"Pope" was put in UAZ

• "Pope" was put in UAZ

Why not use UAZ "Pickup" for the transportation of the Pope? See domestic car on a "position" for the majority of compatriots is quite unusual spectacle. Nevertheless, see UAZ as "popemobile" it will be possible very soon.

Sensational series "Young Dad" very soon will be continued. The second season of the show will be called "New Dad". Film crew decided to "take on the role of" papomobilya SUV Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant. According to representatives of the company, when the creators of the series have seen the car in person, they said that it would be an ideal option for a new "popemobile".

Not long ago, the producers of the series have come to the official channels through an Italian dealer UAZ directly to the leadership of the plant and asked to create a special car for the show. At the factory they set up a pickup. Also helping in the creation of one of the cars had an Italian tuning house.

Rides UAZ "Dad" on the 4-cylinder engine ZMZ volume of 2.7 liters. The machine can be used as a liquefied gas and petrol. The power unit complies with Euro-6. All additional equipment on UAZ delivered after the delivery of the machine in Italy. In particular, the rear portion of a pickup was fitted with a special glass dome.

must be separately added that the second part of the series will be aired in November 2019. The first season told the story of Cardinal italoamerikanskogo Belardo Lenny, played by Jude Law. The new Pope in the second season, played by John Malkovich.

It should be noted that although the UAZ goes only until the movie-dad, a car in this role is quite good. The real garage popes very wide. It is possible to see Cadillac cars, Citroen, Fiat, Renault, Land Rover and others. A special place in the "pantheon" take the brand cars Mercedes Benz. They all used the Vatican since the 1930's.

Pope Francis and all used as a "popemobile" the Kia brand car. From here comes the logical question of why the heads of the Catholic Church did not try anything from Russia?