Russian scientists exposed the oldest inhabitant of the Earth

• Domestic scientists exposed the oldest inhabitant of the Earth

Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment is officially recognized as the oldest inhabitant of the Earth: she died in 1997 at the age of 122 years and 164 days, having got into the Guinness Book of Records. At home a woman is considered almost a national hero. However, Russian scientists were able to uncover the secret of "a record of longevity," the old lady Jeanne. Researchers believe that she ... pretended to be his mother, who died in the first half of the last century. However, not everything is beneficial to release this substitution.

Russian scientists exposed the oldest inhabitant of the Earth Russian scientists exposed the oldest inhabitant of the Earth

The first long-liver of the truth of the fate doubted gerontologist Valeri Novoselov and mathematician Nicholas Zak. And this despite the fact that the longevity of the French was confirmed by a variety of documents (including birth certificates and baptism). In particular, geriatrics doctor Novoselov was surprised that the photographs taken in the last few years my grandmother lives, there is no evidence of the so-called age-related fragility, which should have been manifest when a person in a hundred, and she in such old age was not osteoporosis and dementia . Moreover, Jeanne lifetime smoking (tobacco use accelerates age-related pathologies), not renounced alcohol and was eating chocolate.

Russian scientists exposed the oldest inhabitant of the Earth

Doubts confirmed geriatrics and mathematician Nicholas Zak, calculated that the probability of such a record is negligible. Furthermore, examining the historical data and all materials published in the press about Joan, Zack found inconsistencies. They touched many small (seemingly) components and, above all - external age-related changes (height, color of eyes, hair and so on).

Russian scientists exposed the oldest inhabitant of the Earth

The birth certificate of Jeanne Calment. /

Scientists came to the conclusion that, in fact Jeanne Louise Kalman died even 1934 at the age of 58 years. Apparently, the family decided to give for her daughter Yvonne (supposedly it was she who had died, and not parent) in order to avoid paying inheritance tax. In-law and Yvonne's father died in 1931, and the family had to pay huge taxes. With the death of his mother spending would increase more and the family at the time were in financial difficulties. In the case of the death of Yvonne, Jeanne's daughter, to pay taxes would not have to (in the end what happened), because the property did not belong to her. So the idea of ​​his daughter to marry the mother in this case it seems quite logical, though macabre.

By the way, many years later dolgozhitelnitsa Jeanne (or Yvonne?) Had an arrangement with a notary public, who had to pay her each month to 2, 5 thousand. Francs, and after death, according to the contract of rent, to get into the property of its property in Arles. In the real estate end, he did not wait - the old woman survived him. However, as assured by Russian scientists, the whole secret of the fact that, in fact, she died not in 122 years, and 99.

Russian scientists exposed the oldest inhabitant of the Earth

As told Zach the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda", he shared the results of their research with the consultant Guinness Book of Records, but he and his colleagues took the news quite unexpectedly: Russian scientists have accused that they are engaged in disinformation. Moreover, in France, the findings of our fellow citizens felt the plot. But why such a reaction? In conversation with the correspondent Nicholas Zak suggested that all the matter is that on the record validation Joan is one of the major companies has allocated a grant to scientists and researchers themselves Western earned on this story glory and authority.

Russian scientists exposed the oldest inhabitant of the Earth

However, Russian researchers believe that in the near future the truth will prevail anyway, and wait for it is long. By the way, Nicholas Zack supported by British gerontologist Aubrey de Gray. In April, he invited him to Berlin for a major international conference "Cancel aging", where the report of the Russian scientist listened with great interest.

Finally confirm the version of falsifying records is possible only if scientists manage to convince their French colleagues to exhume his mother and daughter Kalman and conduct DNA analysis to find any previous results (there is evidence that in the 1990s "sverhdolgozhitelnitse" had already carried out).

In the meantime, on the Kalman Jeanne in "Wikipedia" said a few vaguely, saying that it is - "the only person whose documentary confirmed by age exceeds 120 years" and "its biological material, and his research has never been presented to the scientific community."