"Moon Witch", or as we are affected by the full moon?

Luna ... Its influence on all the processes occurring on Earth and all living things, including you and me, no doubt, even for those who are skeptical about the "life according to the lunar calendar." Changing the phases of the moon is often the cause of headaches, aggressive outbursts, quite unexpected "attacks" of joy or despair.

Statistics also shows that the highest percentage of suicides falls at the time of the full moon, as well as the aggravation of various kinds of chronic diseases. So, dear friends, today we decided to tell you a little about Her Majesty the Queen of the Moon and how does it affect our lives with you.

A little "lunar mathematics"

New Moon, the full moon, the growing and waning moon - is the main phase of the lunar month. The first day of the moon falls on the new moon. The first quarter of the lunar month falls on a 7-8 lunar day and the full moon we are pleased with the 14 th to the 17 th lunar day. The third quarter of the lunar month falls on the 22 th and 23 th lunar days. Fourth Quarter - is the end of the lunar month. We know from all looks a bit complicated, but we have good news: in the lunar calendar, has long since all the calculated and indicated, so that you can not do arithmetic, but simply buy a lunar calendar, well, if it is a pity money for free download it on the Internet. Still, in the age of technology we live!

What will give a full moon?

No, meeting with fanged vampire you the full moon is not present, and, of course, we do not undertake to assert that the full moon is the only cause serious deviations in behavior, but the fact that it creates for the various psychos and maniacs certain "favorable" background , there is no doubt.

In the first place, the full moon is exposed to unequal system, especially in emotionally unstable, excitable people. They increased irritability, they become more prone to impulsive acts. For many there is a surge of emotion - from the fatal doom until a desperate joy. At such a time may come and appear phobias, and even the most emotionally stable representatives of mankind complain of insomnia.

The Philadelphia Police Department (USA) even conducted a study entitled "The impact of the full moon on human behavior", interviewing thousands of police across the country. According to this study, the full moon violent crime increases considerably kleptomany, arsonists, prone to alcohol abuse and committing robberies personality in this period begin to "run amok" and much calm as the waning moon.

But the moon has an effect not only on the mental processes or emotional state. For example, the new moon decreases the rate of metabolism in the body, and the full moon negatively influences the state of the blood, and in this period often occur bleeding that is difficult to stop. That's what will be effective during the full moon, so this cleansing of the body.

People with heart disease and people suffering from hypertension, also hard to carry a full moon, and experts note that at this time for some reason increases the risk of side effects from medication. Such are the oddities of the full moon.

The Moon and women

can be attributed to the fact that menstruating women to features of the full moon is a lot more painful than in any other period of the moon. In the days of the full moon at times increases the likelihood of conception and childbirth are most often swift and without complications and emergencies. And another interesting fact provided by the Berlin Academy of Pediatrics: 80 per cent of infants under a full moon sleep time is much less than the usual night.

Captives of the Moon

With the full moon and is usually attributed the phenomenon of somnambulism or sleepwalking, that is not realized walking in a dream. About Sleepwalker was known in ancient times, their part, feared and killed Matthew lunatics equal to the demoniac and possessed various seizures.

Sleepwalking, in fact, quite common. Almost 2% of people occasionally walk in his sleep. Somnambulist located in the boundary between sleeping and waking state, with eyes open, they can not just walk around the house, but also to go out and even perform some simple work. When waking a person does not remember anything about what he was doing in the state polubodrstvovaniya. "Moon" walking generally last from a few minutes to half an hour or even more.

The danger lies in the fact that approximately 25% somnambulists while in this state, currently applied damage. It is especially dangerous to wake them, for the patient at the time of sudden sharp awakening can be very scared and hurt or fall. But there are cases where sleepwalkers in a state of somnambulistic sleep fearlessly walked along the ledge, documented cases of people falling out of windows, confusing them with doors.

Sleepwalkers are most often people who suffer from epilepsy or have suffered a traumatic brain injury. Sometimes a walk in her sleep can provoke strong shocks or stresses. There are cases when sleepwalking accompanied by migraine, malaria and encephalitis. The problem largely lies in the fact that it is possible to be a sleepwalker, and not even guess about it.