Oddities of the great physicist Isaac Newton

When it comes to Isaac Newton, the first thing that comes to mind is a fallen apple and the discovery of the law of universal gravitation. This scientist discovered the fundamental laws of gravity and physics. But, unfortunately, from genius to madness half step. And over time, the mind of the scientist began to falter, and the range of interests gradually shifted from physics to mysticism. Most of this works have been devoted to alchemy, mysticism and prophecy, and it's not the greatest strangeness of the great scientist.

1. Isaac Newton threatened to burn his mother

Oddities of the great physicist Isaac Newton

Portrait of Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727). Artist Barrington Bramley

Isaac Newton was a very religious. He studied the Bible in no way less passion than science. At the young age of 20, when his mind was still intact, Newton compiled a list of its 57 most grievous sins. He considered it a kind of remorse. Some of them - this is a minor misdemeanors. Thus, the scientist admitted that he once served in the church eating an apple. But others were clearly recognize the harbingers of mental instability, to which Newton has overtaken many years.

A brilliant scientist asked God's forgiveness for what has hit his sister and beat a man named Arthur Storer. It turns out his mother and his stepfather, Barnabas Smith also did not escape the wrath of Newton. Future genius threatened stepfather and mother to burn them with the house.

2. Isaac Newton and the Sorcerer's Stone

Oddities of the great physicist Isaac Newton

Newton personally rewrote the text of the American alchemist George Starkey.

In the last years of his life, Isaac Newton began to actively seek the Philosopher's Stone. At that time, some people believed it was a mystical substance that can transform one metal into another (for example, lead into gold) and to provide anyone who drank it, eternal life. For Newton, it was not a superstition, in his opinion, the alchemy was a real science. He believed that the philosopher's stone is real. He studied every article about alchemy, which could only be found and held constant experiments in their own laboratory, trying to create an elixir that would give him eternal life. The key, apparently, in the creation of this Newton believed mercury.

For many years, he breathed in the laboratory during experiments toxic fumes of mercury and even drink it. Some people think that this was the beginning of his madness that mercury damaged brain scientist and led him to madness. In 1970, tests a sample of his hair showed mercury levels 40 times normal levels.

3. 2060 - end of the world

The world would end in 2060 - as Isaac Newton said in his treatise. This year should allegedly fly through the sky an angel, announcing all that Babylonian Empire fell, and Christ will return, marking a new era of inspired and God-fearing world. And, interestingly, Newton did not think that there will be some metaphorical angel, he insisted on the fact that in 2060 appeared in the sky an angel, and he was quite sure he is right.

Oddities of the great physicist Isaac Newton

Newton was confident that he knew the exact date of the apocalypse.

In the end, he even wrote a complicated mathematical proof of this, which is based largely on the book of Daniel and Revelation. In fact, Newton gave the world more rational, carefully calculated doomsday predictions.

4. The Catholic Church and the beast of the apocalypse

Beginning of the End, according to Newton's opinion, it has already arrived. The famous scientist in a long treatise about the apocalypse claimed that some of the prophecies of Daniel have been fulfilled. Eleven-year-beast Yom Kippur, which, according to the Book of Daniel, rise and utter blasphemy against the Lord and make the rulers of the world to bow down before him, has gained momentum. It was ... the Catholic Church.

Oddities of the great physicist Isaac Newton

Newton believed the church - a world dictator.

Newton wrote a paper in which he stated that the Church "provides a legitimate ruler and people as Oracle, claims to infallibility and its dictates is a must for the whole world." In the treatise he accused the Catholic Church in preaching blasphemy, support the "call of the dead and worship of their images," presumably referring to the veneration of saints.

5. The magical properties of "menstrual blood"

Oddities of the great physicist Isaac Newton

That is the metal antimony.

Isaac Newton was trying to keep his quest for the philosopher's stone in secret. But after his death, among things, scientists have found some of his recipes and published them today. In many experiments, conducted by scientists, he appeared such an ingredient as "menstrual blood is dirty whore." However, it is possible that you should not take everything literally. Alchemy was a secret occupation, and the alchemists themselves as best they could encrypt their recordings. Professor Bill Newman, so Newton called antimony metal.

6. Isaac Newton and the mystery of the emerald tablets

Among Newton's notes after his death was found a handwritten translation that Isaac Newton had made for himself from the Emerald tablet - the mystical text, which was to give the key to vitality. According to legend, the Emerald tablet made Hermes Trismegistus, "the greatest of the great" pagan prophet who was supposed to be something like the Greek god Hermes and the Egyptian god Thoth.

Oddities of the great physicist Isaac Newton

Engraving emerald plaques that translate Newton.

It was argued that Emerald tablet taught the secrets of primal: the formless matter from which the beginning of time consisted of all. Newton seems to have believed that the text was a coded message, which allowed him to control the primordial and transform any element in any other.

7. The Temple of Solomon: a miniature version of the universe

Another one of Newton's favorite projects - extremely long and extremely detailed analysis of the Temple of Solomon. It's incredibly meticulous work in which Newton tried to measure the exact dimensions and use of each room in the church of the biblical King Solomon. A similar large-scale project scientist led not just a fad architecture. Newton was convinced that the Temple of Solomon holds the key to God's design of the universe. He believed that the Bible is filled with coded clues that can be decrypted only wise, and if he could see looked like the temple of Solomon, you would have found out the nature of the universe.

Oddities of the great physicist Isaac Newton

Solomon's Temple - a miniature version of the universe

For Newton, it was not a passing fancy. He learned Hebrew and Latin, to learn about the original translation of the Bible and Hebrew texts, and make sure he did not miss a beat.

8. The seven colors of the rainbow mystical

Oddities of the great physicist Isaac Newton

The colors of the rainbow people owe to Newton.

Isaac Newton was the man who came up with the usual today all seven colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. According to Newton, the number seven was sacred. He followed the old, mystical belief that the number seven was "the spirit of the whole." This number, in the end, is found throughout the Bible, God created the world in seven days, Joseph predicted seven years of famine, Jesus fed the people with seven loaves and the apocalypse was supposed to be announced with seven seals and seven trumpets.

9. Isaac Newton and the fate of Atlantis

Newton not only wrote about Christian beliefs. He also created a treatise about the lost city of Atlantis, analyzing the works of Plato and Homer, to try to figure out where the hidden sunken city. Atlantis as claimed Newton was quite usual city-state, the legend of which was eventually greatly "exaggerated." He was destroyed by the great flood that engulfed the entire world, but the city was not completely flooded, and not all of them died.

Oddities of the great physicist Isaac Newton

Calypso. Artist Carl Heinrich Rudolf Lehmann.

Newton wrote that the princess of Atlantis survived. It was alleged Calypso, the nymph of the "Odyssey." When Odysseus landed on the island of Calypso, he found the remains of Atlantis and met with the last survivors. Based on Newton's calculations, Atlantis sank in 1796 BC. e., and Ulysses landed there in 896 BC. e., that is, while Calypso would be at least 900 years.

10. Full mental disorder Isaac Newton

Newton's mental disorder is becoming stronger. Bezvylazno he was sitting at home, writing strange, mystical treatises, and more rarely out of the house to hang out with friends who found it unbearable.

Sir Isaac Newton. Artist Enoch Seaman.

Within 12 months, starting from 1693, Newton had not slept much - an hour at best. Newton hardly touched the food, and once spent five nights without sleep. He started to appear crazy, paranoid thoughts about what his friends want to grab it or kill altogether. Once, when he discovered that his friend, the philosopher John Locke, sick, Newton said: "It is better if you were dead!". After all, John Locke, according to Newton's view, "was a cunning plan to draw him into relationships with women," or, in other words, make it stop Newton chaste life.