Amazing mountains, surrounded by mystery

Widely used the word "mountain" can refer to any high altitude, and some of the mountains that are listed in this article are not natural elevations located on the Earth's surface. However, they are huge, and are either striking or mysterious. Before you - the ten mountains, surrounded by mystery!

10. Brown Mountain (Brown Mountain)

Amazing mountains, surrounded by mystery

No luck after spending several years in the hope of seeing mysterious lights, which is rumored to appear in the area of ​​Brown Mountain in North Carolina, a physics professor at Appalachian State University (Appalachian State University), Dr. Daniel Caton (Daniel Caton) was ready to put on this bullet. If it was not July 17, 2016, when he noticed the ball was moving rapidly over the ridge. The ball disappeared, reappeared, vanished again and reappeared again.

Professor checked both cameras that were recording this phenomenon, to make sure that each of them captured the strange behavior of the balloon. If there was only one camera, it probably would have thought that this flare in the lens, but both cameras filmed the same.

Eliminating glare in the lens, however, he could not find any explanation for the emergence of this mysterious world, and the lights on the Brown Mountain to this day remain a mystery to the scientific world.

9. A "Mountain in the trench"

Amazing mountains, surrounded by mystery

NASA scientists puzzled feature recently observed on the surface of Charon, Pluto's largest satellite. Described as a "mountain in the pit," a hill in the valley was captured by specialists of Geology Group, Geophysics and visualization NASA mission "New Horizons" (NASA's New Horizons Geology, Geophysics, and Imaging team), when the spacecraft flew satellite July 4, 2015 at 9 th year of its interplanetary journey. Scientists hope that a clearer picture "Mountains in the trench" can help clarify the mystery of "ultra-precise data" to be removed from the crew of the spacecraft equipment.

8. Rainbow Mountain

Amazing mountains, surrounded by mystery

Nature took 24 million years to create the aptly named Rainbow Mountain, part of the National Geopark Zhangye Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park (Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park) in China. Mountains rising under steep thick, irregular angles, composed of colored sandstone. Compressed for centuries, rock lifted off because of the shift of tectonic plates, an acute, towering peaks.

As a result, the mountains are covered with bright orange, yellow, blue, green, red, brown and other colors, giving them a festive and sometimes magical views. Part of the mountain looks like colored candy, another piece resembles scattered through the prism of colors on the surface of the steep peaks. Many seem to be painted by a giant brush.

7. Moving Mountain

Amazing mountains, surrounded by mystery

In fact, the mountain is not supposed to move, but the towering mountain of sand does just that, moving every year by 20 meters. And this is not just a huge dune, which, as we know, can move. According to the former President of Tanzania, Jakaya Kikwete (Jakaya Kikwete), handful of sand from this mountain, "continued to move," even after he endured it in your car.

Towering 10 meters and with a width of 100 meters, the sand mountain in the shape of a crescent each decade changing its shape and direction. She even split into two parts and became to move in different directions.

It is believed that it is the product of a volcanic eruption. Guide Nature Reserve Ngorongoro (Ngorongoro Conservation Area) use beacons to track and predict the movements of the mysterious mountain.

6. Seamounts

Amazing mountains, surrounded by mystery

Two camera-equipped submersibles, known as the "Fish IV" (Pisces IV) and "Pisces V" (Pisces V), have allowed scientists to dive to a depth of several kilometers, where they saw the seamounts are isolated by raising the seabed with the vertex and slopes. Some of them rise above the seabed at 3,000 meters. Seamounts extend over most of the world's oceans.

For the most part unexplored by scientists, seamounts are home to rare and unusual creatures, including Dalat (pryamorotyh sharks) slitnozhabernyh acne and possibly new species of coral.

Cameras captured octopus gripotevtisa, change color, passing the bathyscaphe "Pisces V", obviously, is in the process of skin shedding. On the other video shows the formidable species Pacific polar shark, its dark shadow, following it on the seabed until it swims near the bathyscaphe.

5. Sharp Mountain (Mount Sharp)

Amazing mountains, surrounded by mystery

After 5 years of studying hundred likely places, in July 2011, NASA selected Gale Crater (Gale Crater) on Mars as the landing site for the Mars rover Curiosity, because the hill inside the depression showed signs of water necessary for life.

The origin of the mountain inside the crater, named Mount Aeolis (Aeolis Mons) or Mount Sharp (Mount Sharp), remains unknown, and the crater is on the "diverse terrain." The mission rover Curiosity included search of organic carbon-based compounds similar to those that exist in the world.

Under assumptions of scientists, these compounds can be found in the foothills of Mount Sharp. While astrobiologists agree that there are no signs of life, they believe that the crater Gale and his mount could be the best place on Mars, where you want to begin searching for extraterrestrial life. Currently, scientists believe that the mysterious 5, 5-kilometer-long mountain has not been created with water, as they had hoped. It was formed mainly with melted layers of lake silt caused to the wind. However, they also believe that the foothills of Mount Sharp "a long time ago have been exposed to water" and that the mysterious mountain, probably once had large enough to completely cover a 154-kilometer crater.

4. Mount "Sugarloaf"

Amazing mountains, surrounded by mystery

Towering over Rio de Janeiro, the mountain "Sugar Loaf" rises to a height of 396 meters, as the world-famous geological feature. However, strange signs, symbols and texts that once appeared on the slopes of the granite peaks are indeed mysterious.

In October 2013 green laser beams created a "coded symbols" suggestive mysterious message. Supernatural hologram resembles a twist of four feathers, framed by intersecting curved lines, remained on the mountain slope for two hours before gradually disappeared and been replaced by the text "# WINNER GETS THE EARTH" ( "#WINNER TAKES EARTH").

Some believe that the mysterious messages can be associated with carrying out 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, but the meaning remains a mystery of strange messages.

3. "Instant Mountain"

Amazing mountains, surrounded by mystery

In a few minutes the same asteroid which wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, created a mountain that exceeds the height of Everest. Located on the Yucatan Peninsula (Yucatan Peninsula), close to created the Chicxulub (Chicxulub), Mexico, the mountain took the center of the huge impact crater with a diameter of 180 kilometers. Rather than grow into one vertex, "an instant Mountain" shaped peak ring - almost circular mountain range inside the crater. There are two theories about the origin of the mountains. According to one, the annular top has been formed when exposed to impact from the asteroid peak apex melted, formed into a ring unbound peaks. Another theory claims that the asteroid has penetrated so deeply into the ground, it caused an explosion crater.

Researchers investigating the annular vertex of the crater is believed that it was formed by the collapse vertices, which then formed a ring form, known as dynamic fracture model.

2. The Great Dune of Pyla

Amazing mountains, surrounded by mystery

The Great Dune of Pyla is located on the Bassin d'Arcachon (Arcachon Bay) in France. Huge sand dune width of 500 meters and a length of 3 kilometers and 107 meters high with a moving speed of 10 meters per year, and over the last 57 years has shifted to 280 meters (or an average of 4 to 9 meters per year).

On his way dune swallowed or buried under a 20 privately owned units, 8,000 m² of pine forest and the road.

Moving a massive sand dune is due to the wind blowing from the ocean. Mountainous dune became a tourist attraction, attracting the attention of climbers, paragliders and hikers.

1. Ahune Mons (Ahuna Mons)

Amazing mountains, surrounded by mystery

Ahune Mons (also known as the "Pyramid") is located "in the middle of nothingness" to the dwarf planet Ceres, which is puzzling Paul Schenk (Paul Schenk), member of the team of scientists working on the mission of the Dawn spacecraft, the Institute of Geology of the Moon and planets ( Lunar and Planetary Institute) in Houston, Texas. Typically, these formations are associated with craters.

Piramidopodobnaya vertex almost 6, 5 km and 16 km in height and width is mysterious for another reason: it slopes down the descend unexplained "bright stripes" resembling a same cryptic bright spots which appear inside the crater Okkator on Ceres. Initially puzzled by the origin of the mountains Ahune Mons, scientists now believe that it may be a "giant ice volcano". Eruption of salt water from the bowels of the planet for millions of years, gradually formed a "Pyramid". David A. Williams (David A. Williams) from the Research School of Earth and Space (School of Earth and Space Exploration) at the University of Arizona (Arizona State University) says that the scientists are hoping to see "a certain air emission" when approaching Ceres to the Sun .