The most original ways to rest

This material - a most unusual ways to restart.

Paid prison: South Korea

The most original ways to rest

100,700 KRW (5900 rbl.) Per day

While some arrange an escape from prison, others dream to hit it. Just wearing a robe, Koreans manage to get some rest from work. In unusual guests "sanatorium" take electronic gadgets and personal things and start in solitary confinement, where there is only a set for tea, a yoga mat, a notebook and a pen. Toilet and everything you need for washing, are in the chamber. The rest - as in an ordinary prison: communication with other "prisoners" are allowed at certain times, the food slips through a hole in the door, and had to sleep on the floor, having spread a mattress. Important: keep communication to a minimum.

The "prison within the" created ex-prosecutor Kwon Yong-seok in 2008. Once he thought that went into the chamber to be more fun than work. When the project failed to start, it turned out that those wishing to escape from the world completely. Vacationing in South Korea is not accepted, even hurt you can only by leave, and that is not longer than a month. So five years of a voluntary role of prison inmates have tried more than 2,000 people.

Swaddling Adults: Japan

The most original ways to rest

3,000 Japanese yen (1700 rubles).

Feel safe, simply return to the fetal position, or at least re-create it, cross-legged and swaddled like a baby. Although resulting in the end of man, Cocoon resembles a ghost of the universe, "Silent Hill", the procedure is advertised as relaxing and is a great alternative massage. It's called otonamaki ( "adult diapering"). I came up with an unusual way to unwind midwife Nobuko Watanabe. She suggested that if the mother will experience the process of return to infancy on itself, then, first of all, will be less afraid, because of the swaddling children develop claustrophobia, secondly, get rid of postpartum back pain. To achieve the effect should not be packaged for a long time, enough for 20 minutes.

Yoga with goats: USA

The most original ways to rest

$ 30 (2,000 rubles.) Per hour classes

"Goat Yoga" is different from the usual unpredictability. You, as usual, performing asanas, while keep in mind that at any moment a high-spirited kid, bouncing around, wants to walk on your back, lick or chew hands hair. So, it is important to be prepared and keep the posture adopted, albeit with additional load.

The idea to combine yoga with goat came a resident of Oregon Laney Morse in 2016. Venue for lessons, she chose own farm. Leaked online a short video about their endeavor, and it quickly became popular. Pretty soon, "goat yoga" has moved beyond the farm.

Vulkanobording: Nicaragua

The most original ways to rest

980-1150 Nicaraguan cordobas (2000-2500 rubles).

Cerro Negro volcano - the most active in Central America. For 150 years it has erupted 23 times, the last time - in 1999. Who knows when he decides to do it next time. It seems this is a great place for those who have already rolled free ride in the snow of the Alps and conquered Kamchatka and the dunes of the Sahara on sendborde. Descent on a wooden board with a height of 700 m, dust, stones in the face, a mad speed! Can not scream - no fear, nor with delight - or swallow dust and what is worse, will remain without teeth. In contrast, employees of companies offering the service, it is strongly recommended to cover the face with a thick cloth. The tour is usually organized in Sierra Leone - a city which is close to the volcano. The price includes lifting, equipment and lunch.

on the wing of the aircraft Walk: UK, USA

The most original ways to rest

₤ 400 (34,000 rubles).

Get out of the car and walk on the wings of the plane when it flies at a speed of 250 km / h - this is possible not only in an action movie. However, those who are afraid of heights, this entertainment will have to forget - leave the cabin to be at an altitude of 150 m, which is comparable to the roof of a 50-storey building. Insurance, of course, will be. But still scary!

Pre-need to receive training, which includes learning the basic hand signals. After all, once you leave the cabin as you will no longer hear his own voice. What to say about the pilot cries! The flight lasts about 10 minutes, but this time is enough to fresh wind knocked out of his head sad thoughts, if you have had.

Bathing in beer: Czech Republic, Germany, Austria

The most original ways to rest

€ 80 (6,000 rubles).

"If it was the sea of ​​beer, I'd become a beautiful dolphin" - sung in one of the songs of the 1990s. The sea, of course, nobody will pour, even in the Czech Republic. But bath - please! Beer spa is open since 2006, that is, with the opening of the brewery Chodovar, which invented the procedure.

Czechs believe that beer bath not only helps relieve stress and have a good rest, but also has many medicinal properties: it improves blood circulation and supports the regeneration of skin, it helps get rid of cellulite, psoriasis and acne. Do not rush to grab at his heart from the fact that after bathing beer is drained into the sewer pipe! In fact, visitors to the show are not splashing in the natural drinks, and a cocktail of beer yeast and mineral water. But from the tap, supplied to the bath is the most real beer that you can drink it, because it is included in the cost of the procedure. It is a pity it lasts long - 20-30 minutes.