How to build a powerful chest

• How to build a powerful chest

Developed chest, along with broad shoulders - the basis of a beautiful male figure. The pectoral muscles attach to truly manly appearance, but to develop them is, at times, is not easy. The fact that seemingly easy exercises require attention and knowledge of technology, without which the muscles simply will not grow, despite your best efforts. We will show the main errors that impede your development and major exercises that make the chest broad and powerful.

How to build a powerful chest


Many complain that despite the constant load the breast does not grow or take shape. Avoid major mistakes and the problem go away by itself. Do not take more weight, neglecting technique and do not dwell on the same muscle group - alternate exercises.

Bench press

Yes, the same exercise, which are so fond of all the newcomers. Bench press refers to the list of so-called basic exercises, because one of the main uses large muscles of the body. Do not pursue large weights and focus on the technique: lower the bar on the 1-2, 4-6 on the lift. Do not forget about breathing, not to relax the muscles at the lowest point of the amplitude. Bounce the bar off the chest - superfluous. Keep the elbows at the top end to the straightening not.


Neglect dips should not be - it is a simple and very effective exercise that engages the lower part of the chest. Of course, it will work the triceps: to the chest included to a greater extent, choose the more widely spaced beams.


Breeding hands with dumbbells is considered to be almost the best exercise, are forced to work the upper and middle part of the chest. It is possible to perform wiring for horizontal and raised several degrees bench. Follow staging hand: elbows unbent to end at the lowest point of amplitude, and brushes do not touch the upper.