History of soda in Russia

History of carbonated water consumption in Russia has more than a century. Soda managed to stay whim aristocrats, national drink, and even weapons of geopolitics, our response to Coke.

History of soda in Russia History of soda in Russia

Where did come from the lemonade?

Like many great inventions, soda was invented by mistake. According to legend, the first soda ever made cupbearer to King Louis I. When the king asked for wine, the butler of mixed barrels of wine and juice. I noticed the error and added to juice mineral water. I drink like the king. Allegedly because there was "a royal lemonade."

But this legend. In fact it is known that in the XVII century in France was called lemonade mix lemon juice with mineral water. Afford such a drink could not everyone, so the consumption of soda was considered a whim aristocracy. They drank lemonade and Italy. There he also insisted on the various herbs.

Thus, world history lemonade started by mixing lemon juice with mineral water. Only in 1767, English scientist Joseph Priestley invented soda fountain, by which it became possible to saturate the plain water bubbles of carbon dioxide.

The first soft drinks appeared in the beginning of the XIX century, and in 1871 the first lemonade was patented in the United States. With fanciful title: "High-quality lemon carbonated ginger ale." Just pop it liked to drink in the sensational Lolita Nabokov's novel.

History of soda in Russia

Peter innovations

The appearance of lemonade in Russia is associated with Peter I. recipe, and most importantly, fashion consumption of lemonade he had brought from Europe. Diplomat Peter's time, Peter Tolstoy wrote that abroad "is more consumed in pityah lemonades ...". The new drink in Russia fell in love immediately, and the emperor commanded "on assemblies lemonade to drink." Picking up a fashionable trend, a soft drink began to prepare in the noble and merchant families, although it was not cheap and was stored for a week.

History of soda in Russia

Lemonade in the art of

By the beginning of the XIX century in Russia drank lemonade, not only in assemblies and not only aristocrats. However, usually this was not a carbonated lemonade, rather lemon water. Mix it with mineral water was still expensive. Lemonade drink Herman Pushkin's "Queen of Spades" and Arbenin in Lermontov's "Masquerade", Dunya in "The Stationmaster" filed father mug "she harvested lemonade." In Chekhov's story "Fermentation drain" Akim Danilych grocery drank lemonade with cognac.

History of soda in Russia


In Russian history lemonade got its unique development. In 1887 Tiflis pharmacist Mitrofan Ishino invented mix carbonated water is no longer with the lemon juice and tarragon extract Caucasian, better known as tarragon. Pre-revolutionary international exhibitions and sparkling flavored drink Lagidze received numerous gold medals. Mitrofan Ishino was the supplier of the Imperial Court and the Shah of Iran.

Unpopular "Water Ishino" in the Soviet period. With the Tbilisi plant twice a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays, sent special flights to Moscow lemonade party for top officials. It is known that Khrushchev liked pear and orange drinks, Brezhnev - pear and tarhunovy Kalinin - orange, Anastas Mikoyan - pear and lemon. "Water Ishino" participated in geopolitics. Tbilisi lemonade stand on a table of participants of the Yalta conference, several thousand bottles of "cream soda" Franklin Roosevelt took with him to the US, as mentioned Yalta Churchill lemonade in his memoirs.

When other US president - Harry Truman - has sent a present of the USSR in 1952, 1000 bottles of "Coca-Cola", the answer was a whole batch of various lemonades Ishino, including its exotic species such as chocolate and creamy.

History of soda in Russia


April 16, 1937 is the first device with carbonated water was installed in the canteen of the Smolny. This can be considered a truly historic event. Further more. Machines began to appear in Moscow, and then throughout the Union. Just soda cost a penny, soda pop sold for a penny. Cups are reusable, they are simply spilling water jet that was far from the current hygiene standards.

History of soda in Russia


Those who are "born in the USSR", remember that before every home had a siphon - a semi-fantastic unit with replaceable cartridges with carbon dioxide. With siphon it had to be able to handle, and with cartridges - maintain safety: if not installed siphon started frightening hiss. Cartridges for siphons are also used for charging the pneumatic weapon, but it's the topic of the article does not apply.

History of soda in Russia

Lemonade today

Today soft drinks already, as they say, not the same. On the dangers of excessive consumption of carbonated drinks did not say just lazy, and if this drink is still made with the addition of dyes, stabilizers and contains horse dose of sugar, and then completely turns dangerous lemonade. Natural lemonade can also find rare, and kept it for a week. Well, finally, one funny story of how Khrushchev did not get along with vending soda. Here is how it was. During a trip to the United States to the Soviet leader introduced the new miracle of technology - automatic machine of soda water. The unit was difficult: selling soda clients, men he poured orange syrup, and women - cherry. The key to this lay in the primitive ingenuity photocell, which was equipped with a machine gun. Woman in skirt blocked the light more than a man in trousers. During the tests, the hapless Nikita Sergeyevich repeatedly got into the hands of a glass of cherry soda. It was found that the cell respond to a wide pants, which are so fond of wearing Khrushchev.