The most common mistakes in the interview

The most common mistakes in the interview

Tips to help you not to fail in an interview for the job of your dreams

We are all human beings, and none of us are perfect, so when looking for work, each of us can avoid some mistakes. Many of them show up when we feel a strong emotion, such as a job interview. In order to interview successfully, you need to know what mistakes often make candidates and prepare well to avoid them.


In many companies adopted the style of casual. But in an interview it's worth to come to the business-like manner. Advice for men: trousers, a shirt, a jacket, a tie can be worn as desired. As for the optimum colors, to suit business suit: gray, brown, black and dark blue. During warmer months, you can safely do without a jacket. But the shoes should always be a classic. For women suit pants suit, a strict dress, a skirt and blouse. It is very important to pay attention to the length, be it a skirt or dress length must be less than or equal to the knee on the knee, but not above. Ideal classic formula: white top, black bottom, but in general, in the female form with flowers can be played. Main alyapistyh avoid animal prints and colors. Carefully attributed to the number of accessories and not overdo with their number. Make-up is desirable, but try to keep calm tones, given that natural makeup is now in vogue.

Ignoring all participants - except the one who asks the questions

The office, which will host the interview, you will meet not only with those who will spend it, but many other staff - in the elevator, in the waiting room, in the hallway on the way to the meeting room. It is possible you will be invited only room for interviews, but not there, where all the staff, but there may be several interlocutors. Of course, your attention will be focused on recruiters, and on how you respond to his questions. But do not forget to smile at least from time to time to other participants of the meeting and pay their responses to them, too. Very important eye contact with everyone present.

This advice I give a reason - almost guaranteed that their colleagues who were present at the meeting with you, the interviewer then asked their impression or opinion about you. Of course, the final decision will not be taken only on the basis of this, but their opinion will add points to your advantage and allow the employer to draw correct conclusions about your communication skills.

Talk about anything

The stress is easy to stray from the topic. Are you nervous because of an awkward silence between you and assertive behavior recruiter and talk nonsense. To avoid this, it is worth at least mentally make a plan answers to the questions before the interview. And if the expected interview competency, note the model STAR: Situation (situation), Task (task), Action (Action Taken), Result (result). Try to answer questions, following this model, and you'll notice that this is a clear pattern of response does not allow you to lose the thread of conversation and leave to the side, and at the same time helps to tell all you have to do in the case.

Quotes from the company website

At the interview you will ask what you know about the company. From here you are waiting for an understanding of what the company does, what products produced or what services are provided, and the surface quoting information from its site can not do here. Instead of memorizing the site, refer to other sources - subscribe to the company's page on social networks, review case studies and publications in the media. This will give you a greater understanding of how the business actually works. So tell me what you have learned and mention that you found it interesting. The fact that you take the time to learn more of the less obvious sources, demonstrate your motivation and desire to run the company.

The negative feedback

Some questions in the interview can not help but cause negative responses of the candidate, for example, questions about the previous company managers or the question of why you want to change jobs. I advise you to be very honest, but at the same time and careful. Try to prepare for the uncomfortable questions and practice your answers in advance, so that they did not sound negative and evasive. For example, the question "why do you want to change jobs" can be answered as "I now consider the proposals, because I think that in large companies more opportunities for career development, although in a small company of my employer, I learned a lot"

No questions at the end of the meeting

One of the main alarming moments for the hiring manager - is the absence of problems with your hand at the end of the interview. Prepare your questions in advance so you do not have to frantically think, when you have already offered their set. Listen to the answers to the interlocutor, because it should not be a matter for questions. For an interview can take in a diary or notebook, in case in the interview process you will come to the mind of new questions about the position, responsibilities or company as a whole.

These mistakes are easily avoided if you know what draws the attention of the recruiter. Importantly, do not reproach yourself, if, as you thought you did something wrong and could thus ruin your chances of getting the position. In the end, even a failure - a lesson for the future, and this experience is useful to you in the next interview. The main thing - to believe that the job of your dreams will surely come into your life.