Children of wealthy parents who died young

They lived bright, luxurious - and very long ...

Children of wealthy parents who died young

Yuri Gushchin, Kuznetsov

19 years, the grandson of the owner of holding "Guta" Yuri Gushchin

Children of wealthy parents who died young

On the night of June 15, 2018 the grandson of billionaire Guschina, a student of the medical faculty of the Moscow Medical and Dental University, Yuri jumped out the window of his apartment on the Leningrad Highway. At this time in the apartment sleeping parents and older brother, a young man.

In the suicide note, the young man confessed that he had lived for the sake of one girl and loved only her. However, according to friends, Yura did not suffer from unrequited love - with a woman he was having an affair. But other than that it is known that Yuri was a fan of online games Dota and on the eve of the death of losing a few tournaments in a row.

Status of the deceased grandfather George Guschina - about $ 1 billion. Gushchin, chief executive of the group "gut", which includes the confectionery factory "Red October", "Rot Front" and "Babaev", "Guta-Bank" and "Guta-Insurance", the complex property, "Red October" in the Swamp Island in Moscow, the Moscow hotel "Savoy". Father boys Artem Kuznetsov is also working on the holding, and my mother Elena Guschina - Assistant to the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia on health.

Diana Lebedeva

19 years old, the granddaughter of the co-founder of the bank "Menatep" Platon Lebedev

Children of wealthy parents who died young

November 24, 2016 in Switzerland, Lake Lugano dropped the car in which there were Diana and her classmate at the University of St. Gallen, 23-year-old Azer Yagubov - nephew of the head of the State Department of the Legal Department of the Russian government.

Say goodbye to Diana on Troekurov cemetery in Moscow, came about a hundred people, among whom were Stesha Malikov with his mother Elena, the son of singer Jasmine Michael Semenduev, the daughter of the former owner of "Spartacus" Diana Chervichenko, the son of the owner of "Reso Garantia" Sergey Sarkisov, gymnast Carolina Sevastyanov, oligarch daughter Nastya Kudryashkina son genprodyuser First channel Alexander Fayfman Simon, the son of set designer Boris Krasnov and son Daniel businessman Vladimir Kiselev - singer YurKiss. Grandfather of Diana - the disgraced businessman Platon Lebedev, who, along with Mikhail Khodorkovsky was held in the Yukos case. On charges of embezzlement and tax evasion Lebedev held in prison for 10 years and was released two years before the death of his granddaughter.

Anastasia Soltan

22 years old, the daughter of the deputy chairman of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Paul Soltan

Children of wealthy parents who died young

In the night of 24 on November 25 Anastasia jumped out of the window of the apartment of his late parents on Butlerov street in Moscow. 4 months prior to this girl with her parents got into a car accident. The MP and his wife Svetlana died on the spot, and Anastasia with serious injuries was taken to hospital. For a couple of months before the accident Anastasia played a wedding, but her young husband Alexei Plotnikov never visited the girl in the hospital. Having left, Soltan filed for divorce and re-start to learn to walk, moving around on crutches. "I am 21 years old. Even in the summer, I had everything that I needed to be happy - this is my family. Favorite parents and beloved husband - then wrote Anastasia. - In August, my parents and I got into a terrible accident, my mother and father died, and I was between life and death. For my parents were around, and more husband left the hospital. I did not know how to live, to be honest, and now still do not know. But I live! Hard, painful, terrible, but we must live! "A month later, she killed herself ...

Ratmir Shishkov

19 years old, a graduate of "American Idol"

Children of wealthy parents who died young

19 years Shishkov was a member of the "gang", which also included members of the fourth "Factory" Timati, Nastya Kochetkova and Dominic Joker.

Ratmir crashed in a car accident on the night of 21 to 22 March 2007 at the intersection of Garden and Savior and Orlikova lane in the center of Moscow. Along with him in the cabin of the "Mercedes" was rapper Deema (Aldzhemen Sisokka) and his 23-year-old girlfriend Christine tired, musician Sergey Zaikovskii and 22-year-old Timur Baysarov. Ratmir was at the wheel, and as shown expertise, the musician was drunk. Car, slipped through a red light at a speed of about 200 kilometers per hour, slammed into another car by hitting a curb and crashed into a exploded. Stesha Shishkov - Ratmir daughter was born the same night.

Chingis Gutseriev

21 years old, the eldest son of the owner of PFG "Samfar" Company "M. Video "and" Eldorado "Mikhail Gutseriev

Children of wealthy parents who died young

According to the "Russneft", member of the group "Samfar" son of billionaire died because of injury in an accident frivolous. According to the official version, the young man hit his head in the collision, but he was able to get to the hospital, and in the evening Gutseriev was a brain hemorrhage. However, journalists "Kommersant" stated that the traffic police in Moscow a few days before the death of the young man was not registered accidents involving Gutseriev-younger.

In the year of the death of the son of Mikhail Gutseriev he was charged with illegal business activities and tax evasion. From prosecution Gutseriev Sr. fled to London, where he returned to the funeral.

In 2010, charges against Gutseriev were removed.