Kinda of psychology

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Kinda of psychology

Psychology - amazing science: it is constantly evolving and continues to amaze us with new and new facts about the behavior of people. Once penetrated, you realize that we are not so smart as we think about ourselves.

1. Those who sleep 6-7 hours a lower risk of premature death than those who slept for 8 hours. But sleeping less than 5 hours a night are three times more likely to have mental health problems than those who sleep for 8-9 hours.

2. There is no sound for a better man than his name spoken. The first thing to remember when meeting - name. Do not post, not a profession, and name. This is the basic rule setting a good relationship.

3, stretch, relax the whole body to fall asleep quickly have to lie on your back. Close your eyes and under the eyelids roll his eyeballs upward. This is the normal state of the eyes during sleep. By adopting this position, the person goes to sleep quickly, easily and deeply. If you believe Victor Suvorov, this technique for decades trained GRU.

4. Psychologists have determined that the woman is enough only 45 seconds to estimate the unknown man. Of these 10 seconds it builds the overall impression of the figure 8 seconds estimates eyes, 7 seconds looking at your hair, 10 seconds on the lips and chin, 5 seconds - on his shoulders. A recent 5 looks at wedding ring - if there is one. 5. Knowledge of psychology makes life more difficult, and the use - easier.

6. The best remedy for worry, anxiety and stress, scientists from Oxford University recognized reading, arguing that this activity has a more immediate effect on the body. Surprisingly, this method is much better reception of alcohol, much more effective than walking, drinking tea and listening to music.

7. Sometimes unrequited love turns into a real obsession and even fraught with mental disorders. Such as for example Adele syndrome.

Adele syndrome - is a long painful love obsession with another person, which remains unanswered.

8. After analyzing more than a billion tweets posted during major sporting events, the researchers found that the "louder" and more confident statements debater, the more chances he has to win the debate. In other words, speak with confidence, even if you know you are wrong.

9. If a person tries to remember something, but it continues to look you in the eye, to be sure - you are deceived.

10. Women feel loved, communicating face-to-face with your partner, men, on the other hand, are experiencing emotional intimacy in communication, when they are working, playing or talking, sitting next to a partner.