidden to mourn and cry on such deceased.