Large celebrity

Large celebrity

A special admiration deserve the women who manage to everything in life: a career and build, and make a wonderful family, and do not forget about yourself.

We want to tell you about the 7 star moms that are large and have 4 or more children.

1. Ekaterina Klimova - 2 fine sons and 2 daughters

Known Russian actress Yekaterina Klimova, is now 39 years old. Daughter Lisa she was born in 2002 from her first husband Ilya Khoroshilova.

But the family discord and started a few years later, December 31, 2005, Catherine married actor Igor Petrenko. In marriage, the couple had two children, in 2006 - Matthew, and in 2008 - Roots.

Large celebrity

Valentine Union considered the perfect exactly as long as the end of 2014. Catherine is not said that they are bred with Igor.

But the girl was not a long one and whirled romance with actor Gela Meskhi. After some time, the couple born baby who was named Bella. Now all the children live with her mother and a new father.

2. Maria Sittel - daughter and 3 sons

Large celebrity

The first daughter Daria was born from Mary's first husband, whose name is still unknown. A subsequent 3 sons: Ivan, Savva and Nicholas from her new husband, with whom the TV presenter met in Cyprus - Tereshchenko Alexander.

At the beginning of 2016 40-year-old Mary was born the fifth child: baby Catherine.

3. Eugene Dobrovol'skaya - a daughter and a son, 3

Large celebrity

The well-known actress got married for the first time when I was in university. Her husband was no less creative person - Vyacheslav Baranov. After quite a bit of time at the Valentine's son. But the union was short-lived, and Eugene married another actor - Michael Ephraim.

But here the situation is repeated: Dobrovol'skaya gave birth to son Nicholas, and soon divorced Michael. The next chosen actress became Yaroslav Boiko, and they also had a son. Further - differences, and Eugene went with the children of the civilian husband.

But fortune smiled the woman, and she met with Dmitry Manannikova, and in 2009 the lovers were married. It should be noted that until now they live together and there are no prerequisites for parting they do not.

The couple has 3 children Eugenia and their common daughter.

4. Natalia Vodyanova - 3 son and daughter (pregnant 5th)

Large celebrity

The first husband of supermodel became English aristocrat Justin Portman. In the family, lovers were born three children: Lucas, Neva and Viktor.

But the happiness was over a loud divorce, and Natalia married French billionaire - Antoine Arnault. After moving with her husband to Paris, Vodianova gave birth to son, Maxim.

And in 2016, the couple celebrated the birth of another son - Roman.

5. Marina Shukshina - daughter and 3 sons

Large celebrity

The first time the actress married while still a university student. Then I was born and her daughter, but the contradiction between the spouses were stronger desire to keep the family together, and Marina was left alone with a small child. Second marriage also Shukshina idyll could not find: husband kidnapped their son Makar, and returned only after the actress said to the police. Now Maria was married in third time for the lawyer Boris Vishnyakov. The couple had twins: Fok and Thomas.

6. Maria Poroshina - four daughters

Large celebrity

entered the Moscow Art Theater, the actress met with Gosha Kutsenko. Fast-paced novel led to the birth of a daughter - Pauline.

Actors parted "friends" and often take part in the filming of the common films. The second time, Mary chose Drevnova Elijah and became his wife. The family was born 3 daughters: Seraphim, Agrippina and Glafira.

7. Irina Leonova - three daughters and 4 sons

Irina first husband was a Russian actor Igor Petrenko. Children couple could not start a long time. And after a while the union has cracked, and the girl went to a colleague in the shop - Evgeny Tsyganov.

With new husband, Irina is not just given birth to a child, as much as - seven! 3 daughters: Pauline, Sofia and Faith, and 4 sons - Nikita, Andrew, Alexander and George. But the actor heroic deeds of his wife did not appreciate and left her when she was pregnant with seventh child.