Popular misconceptions about fitness

Whatever the purpose, whether it is health promotion, weight reduction or improvement in mood, many people have resorted to physical exercises, which are called "fitness" word lately. Unfortunately, there are many tips on fitness, that will not help you reach your goals, and may even do more harm than good.

Popular misconceptions about fitness

Here is a brief overview of some of the most enduring myths and misconceptions as well as real scientific information that can help you get the maximum benefit from fitness.

Myth number 1: to put himself in good physical shape, enough to train once or twice a week.

In fact, one or two classes per week will not lead to sustainable improvements in health and fitness.

"A minimum of three days a week for a structured exercise program - the best option, - said recently in an interview with Business Insider scientist at Rutgers University in the United States Shawn Arent. - In theory, you should do some exercise every day, and for exercise I mean any physical activity. You just need to move more. The fact that we often find damage of a sedentary lifestyle on health. "

Myth number 2: the best time to exercise - in the morning.

The truth is that the best time - is any time of the day, in which you can train more regularly. Ideally, the maintenance of physical fitness should be a daily habit, so if you like the night trips to the gym, well, practice at night. If you prefer jogging, so they are better suited for you. You can not determine the choice? Then maybe you will be interested to know: Some studies have shown that early morning workout to help speed up weight loss by forcing the body to burn more fat throughout the day.

Myth number 3: weight lifting turns fat into muscle.

It is absolutely impossible - to turn fat into muscle. In physiological terms, these are two very different types of fabrics. Adipose tissue located under the skin between the skin and muscles, and also around the internal organs such as the heart.

Muscle tissue, which can be divided into three main types, located throughout the body. In fact, weight training helps build muscle tissue in and around any fatty tissue. The best way to reduce body fat mass - is to follow a healthy diet that includes vegetables, whole grains, "lean" proteins, and, paradoxically, healthy fats, such as olive oil and fish.

The Myth number 4: puzzles and games - the best exercise for the brain

According to many studies in recent years, simple and long-known exercise is much more effective than any intellectual puzzles. Thus, two new studies, the results of which were published last spring, showed that aerobic exercise, meaning any activity that increases your heart rate and makes us move and sweat for a long period of time, has a significant and extremely beneficial effect on the brain. "Aerobic exercise - is the key to your head and your heart health", - the authors of a recent report in the Harvard Medical School blog wrote.

The Myth number 5: exercises - the best way to lose weight.

If you want to lose weight, you should not rely on the fact that you can just "work" all ate. Experts say that getting rid of excess weight is almost always starts with a significant change in dietary habits. "In terms of weight loss, diet plays a much greater role than exercise" - told Business Insider expert from the University of Texas, Philip Stanford.

However, regular physical activity is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle. And when it comes to improving mood, memory, and protect your brain from cognitive decline associated with age, research shows that exercise may be the most practical magic bullet that you can find.

Myth number 6: polupodemy torso - the best way to achieve spectacular cubes abdominals.

Unlike polupodemov torso (sitap press), which focused only on the abdominal muscles, exercise, called "strip" uses several muscle groups at the sides, front and back. If you want to strengthen the abdominal muscles, and particularly to pump it up so that could see six cherished cubes - you need to load all these muscles.

"Polupodemy torso twisting or strengthen a few muscle groups - the authors of the bulletin Harvard Healthbeat write. - Due to the dynamic model of the motion, a good workout press helps to strengthen the entire core set of abdominal muscles that you use every day. "

Myth number 7: weight training - for men only.

Weight training is a great way to strengthen the muscles and has nothing to do with gender. However, the body of a woman produces an average of less testosterone than men, but studies have shown that this hormone plays an important role in building muscle mass.

Myth number 8: will be held for at least two weeks before a person begins to "lose the form of"

For most people in the absence of regular exercise muscle tissue begins to break down as early as the first week after giving up the practice.

"If you stop training, you actually get a noticeable loss of muscle tone within seven days of complete rest, - said Arent. - Here it is appropriate saying "if you do not use - you lose."

Myth number 9: marathon - the perfect way to put himself in a good shape

Not ready to conquer a marathon? No problems. You can take advantage of the many benefits of sprinting, not even breaking the 8-kilometer mark. Quick and intense running for 5-10 minutes a day can provide the same health outcomes as the race for a few hours.

In fact, the people who run at least one hour a week, unless they devote to this exercise by a few minutes each day, receive similar advantages in terms of heart health, compared with those who are running for more than three hours per week.

In addition, recent studies have shown that short intense exercise can provide the same health benefits as the long-term endurance training, and at the same time they tend to bring more fun.

Myth number 10: Maintain a food diary - a reliable way to monitor and control diet.

Even if we find the strength to constantly monitor diet and physical activity, most of us tend to overestimate their efforts.

"People often overestimate their physical activity and underestimate the amount of food that is consumed - says Stanford. - They constantly think that working more than they actually are, and eat less. "

Myth number 11: a sports drink - the best way to recover after a workout.

Alas, the truth is that most of the so-called sports drinks - it's just sugar and water. Instead, experts advise to recover with the help of good old clean water and light foods with high protein content, as studies show that protein helps repair muscles after a workout.