As some market traders can give light weight buyers

Unfortunately, the world is not without cunning people. Not all street traders, whose income depends directly on the products sold to customers are crystal honest. A large percentage of traders uses tricks of obveshivaniyu buyers. Material teach be extremely vigilant in this regard.

As some market traders can give light weight buyers

comes to the market, we want to get more high quality products, a live chat with a cute old lady / polite Caucasians. However, practice shows that the recent trip to the supermarket for groceries more robust idea for several reasons.

Method 1. Cat in the bag

As some market traders can give light weight buyers

The cat in the bag nice only in the literal sense of that expression. / Photo:

So, we need cucumbers. We find in the city market sweet Slavic old woman, seeing in front of her large pile of smooth cucumber, please sell the kilo. And now - a sleight of hand: lovely creature, cooing, unfolding the crates with vegetables and puts in is free, but (important!) Black package required amount of cucumbers. Interested, not scary if that happened about a half kilograms. Of course, compassionate buyers do not want to waste time on trifles and to upset God's dandelion. And coming home is waiting for a cat in a bag: a tiny "pigtails", curled in a knot over-ripe cucumbers with pimples, thick at one end and thin at the other.

2. Sales overbought low-quality products

As some market traders can give light weight buyers

Be careful with oriental type traders. / Photo: Eastern looking girl trades in the open market of chilled chicken, claiming it to their own farm birds. However, her husband, too, occasionally sells behind the counter, was seen in a nearby hypermarket for buying frozen poultry lowest quality.

3. Fake Home Products

As some market traders can give light weight buyers

In appearance can not tell. / Photo:

Another old lady at the town market selling oil under high-sounding title homemade bun, which, according to her, is preparing herself in the house in the village. That's just found out that she had only sculpts itself out of the store spread immediately on the market only in the evening, when the market is closed. Go to the markets in the evening, you will learn a lot. It would be funny if it were not so sad.

Note: Adjusted Spread - kind of food product based on a mixture of vegetable and dairy fat with a mass fraction of total fat from 39 to 95%. It is a cheap substitute for butter.

4. False weights, spring rolls and

As some market traders can give light weight buyers

Sleight of hand and a lot of moshenstva. / Photo:

On the topic of customer obveshivaniya can write a non-fiction novel: if the old mechanical scales with an arrow, then in the course are sverlonye and weights, if a magnet is applied to the pan with the product, and sticking to the bowl with the agility prestididzhitatora. Also distributed version of "throw": a clever salesman throws on the scale goods, and until the arrow deflected far enough, quickly calls the amount of the transaction. Also, the balance can be corny twist, replace the spring and just call the weight of the bulldozer, because few people actually stares for goods weighing and manipulation of the seller, because people generally inclined to believe in good.

5. The reprogrammed electronic scales

Electronic scales - not a panacea. / Photo:

If you think that digital scales is a panacea, then there will have to disappoint you: a recent study Russian bloggers weighing equipment on the market has shown that the usual plummet in kilograms may weigh and 1200 and 1300, and in the case of just too exorbitant insolence seller - and half a kilogram . Unfortunately, Slavic appearance or radiant smile seller - does not guarantee the quality of trade and goods.

What to do if you find a body kit?

In all markets there checkweighers. Often, they are reconciled to +/- 5 grams. But, catching a cheater's hand, be prepared for the fact that the security market, the seller and its neighbors are not for you, so it's best to call the police / police. If you are afraid to be obveshennym and do not want any proceedings, it is better to go to the supermarket, where the product is on the trays and have the opportunity to choose his own, and the scales are always accurate.