6 good reasons to refuse alcoholic beverages

• 6 good reasons to give up alcoholic drinks

Beginning of the year - it's time to give up alcohol. The reasons for this can be many. For example, you are concerned that a glass of wine in the evening turned into three, or stomach began to hurt. Stop drinking hard, but the result is worth it. Try to start to hold, for example, a month (especially if you eat a lot). That's what happens.

6 good reasons to refuse alcoholic beverages

1. improve sleep

Studies have shown that drinking before bedtime increases the number of alpha waves in the brain. It is this kind of brain activity that occurs when you're awake, but resting. As a result, it spoils a dream. Accordingly, without alcohol you sleep better. Moreover, it rises mood, improve concentration and brain work as a whole.

2. Eat less for dinner

Alcohol - one of the main causes of overeating. It enhances the sense of smell, and "helps" to eat 30% more than sober.

3. You can lose weight

Alcohol in itself is quite calories. Cocktails like "Margarita" can pull up to 300 calories, mainly because of the sugar. And if you remove the alcohol from the diet and not replace it with a couple of desserts, meals will be much lower in calories.

4. The skin becomes cleaner

Already a week after the refusal of alcohol you will notice that the skin become more supple and hydrated. This is due to the fact that alcohol - a diuretic, it makes you more likely to go to the toilet and get rid of the fluid.

5. Save Money

Drink - a hobby is not cheap. Calculate the cost of home bar or spend on alcohol in the last month and imagine how much money you could be postponed.

6. Reduce the risk of ill

Research shows that alcohol is associated with the risk of developing certain types of cancer (eg, liver, colon and rectum). And the more you drink, the more you risk.