"The most lonely dog ​​in the world" got the role in the sequel to the movie "Transformers"

• "Camaya lonely dog ​​in the world" I got the role in the sequel to the movie "Transformers"

Suddenly, the whole world turned upside down for a dog from a shelter named Freya. This dog became famous as "the lonely dog ​​in the world" after it published an article about Britain. And now Freya has a loving family, work and friendship with the most famous personalities in Hollywood.

Six years ago, a local shelter Freshfields Animal Rescue brought little puppy Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Puppy named Freya (Freya), and this dog was perfectly normal, good, kind and gentle, but somehow no one wanted to pick her up. People came, looked, rubbed Frei, but eventually picked up some other dog. In the six years that Freya spent in the orphanage, she saw at least 18,720 who want to take a pet. And none of them wanted to take Frey.

"She's with us for many years and no one had noticed, - says the managing haven Kate Jones -. We all adore her, and we were so sorry to see what Freya can not find their man we really do not understand why. it took so long is nepristroennoy ".

Newspaper article about Freya.

When the story appeared on the pages of the British newspaper Metro UK, Freya's life completely changed. First, in July last year, one of the British families wrote to the shelter that they want to take Frey to him. "The house is at everyone, and I'm living proof of that," - wrote the new owners on behalf of Freya. - "I just want to thank everyone, thanks to whom it happened."

Then the orphanage written by Michael Bay (Michael Bay), directed by lifting the sequel of the film "Transformers" ( "Transformers"). After hearing about the history of Frey, Michael Bay decided that only she and no one else, is perfect for their film. And now Freya removed together with Sir Anthony Hopkins. "Freya - a wonderful actress - says Michael Bay In the video, which recently published a filming location of the film, we see that the dog behaves very friendly and tries to (as far as possible, of course) to carry out orders..

Sir Anthony Hopkins and Freya.